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Happy 50th birthday, @carcassband’s Jeff Walker! 🎂🛠
📸: @jimmyhubbard

@machine_head announced their 'Burn My Eyes' 25th anniversary tour with returning members Logan Mader and Chris Kontos. Learn what’s coming, link in bio

@MastodonRocks released their watershed concept album ‘Crack the Skye’ 10 years ago today. What’s your favorite song on the record?

Irrepressible rage and ire kick off this vile, brutal jam and the assault only relents briefly over a third of the way through @tripsitter_hc’s "Remains." Blending vitriolic hardcore and atmospheric shoegaze riffs into one seamless entity, the Austrian outfit's atypical sense of structure and flow make for an interesting, infectious, and undeniably unique listening experience. Hear it, and the other best songs of the week, link in bio

@panteraofficial’s ‘Far Beyond Driven’ turns 25 today! Which cover do you like more? 🔩💀

@panteraofficial dropped their swan song ‘Reinventing The Steel’ 19 years ago today 🔥⚙️

@sumacbandofficial will mesmerize you live. See them blow the roof off of The Underworld in Camden in our gallery, link in bio
📸: @nicholasasayers

Chester Bennington was born 43 years ago today. We miss him dearly. RIP #makechesterproud
Photo: Bill McCay/Getty Images

@amonamarth’s new video for “Raven’s Flight” is straight-up glorious. See it at

Happy Birthday, Brann Dailor (@creamale)
📸: @jimmyhubbard

Randy Rhoads died 37 years ago today. His music will live on forever. What's your favorite riff of his?
📸: Fin Costello / Getty

@fullofhell will burn down 2019 with their upcoming record ‘Weeping Choir.’ Get your intro to what's in store with their new single "Burning Myrrh," link in bio

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