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REWM | Robin E. W. Mackney  The Man In the Window | Hand Drawn not computer generated. Move maker; content creator. #minimalistman

For some reason I feel really reluctant to share images of our little renovation. Mainly because it's been one long drawn out process (partly due to circumstances out of our control). Our house is tiny and we had to use clever little tricks along the way. Take our 4 square meter bathroom for example. We took out the bath, flipped it into a shower room and went from avocado green to erm, pink! We invested hugely in the shower but being something we used everyday it felt right. However, the devil is in the detail and I love our saloon style doors (cut from a single plywood door) with statement (Ikea) handles that, if you look beyond, will lead you to a David Hockney muse and appropriate water/nude scene. I've see professional interior designers replicate a few little touches around our house and although at times frustrating, I guess it's flattering that my interior design degree is being put to good use in some clients homes 😘

Absolutely in love with this new 100 cotton, organic and fairtrade certified Tee from @dedicatedbrand || I've spent the past few months trying to be a little more conscious of my fashion footprint (not a reference to the current hole in my shoe situ) but I've found it difficult finding decent fairtrade sustainable brands. Can't wait to pick up some more tees and a pair of swim shorts made from 100 percent recycled plastics! #SupportYourLocalPlanet

Limited Edition NYC, signed, Giclee Print.
Ink on Photorag Paper.
Situ; Postal Tube.

Trying to channel my inner @byanjaroos - not sure I've got the touch #StickToWhatYouKnow

Illustrator at work. I was definitely too hot in this outfit 🙈

Duomo, Milan. A cast study. This will be the start of a much larger project coming up but it's good to get some preliminary sketch work down.

Does it get any better? Teaching the one thing you love buried deep in the heart of it. If you've not seen it, there's also a video on the grid #masterclass #TheNed

Spend most my time trying to create the perfect sketch. It's time consuming and crippling. Drawing on the train has become my new favourite thing to do. You have to loosen up and except the journey in more than one way. Teaming up with buildings that aren't skyscrapers is also refreshing! #TheNed @thenedlondon / @sohohouse

Shifting from coffee to tea with one of my favourite pieces of design, the @menuworld teapot whilst having a read of @kinfolk | The teapot along with the Philippe Starck lemon squeezer and an Eames chair were the first things to go in the "bottom draw" collection before finding a home. What's your favourite item? It's ok to be materialistic if it brings you value 🙈🙋🏼‍♂️

Earlier in the week I was fortunate enough to lead an architectural roof top drawing tour for the members at The Ned, #London - Delighted with this footage | Went with the @maisonmargiela dinner shirt as it always feels less 'teacher' and more 'Let's Party' - if party and architecture are two words that should be used in the same sentence?! Huge thank you to @thenedlondon for hosting me.
Workshop programming by the wonderful @keziah_brown and the team at @heaps_stacks

Moody Sky's and shocked architecture | Rome.

Fiat | Red. Outskirts of Vatican City.
Could anything get more Italian? Before going to Rome I watched the documentary on the popular industrialist Gianni Agnelli (its seriously worth a watch). A playboy, a style icon and principle shareholder of @fiat | After my long serving Astra, I'm desperate to own an Italian car. Any recommends?