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Modern Prairie Style  Eco friendly. Made in the 🇺🇸 Feel good about your fashion...For and by the Salt of the Earth. Sign up for the email list on the site for 20% off 👇🏻👇🏻


In September, my new last name will be Fisher, but I’ve caught one fish my entire life. Not that I’ve never been fishing...I’ve been many times but I believed I wasn’t good at it. Imagine my surprise when I caught THREE trout yesterday thanks to @tarponfischercharters !!! The look on my face says it all. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the look of the future Mrs. Fisher ❤️

“This wool dress is a staple this winter. As much as I love me some wool overalls, beanies, and jeans, it’s nice to look feminine sometimes but still functional” Now, I know @rideduewest is a dear friend, but I believe her review anyway. The Rosemary Dress in Merino Wool from @duckworthco is on sale now!

Just got finished a new batch of fringe clutches/fanny packs. I’m hoping to get them photographed and up for sale this weekend but my dog spilled orange juice on my computer, so it’s getting diagnosed and I’m praying for the best. If you can’t wait, DM me the one you want. $54

If y’all haven’t seen my story about how to make Hairy Hot Dogs, I highly recommend it 😂This week’s goal was to finish 20 new short pinafores and we’re almost done! I know it’s still VERY much winter where I live so it’s definitely time to fantasize Spring ❤️ model- my wonderful friend @wildeanima

This is where your RevivALL comes from ❤️ all the help from @sblindsay31 and @sophie_mcglo

The good news is we got our #savethedatecards today! I designed these in photoshop and was pretty proud of myself since I discovered how to do a 3-D Montana! The bad news? Even though I looked I️t over 100 times, there was a typo and now I️ have 100 unusable postcards 🤦‍♀️. Back to the drawing board!

This man lights me up through the darkest corners of my soul. He cares for me in the most perfect way. A way that I didn’t believe existed anymore. With him by my side, I feel more free to be my truest self. People often tell him what an amazing woman he has, but I feel like I’m the lucky one ❤️ 📸 @40wattphoto

Hey you mustard lovers, I found a little more of this fabric and just finished one more Small/Medium Rosemary Dress. I️t will adjust XS-MED by how tight you tie the waist. Available on the site now!

I️ have my Nana’s hands. They have been a tender subject for many years. They are wrinkled and lined well before their time. They are working woman hands and though I try to embrace them, it’s still difficult for me, so I started wearing rings. Lots of them! I️ was nervous about my engagement ring though. I️ was scared for people to look at my hands closely. I️ was nervous about this photo and having photos of my hands. Luckily, @40wattphoto is a genius and got them in good light. When I️ saw this photo, I️t was the first time in forever that I️ thought my hands looked beautiful. I’m also thankful I have a friend @thesilverhorseshoe who makes these gorgeous turquoise beauties.

Pre-orders now up! I️ have enough lightweight wool for one more run of overalls. They won’t be done for a few weeks, but I promise you can wear them through Spring! Also, if you want to grab one of these antler necklaces from @bigskyantler DM me! 📸 @40wattphoto model @rachelannemeek

Moving again! I’ve moved in with my fiancé but now it’s time to move the studio. He sweetly gave up his office and moved I️t to an extra bedroom so my sewing studio can take over the big room. We’re having to do some improvements but it’s always fun to set up a new space. Please watch my stories today for the updates especially with my 7 year old helper 😍They’re pretty cute ❤️❤️❤️

I️ heard a few horror stories about wool recently which made me feel so much more confident in what @duckworthco is doing. I️ strive to use materials that are as sustainable as possible. Often this means using dead stock material - fabric that is left over from other clothing manufacturers. In this case, not only am I using dead stock material, but also fabric that has been grown in Montana, knitted in the Carolinas, and is 100% made in the United States. You still got a chance to grab a Merino Wool Rosemary dress on sale- made out of wool from these well cared for cuties.

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