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Alexis Lawson, B.S.🐯, CSCS  Sports Performance | Strength & Conditioning Corrective Exercise | Nutrition Expert | Online Coach Former Athlete & Pro Dancer LIVE TO SERVE ❤️✨

Just a little warm-up before our lift today!! 😂😂😂 Why you start changing things up once the camera comes out though @rhett_anthony ?! 🙄😂👊🏽 HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!! Hope y’all have an amazing and SAFE weekend!! Sending ❤️to you all!! #RevivedwithAlexis #functionaltraining #sportsperformance #biomechanics

Only had 30 minutes to get a little sweat in, so that’s exactly what we did. 💪🏽💦 Nothing too crazy. A little mobility work followed by some conditioning and core work. Here are just a couple of the things we squeezed in our 30 minute session. After all the traveling, it felt soooo good to just MOVE!! Oh, and may I add...this New York facility was one of the NICEST, cleanest, FULLY equipped public facilities I’ve been to in a looooong time. 🙌🏽 I was super impressed! @stevanridley @jared26
🎥 @moosetv 🎶 @robin__schulz Ft. @jamesblunt - OK
#RevivedwithAlexis #sportsperformance #functionaltraining #justmove @vipr_global @perform_better

Central Park with my ❤️. Had sooo much fun in NY this weekend! ☺️
#NewYork #CentralPark

To all my QUEENS out there. May we continue to empower each other, support one another, and lift each other up. You are untouchable. You are incomparable. You are irreplaceable. YOU ARE ENOUGH!! Don’t ever let someone tell you, or make you feel, like your not. Don’t ever settle. Don’t ever belittle yourself for the comfort of someone else. Share your gifts with the world and do YOU boo boo!! 😂😘 SENDING ALL OF MY LOVE TO YOU BEAUTIFUL...STRONG...INDEPENDENT WOMEN OUT THERE!! 👑🧠🏆
#internationalwomensday #queens #whorunstheworld #GIRLS 😜 #iknowimlate

ACL tears in youth athletes have drastically increased over the past couple of years. One of the major causes being inability to properly/efficiently decelerate... Which in my opinion is solely due to poor, or lack of, coaching. Kids don’t know, so it’s our job to coach/teach them HOW to properly decelerate when running, landing, changing direction, etc....And of course, how to move more EFFICIENTLY overall.
Often times my programs for my youth athletes consist of a whole bunch of “injury prevention” exercises/drills with a creative FUN twist. They would never know, and the parents watching would never know...but you know what you’re looking for as a Coach...or at least you should! 😬 And yessss, we work on other things as well, but these specific things are the MOST important and make the biggest difference in the long run. Instilling the DETAILS in them while their young and creating good movement habits is soooo crucial for building a solid foundation. Which in turn, will set them up for a successful future! •••••••••••••••
With that being said, here is 9 year old Daniel working on landing mechanics... You have to teach them how to land PROPERLY before they jump. Just like you have to learn how to use the brakes before you use the gas pedal. Teaching them how to properly decelerate when landing and running is always one of my TOP priorities initially. Good work Daniel!! 💪🏽⚽️🏊🏼‍♂️
#RevivedwithAlexis #sportsperformance #functionaltraining #athleticdevelopment #biomechanics

Today was a struggle... I never EVER get sick and this 40 degree weather one day, 80 degree the next, has my body wondering what the hell is going on. 🙄 Needless to say.... I’ve been a little under the weather the past couple days, so I definitely didn’t feel like working out... but I MADE myself thanks to @meagamoves and @owenscarlett . 🙌🏽 Thank y’all soooo much for joining me during my workout today! Oh, and for taking these awesome pics! 😜 Appreciate you guys so much. Love y’all!! 😘
#RevivedwithAlexis #sportsperformance #functionaltraining

