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Rework Creative  Crystalline Vessel Transmit'nShakti CREATIVE/ jewelry artist. EMPATHIC healer ❤️vibrations🌀<oneofakind•handcrafted>CRYSTAL WHISPERER💎seed planter


Apophyllite Ring

Quartz Pendant heading to a new home

A little GOD Particle Genius this AM from @ariaztro ✨❤️

✨Custom ✨
"WildWoman" Armor
by Rework Creative
Rework Creative Handcrafted Jewelry is Raw crystals/ and minerals reworked into bold, earthy jewelry and accessories. organic & healing are the best way to describe each OOAK PIECE of Divinely handcrafted Epicness created by only @toniajohnson_ hands for start to finish. Wildwoman or man...Armored in native wild west meets soulful bohemian wildchild. I'm a creative who dabbles in sewing, metal smithing, hand-tooling and looming/ weaving etc. Its an eclectic collection with a wild indigenous vibe reminiscent of ancient artifacts found/ rediscovered, Rework is energetic statement piece jewelry, distressed leather medicine bags and pouches, ethnic stone necklaces, warrior arm cuffs to delicate earring dusters and crystal clusters.
Using recycled, sustainable materials whenever possible.
rework creative prides itself in providing superior handmade goods designed with the best quality materials.
Etsy Shop link in Bio #reworkcreative

#Repost @ladypainter_witch.craft (@get_repost)
#OBSESSED #RADIANT #BLESSED to have a handmade crystal necklace and earrings from @rework_creative. It seems to me i'm having quite an amazing September- letting go of old wounds by really identifying patterns, desires and fears. and BABY new things are happenin' lemme tell ya!! Im beyond excited to have these pieces in my life to help me incorporate balance, clarity and liberation - heres to lookin good doin it! #haaaayma #love #crystaljewelry #supportlocalartists #reworkcreative

Phenomenal Artist @genevievemaysiren sent me this artfully seductive capture wearing her new Rework Creative Armor
📷 by her beau Eli
#reworkcreative #art #kundalini #tantric #sensual #wildwoman #wearableart #statementnecklace #statementjewelry

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Crafted a custom oil for a Lovely powerFULL Soul laced with all kinds of Magick goodness to draw Protection, Divine Love, Prosperity, Grounding, Balance, Clarity, Peace and
Abundance. Shakti wand, neckwear, earrings & copper wrapped clear Quartz rings by @rework_creative #ageintobeauty #customoil #ageintobeautyproducts #healingoil #spiritualoil #divinelycrafted #oneofakind #kitchengoddess #kitchenwitch #oilmagick #creatrix #reworkcreative #maker #healer

Last night reminded me of the perks that come with being an artist. ✨✨ Artists, no matter the kind, can be super awkward. 🤓 We take what we feel and know on the inside and manifest that into something physical to put on display. Being completely unsure of the outcome makes us vulnerable, and yet there's this sense of security from being in love with what we create. I looked around at family/ friends/ strangers laughing, listening, sharing and forming genuine connections. What a beautiful fucking sight it was. Thank you x10 🖤
Also killer necklace made by @rework_creative 🌹

#Repost @arcanumlove ・・・
MAJOR SHOUT OUT & so much love🦋🙌🏾💚 TO
@rework_creative ❇ www.reworkcreative.com and you can make beautiful discoveries in their @etsy store TOO!!! 😍😍😘😄
From the first time I laid eyes on your pieces I was IN LOVE!😍WHY? because it's clear that Toni Johnson places a lot of LOVE, HEART, SOUL AND MAGIC INTO EVERY PIECE CREATED ❇THESE PIECES SPEAK ~ THERE IS A DIVINE ENERGY THAT CREATES A LOOP IN THE UNIVERSE, you feel infused (that's the 💗) 👀👀👀👀👀👀GO GO GO🏃🏾‍♀️ look at their Instagram and tell me IF I'm lying!!!😂The earthiness, the harmony as she blends precious metals,textiles, and raw gems just gives LIFe to what they identify as an "ORGANIC FUSION" 🙌🏾🙌🏾💜💜 the product is magnificent, the customer service, packaging, and delivery is ON POINT. YOU WILL not NO NO NO NEVER NOT BE DISAPPOINTED IN ANY peace/piece you believe is a match for your SOUL 🤗I feel beautiful in my raw mineral ring & pendants & copper breather choker. Go See See See WHAT their store has to offer you... the gorgeous eargear, wire wrap rings, cuffs,wrist wear, neckwear and just an organicly infused plethora of marketplace gems (oh I will order again happily🌷)Thanks Beloveds...YOU ROCK!!!
°•○•° #etsy #instagram #reworkcreative

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