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Joshua Nussbaum  Proud President of @RevLabs! I am a masterpiece (in progress)...Fitness 💪😏 Business💲and Fatherhood ❤ New Site is Launched!!👇👇

My goodness @revlabs has come such a long way! Here’s a little #tbt to some of the first apparel pieces we ever made :) #teamrevlabs #stillatit #cantstopwontstop #workgrind

Been on a bit of a recording rampage the past few weeks with my Inside Out Empowerment Podcast. And hearing things from you guys like: you are listening to the episodes on repeat or getting screenshots of the pages and pages of notes you are taking, straight up just fuels my fire ! Keep the emails and DMs coming and I’ll keep dropping Truth bombs on whatever subject u guys need to hear about ! .
#teamrevlabs #callitlikeiseeit #podcast #itunes

She made me put on a tie for this one 😡😡
Repost @lizvino -
It’s a black tie affair with my one and only @revlabsprez and one of the only times I’ve dressed up in a hot minute 💃🏼
#besito #wantyouaroundallthetime #bae #philanthropy #blacktieaffair #fancy #swag #love #playtime #sandiego #delmar #lajolla

Put your money where your mouth is, it’s that fucking simple.
Being a person others can rely on is a huge step up the power latter in life.
Being a person that YOU can rely on is even more crucial as it’s the cornerstone to confidence and security.
After a 10 hour work day and goes to class at Sdsu did I always want to get down on the floor and play LEGO’s ? .
Fuck no.
But I’m teaching my son by example what it means to be somebody that does what he says he’s gonna do REGARDLESS of how I’m feeling at the moment.
When shit has been good, Noah knows I’m there. When shit has been tough, I’m a pillar of stability that he knows he will always have. .
It’s doing the little things in life well that empower us to accomplish anything. #fatherhood #speakingthetruth #noahnuss #teamrevlabs

If you work every Sunday you are a hustler. If your actions inspire others to work on Sunday by choice.... you are a leader 💪😍 #teamrevlabs #sundayhustle #bostonterrier

When shit is getting really hard be thankful, it’s life’s way of editing your roster letting you know who your ride or die people truly are.
Tag someone you are loyal to 💯 @lizvino #teamrevlabs

Here’s a throwback for all you fine people. It’s important to remember there’s probably people out there that perceive you to be Superman.
I do my best not to disappoint them. #noahnuss ———————————————————————————————————————

#superman #comics #dc #dcuniverse #comicbook #manofsteel #marvelcomics #marveluniverse #avengers #captainamerica #clarkkent #comic #comiccon

While I am super comfortable in my skin right now and my priorities are clear as day... I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss being a little more filled out.
Think that means It’s time to pick up the intensity a little bit with my training.
What are you guys needing to step up in your life? 🤔💪 • • •

#fitspo #muscles #bodybuilding #gains #workout #cutting #fitfam #fit #fitness #inspo #inspiration #fitnessjourney #foodie #workoutwednesday #exercise #fitnessaddict #cardio #gymrat #cleaneating #workoutmotivation #revlabs #revlabssupplements

God I LOVE Monday’s! I work straight through the weekends as I always have but it feels amazing getting the inflow of responses when the world wakes back up and is back in the saddle. .

Speaking of being on top of it, I’m going to start giving away free supps, apparel, shakers to the first three people to comment on my posts once a week at random. .

Turn posts notifications on and let’s see who’s got the quickest #triggerfinger 💪😜🔥 ———————————-———————— .

#fitspo #muscles #bodybuilding #gains #workout #cutting #fitfam #fit #fitness #inspo #inspiration #transformation #podcast #ioe #workoutwednesday #exercise #cleaneating #breakfast #fitnessaddict #cardio #gymrat #workoutmotivation #revlabs

•When life hurts... •When you are frustrated by a lack of results... •When it feels like your endurance is wearing thin... 💥Pause for a minute and be grateful... 💥If you choose to keep pushing RIGHT THEN when it hurts the most is what sets you apart making you one of the greats bc it’s that exact moment when others quit.

Let me hear from the emotional badass and spiritual gangsters out there that have experienced the reward of exercising a little emotional endurance 💪😉🔥 then yah someone that could use the reminder ✅✅ #motivationalshit #prezlife #teamrevlabs #podcasting #leadership #truthbomb

🎤Why a podcast?🎤 It's easy, because I wish that I had a me when I was 21 years old ,when I was broke and scared, and a brand new dad very very young in life without two pennies to rub together, I wish that I had a voice like this saying “dude you know that lingering feeling that there's more to get out of your life” well guess what it's right.

You know that hunger? That innate curiosity that you constantly have to be in learning, that hunger for knowledge? Follow it, it's going to lead you somewhere. I can't go to myself and say “hey 21 year old me life isn't going to hurt”. I wish I could say you're not going to have any temporary failures before picking yourself back up, and breaking the fuck through those things would be lies, but what I can tell you is that regardless of the fear, regardless of the confusion and not knowing what direction to go. Regardless of the pain that you are going to experience, because that's life, that's being a human. I'm here to tell you, that you are indestructible, no matter what you are experiencing, if you make the choice you will not break, and I wish you could see yourself after 10 years of Hardcore work, and Discovery, and learning and know how. Because you're going to be impressed and the reality is, it's not just talking to a 21 year old me, that voice and going collecting the biggest and best minds in three different unrelated Industries and delivering that value piece to the average consumer is just as applicable as if I said it to myself, so while I can't go back and give myself that reassurance.

I ended up turning out just fine, but what I'm here to do now, in appreciation of all that I've been able to accomplish in three unrelated Industries, is to assist the individual that wants more out of their life, that wants to learn, that wants to grow #newpodcast #newproject

Life is all about perspective and when it comes down to it, the one that matters is your own.
Life is chaotic. We get stuck in seeing the trees instead of the forrest but every now and again you get this overwhelming feeling that you are on the right track, doing the right things with the right people. .
I was asked what I wanted to do different in 2018 and while the projects had shifted slightly, it hit me hard when I heard my answer...not a damn thing.
I want to stay the course. I know the track I am on with my team will lead me to more weight, more reps and more sets. I'm gonna continue striving to be the living example of what I am preaching about on my podcast (link in @revlabsprez bio). I want to be the first one at the table portioning out everyone's carbs taking care of my athletes. I want to smash the little things by being first guy to pick up a box and start loading at events, ALWAYS holding the door for strangers and taking the time to take pictures and answer strangers business, fitness and personal development questions.
God knows in retrospect I made some mistakes this past year but you know what? I grinded my ass off. I followed my heart. I swung for the fences and with the help of people I am deeply blessed to call my @revlabs family, continued to build the company of my dreams.
Keep supporting the @revlabs vision, products and athletes. It means more to me than I could ever possibly communicate. #visiondriven #teamrevlabs
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