Y’all.....literally living my VERY BEST life!!! 🙌🏽 Omg I can’t even explain how much this was needed today. I’ve been so focused on work and my career the past couple of years that I’ve completely put dance on the back burner. Something that’s brought so much joy into my life and been a part of my life for over 22 years... along with sports of course 😉. Today literally reminded me why I started dancing. Classes like this truly make me fall back in love with dance all over again! FYI: I learned this in less than an hour, so if I look a little rusty that’s why lol 😂. I honestly could care less though bc I had the absolute time of my life! ☺️
Ahhh, I seriously can’t explain how much fun I had today. I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT CLASS! 😆😆😆 This woman in the middle is the most amazing person ever! We’re both from the same hometown and she has always been a mentor of mine. She has known me since I was a little girl and used to choreograph all of my solos and group numbers when I was younger....so she has a verrrrrry special place in my heart. Words truly can’t explain how thankful I am for her. 🙏🏽 And I’m honored to be the first person to ever be able to post you and your class in a video!! 🤣
If anyone is looking for a hip-hop class in Los Angeles area, MESSAGE ME. Women and men from all different backgrounds come to these classes. It’s a judgment free zone. Just a place for you to have fun and live your very BEST life!! She teaches all over LA throughout the week, she does privates, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, etc. so if you’re looking for a fun class let me know and I will put you in contact with her, or you can come with me! 😊
Remember that thing I talked about last weekend about doing something every weekend for YOURSELF?? Well, this was my weekend activity. What did you do for YOURSELF this weekend??
HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE!! Hope y’all have an amazing week! Sending all the positive vibes your way! 😘❤️ Lex
🎶 Bruno Mars ft. @iamcardib - Finesse Remix
#RevivedwithAlexis #istillgotit #dance #livingmylife #canttellmenothin 😂

Just a couple clips from our conditioning class tonight! They looked at me crazy a couple times 😂, but they pushed through and absolutely killed it! I love how open they are to trying and learning new things to challenge their body. They truly surprise me every single session with all of the progress they’ve made, and CONTINUE to make. Soooo proud of my Adult Athletes!! ☺️💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 @kcosco3 @judyysan @broryanb03
#RevivedwithAlexis #functionaltraining #conditioning #sportsperformance @vipr_global @perform_better

Always a great night with these beautiful, hard working, ladies in class!! ☺️💪🏽 HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY @jcecilio22 !! This year is going to be huge for you, KNOW that!! See you at 6:15AM!! 😘🎂🎉🎈
#REVIVEDwithAlexis #sportsperformance #functionaltraining #birthdaygirl

HAPPY FRIDAY!! 😆😘 Hope you all have an amazing weekend!! I challenge you to do something FUN for yourself this weekend!! At some point in time you’ve got to stop putting yourself on the back burner and do something that takes your mind away from work, stress, worry, fears, or whatever else it is you’re going through. Do something that makes you HAPPY....or something you’ve been wanting to do, but keep putting off! •••
Trust me, I’m the worlds WORST when it comes to this whole work/life balance thing. I’m a workaholic and somehow alwayyys manage to put myself on the back burner... BUT I promised myself at the beginning of this year to make a change and start doing more things for myself!! I started scheduling/planning at least one thing every single weekend that I consider FUN, relaxing, or just simply ME time....and let me just tell you, it’s made a HUGE difference in my mind set and overall quality of life. 🙌🏽🙏🏽 •••
We all know life can get pretty crazy and overwhelming, but you can’t let it consume you. You have to control what you can control!! Start by scheduling in your weekly “play time,” and I promise it will help whatever it is you’re going through! Make it happen people!! Much LOVE!!
Lex ✌🏽 #REVIVEDwithAlexis #tgif #challenge #playtime

Completely OVER this cold Cali weather!! Take me back to “paraaa paraaa paradise” ! 🎶🌸🌴
#tbt #happyplace #Mexico

What y’all know about that SHOOOOT though?!?! 😂😂😂 Never a dull moment with us two!! Proud of you and all your progress these past couple of months @ieemac ! You’ve got soooo much stronger and your body is looking🔥! Form on everything is 1000x’s better from when we started AND you went from moving that baby weight to big girl weight!! Keep grinding my girl!! 💪🏽 🎥 @vdvizion 🎶 Drake- God’s Plan
#REVIVEDwithAlexis #biomechanics #sportsperformance #functionaltraining

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