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Yea I’m a giver. Big personality, big mouth and “that’s what she said” jokes aside, there are very few feelings more fulfilling than making sure my people are good. .

Whether it’s making sure my crew is fed, helping gather content or providing insight to help with a technical piece they are struggling with, I’m committed to contributing. .

The people in my life are going to look, feel, act and BE better because I’m in it with them. I’m committed to that shit. .

I used to think it was a beta personality trait to constantly be in service to those around you until @spartan_legacy corrected me with the following fact: .

The Alpha male in a wolf pack walks behind all the others (not in front) for the sole purpose of being able to see all the members in his pack at all times. .

If one is getting lost he helps wrangle them. If one becomes threatened by an outside factor he can more quickly come to their aid and defense. .

I haven’t verified if this is true or not but it sure as shit fits this caption perfectly and figured it illustrates a more meaningful point than asking who wants some chicken salad! 😂 .
. .
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Yea I’m just not seein’ the resemblance 😂😂. Ps scope the normal size Liz taking a selfie in front of her banner of the 9 ft tall Liz in the background 😂😂

Steps to success:

1. Identify badass people that get you stoked.

2. Find out what they want (usually best figured out by asking them deliberately), what they are trying to create for themselves and the world.

3. Find ways to support their vision without asking for anything in return.
4. Chill back and watch happens... The ones that make the cut will show themselves in a big way.

Fuck man, I truly wish so hard that everybody before they die gets to experience the power and energy of a team that is truly synergistic. .

For the first time ever, I showed up to the O this year w no itemized list of objectives. No meetings with store fronts, no big deals to close or create a plan of attack for. .
I showed up in a very uncharacteristic way. Simply present with my eyes and ears open to the most powerful opportunities to create an impact. .
I know what we have to offer. I have ultimate confidence in our people and their vibes. I know who I am. .

Guess how it went? .
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Seeing the next phase of growth and development in my imagination constantly. .

When I look around my world, my crew, the activities that we refer to as “Work”, I laugh to myself. .
I’ve been seeing this for years, the only difference now is it’s in front of me and all around me instead of requiring imagination. .

Moral of the story... Keep Dreaming. 🙏❤️ #revlabs #teamrevlabs #olympia2018 #lifestylegoals #mindsetiseverything #bossthoughts #dreamer #visiondriven #eyesontheprize #lasvegas #fitnessjourney #healthyhabits #withlove

Recharging the batteries before game time. Thai chicken wrap and a kale juice... all these #vegans appear to be rubbing off on me! 🤔🍃 .

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People talk about “enjoying the process” and “embracing the grind”. . .

If you wanna win does it take hard work? Of course! .

But if you are really hating every minute of what you are doing or even if it seems “fine” but really it’s sapping your soul little by little over time... MAYBE IT’S TIME YOU RE-EVALUATE WHAT YOUR PROCESS LOOKS LIKE! .

Choose an activity that fuels your fire. .

Choose something that forces you around a squad you feel honored to be a part of. .

If your grind doesn’t light you up, change your grind. .

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This is me 15 pounds and 3 months ago when I decided to step up the intensity of my lifting and consistency with calorie intake. .

If you are feeling frustrated, instead of allowing it to defeat you, let that lack of satisfaction fuel your behavior to change your circumstance. .

Good, bad or indifferent, your current situation is not the end of your story. .

Pick up the pen and write the next few chapters with purpose and direction 💥🙏😎 . .

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It’s time to pass the torch 🔥 .

I’ve been making a concerted effort over the past year to transition myself out of the spot light with the intention to shine that shit on some younger talent with the potential to be greater than I ever have been in the fitness industry. .

The landscape is constantly shifting and it’s my job to be able to spot and guide the people that will most naturally be positioned to ride the next wave as hard as possible. .

This one caught my eye while I watched silently tossing out little crumbs to test her hunger... .

Needless to say, @nicolaseguraa may look cutesie but trust me when I tell you this woman is a fucking savage with some power coming down the pipeline.
You wanna see what the future looks like for Meteoric rises? Do yourself a favor and pay very close attention 👇👇 @nicolaseguraa
@nicolaseguraa .

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Thank you thank you thank you for all this crazy inflow that just keeps pouring in! This and more baby! .

Who’s been around long enough to remember the old school #teamrevlabs stringers? .

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And welcome to this weeks episode of WAY over dressed Wednesday! 👏😂 .

When I started my first business I was always (and I mean ALWAYS) the youngest guy in the room. .

I figured out a unique angle helping homeowners after natural disasters and while I never never had difficulty pitching and closing clients, I constantly found myself full of rooms with guys twice my age and 5x the experience. .

Both employees and insurance carriers alike kind of had this tonality about them that wreaked of “who does this little twerp think he is?” And that I didn’t need to be taken seriously. .

My response to this (and overcompensation due to my own insecurity) was to come way over the top with formality. I knew every statute (often siting insurance code or quoting their own policies unnecessarily in conversation), I wore a suit and tie every day, enforced a dress code and had my staff address me as “Mr. Nussbaum”. .

I’m literally laughing at myself as I write this shaking my head because in retrospect it’s difficult for me to fathom “needing to be taken seriously” by some field inspector making 25k / year hating his job and belittling some 22 year old kid because “he’s been inspecting since 1972”. .

Today I’m dressed in a @RevLabs hoodie and sweat shorts. I’m deliberate with my intentions but make sure I take the time to give my employees hugs and make them laugh constantly. .

Most of my people call me boss or sir but if they prefer Joshua, dude or bro that’s completely fine too. .

As far as how I am perceived or how seriously people take me, I don’t even think about it. .

I just do me with a comfortable intensity. I know I’m a force to be reckoned with when I’m in my lane. If someone disagrees it’s probably bc they haven’t experienced me for long enough and I love those fuckers just as much. .

One thing I can tell you is if we are sitting across from each other on opposing sides of an issue and you have the courage (or stupidity) to under estimate me be my guest... .

I’m more that happy to Snapchat your expression when you realize your whole panel of executives just got taken to school by the guy wearing a zip up. .

Arm Candy : @lizvino .

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