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REWM | Robin E. W. Mackney  #Cambridge #London - The Man In the Window | Hand Drawn not computer generated. Move maker; content creator. #minimalistman

This, without doubt, is my favourite gallery space. The basement of the Herzog de Meuron Extension to the @tate Modern. Today has been my third in the Capital this week. Monday with @montblanc, Wednesday with @Hendricks and today for myself. This combined with a day Job has stretched me but I'm now on the sofa enjoying a glass of red. Is anyone else 'Twin Tracking' - I've only heard the expression recently but I'm open to a discussion on it. I'd love to know why you're doing it? What the circumstance was? Whether your background has restricted or external things out of your control or whether you're just loving doing your hobby on the side? Talk to me people!

Toyed about posting this for a while. It ain't men's health worthy. It ain't winning prizes but it's me. This is a mad full week in the gym followed by a month off. Followed by the odd day here and there. Its a failed football career and two knee surgeries. It's eating healthy 4 days a week but having takeaway when you want and indulging in beer, weekly! I sat watching a bloke chew down his homemade carbs and broccoli out of Tupperware at the blue lagoon today whilst I had a beer and a hot dog. Each to their own but he didn't look 'appy about it. Anyways, the book I'm reading is called "Andy Warhol's philosophy" - there's a section in it whereby he talks about people meeting and how you should instantly point out your bad bits and then say that you're working on them. Then there's no hidden messages. Nothing to find out later. This is me, here I am. If you don't like it, don't bother. Signed, yours sincerely, the lad with a pigeon chest, fatty thighs and the perfectly concealed "six pack" hidden behind my arm 😘 #HappyHolidays


Crisp white Tee and Tan.

I love this city. Everything in walking distance. From the old shop signs everywhere to the architectural magic that lines the streets. Lots of stories from today too if you want a little more of #Malta #Valletta #Valletta2018

I think this dog spends more time contemplating than I do. Contemplating being another word for procrastinating. Sunday rituals.

Working on new photography for my new website 😬 new new new @newyork_instagram

Completely inspired to take more candid shots after visiting the @trickers_shoes factory. Love that inked up hand. #trickers

From a recent visit to the amazing @trickers_shoes Factory. Combining my two loves of architecture and fashion the factory is an incredible organism. A pair of shoes starts out as some fabric and a job sheet. As it's journey starts on the top floor it then makes its way through 260 processes before leaving the factory. This particular shot is of @b_spoke_ working her magic on a bespoke boot - loved watching this exceptional craftswoman at work. Thanks for having me, Tricker's!

For some reason I feel really reluctant to share images of our little renovation. Mainly because it's been one long drawn out process (partly due to circumstances out of our control). Our house is tiny and we had to use clever little tricks along the way. Take our 4 square meter bathroom for example. We took out the bath, flipped it into a shower room and went from avocado green to erm, pink! We invested hugely in the shower but being something we used everyday it felt right. However, the devil is in the detail and I love our saloon style doors (cut from a single plywood door) with statement (Ikea) handles that, if you look beyond, will lead you to a David Hockney muse and appropriate water/nude scene. I've see professional interior designers replicate a few little touches around our house and although at times frustrating, I guess it's flattering that my interior design degree is being put to good use in some clients homes 😘

Absolutely in love with this new 100 cotton, organic and fairtrade certified Tee from @dedicatedbrand || I've spent the past few months trying to be a little more conscious of my fashion footprint (not a reference to the current hole in my shoe situ) but I've found it difficult finding decent fairtrade sustainable brands. Can't wait to pick up some more tees and a pair of swim shorts made from 100 percent recycled plastics! #SupportYourLocalPlanet

Limited Edition NYC, signed, Giclee Print.
Ink on Photorag Paper.
Situ; Postal Tube.

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