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Modern Prairie Style  Eco friendly. Made in the 🇺🇸 Feel good about your fashion...For and by the Salt of the Earth. Sign up for the email list on the site for 20% off 👇🏻👇🏻

This is who I make clothing for. Women with dirt under their nails. When you want to dress up and go dancing, I've got the perfect dress for you...when you want to work in the fields, I've got your perfect overalls...when you want to look cute at that summer wedding, I've got your perfect jumper. No matter what you want to do, ladies, I've got you covered. You just focus on continuing to be a bad ass and leave the wardrobe to RevivALL😘. 📸 @jadeelhardt model and resident bad ass @beccaskinner #homesteading #homestead #badassery #badasswoman #badasswomen #bosslady #overalls #workwearchic #workwearforwomen #womenfarmers #mountainmama

Navy lace overalls!? Yup. Blue lace overalls!? Yup Yup. All sizes available. Message me if you want a pair. I can't put them on the website until I can get some pics but they're for sale here!!! $105

Here's a customer showing us how she feels in her short-alls. PS- in the background, you can spy the new blue lace overalls. I have them in royal blue and navy and all sizes❤️❤️❤️

I'm back from my first wrangling trip of the season. Totally magical even through the downpours, puddles in my boots, blisters on my feet, and sheer exhaustion. I'm probably going to sleep for two days 😳. I'll be posting more photos and videos on my personal page if you're wanting more stories!!! @lauraleelaroux

Doing inventory today to see what I have left. We almost sold out of pinafores, railroad overalls, and purple, brown, and white lace overalls! Stay tuned for more!!!

Ummmm...ya. Short, railroad stripe overalls. Jump on that email list for first dibs!!! You're welcome 😊

I'm about to dye some more white lace overalls and I have NO idea how many to leave white!?!?!? Decisions, decisions... this photo though...the cutest family EVER!!! @chan_askins just being her usual #mominspiration

Make new friends, but keep the old.... one is silver and the other's gold...props if you know what this song is from ❤️ 📸 @taylorcharmant

Look at these cuties reposted from @the_movable_boutique ! Obviously, summer festival season has begun!!!! I'd grab some lace overalls if I were you 😜

Oh wow... I'm finally back in the game!!! Got most of the inventory finished that I wanted for @oregoncountryfair and drove 13 hours to Oregon yesterday! Whew! My face is healing so quickly and I'm just sitting here, taking some much needed deep breaths. If you have your eye on anything on the site, I would get it now because stuff tends to go fast at OCF. Happy Solstice to you all ❤❤❤. 📸 @elheartphoto #prairie #modernprairie #modernvintage #thatsdarling #pinaforedress #pinafore #aprons #aprondress #happysolstice

If you caught my Insta-stories this weekend, you know why I've been MIA. Friday morning, I was walking a horse through a gate and he lunged forward to escape another horse, body slamming me into the fence post. It was quite a wake up call and extremely scary. I went to the ER and had a CT scan but luckily escaped with a concussion and busted up face. A reminder to always hold my space around these powerful creatures, even when just leading them around. Ironic that my worst injury after years of being around horses happened when I wasn't even riding. Thank you all for the well wishes! I feel incredibly blessed that it wasn't worse. I'm pretty swollen, but not in too much pain. This is a gorgeous photo from @wildeanima , capturing the beauty of these animals I love so much ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻

I welcome the season of adventure! The hula pinafore is rocking my world right now 💕 get yours on the site (link in bio) boots-@cantyboots photo @cluneyphoto model @pacepazpeace89 jewelry @townsendcollective #bohemianstyle #wildandfree #festivalseasonishere #festivalfashion #americanastyle #madeinamerica #handmade

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