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K R I S T I N A  🌿Live in the revelation that the essentials are simple - more nature, less toxic synthetics. YL Silver. 🌿Live life on the wellness side! 🌿Join Us!👇🏼

With the health struggles that can come with Fall and Winter, I’m SUPER grateful for this month’s promos.
•Inner Defense is one of my favorite supplements to stay above the wellness line.
• DiGize is glorious for gut health (your gut is like your second brain - happy gut, happy health).
•Clove is great for supporting your immune system but is also PERFECT for Fall recipes.
• Thieves Hans Soap is my favorite soap and we wash our hands ALL.THE.TIME. especially in the coming months. No dryness 🙌🏻
• Manuka is GLORIOUS for the skin and with the change of seasons, you’re skin will be very happy that you introduced it to Manuka.
• ImmuPower. The immune system big guns. Pair it with Thieves and it’s support will literally blow your mind.

If you’re not on ER yet, this is the month to MAKE.IT.HAPPEN. Say goodbye to sick visits because you’ll have what you need to support your body these next few months. 🙌🏻

My FAVORITE lifestyle subscription box came today!!!! What’s in your monthly box?!

Have you been eyeing an Aria? This graphic, by @yesessentials, makes it unbelievably simple to see the value in snatching this beautiful diffuser as a PSK - especially while it’s on sale!)

😱It’s like getting the diffuser and then getting the 11 additional oils for $2.25. That’s UNREAL!!

😳Want an even more INSANE deal?! Sign up your spouse and snag this diffuser. It’ll be the $234 BUT you’ll get $47.50 back in commissions making it $186.50. 😱😱😱

🤗Want more numbers? The Aria PSK with the diffuser PLUS the oils is worth $454.59 WHOLESALE.

🤩🤩🤩🤩Who’s snagging it?!🤩🤩🤩🤩


If you’ve been on the fence, NOW is the time to jump! I’ll even sweeten the deal and if anyone who jumps on this deal today an extra $15 back in account credit! 😱

• Cortistop (for me)
• Powergize (for Ryan)
• Super B (we both love Super B every day)
• Dream Catcher (for easy nights in our new home)
• T-Away (for our pup who’s still missing her beloved friend we lost 2 months ago + to cope with the flight to TX)
• 2 SPF 50 sunscreen (these I’m most excited about because we’re giving them to a local family whose 3year daughter has XP & they need the BEST!)
• Sacred Mountain Bar Soap (so good!)
• Savvy Warm 2 (favorite mineral make up ever!!) All Freebies - Spearmint, Ravintsara, Aroma Seiz, Wintergreen, Acceptance, Natural Boost Bar! 🙌🏻

Who is taking advantage of the #FREESHIPPING that ends tonight?! 😍 Double Promos Anyone?!

SO excited about this month’s promos! I love Spearmint, Wintergreen, and Ravintsara already! I can’t wait to get my hands on that bamboo holder and ACCEPTANCE!

The list of benefits and uses are in our group #REtribe! Go check it out!

Which ones are you most excited about?!

Peaceful summer nights.

Beach trip BFFs. ✌🏼
Plus completely reef safe which is even more rad.

These four make skincare SO easy. 😍

There’s only a few more days left of the month to snag these!!
• Lavender Vitality - lavender is beautiful for many, many things. Sleep, focus, soothing.
• Lavaderm cooling mist - so refreshing on the skin! It can also be used with your savvy minerals if you’re out of Misting Spray.
• Valor - the unicorn of oils. Confidence you feel in your bones. This oil is one that is hard to put words too. It’s also beautiful for supporting the overall body..
• Geranium - some call this “the poor man’s rose”. Beautiful for skin. Calming.
• Aroma Life - I love this one over my heart. It’s got heavy hitters like helichrysum in it. Look up the ingredients and you’ll know why we love it.
Who has snagged ( is snagging) all the promos?!

I’ve been waiting patiently for this amazing blend of 18 oils to come back in stock!

#REtribe - Blend education and a giveaway are in the group! Be sure to check it out!!

Who’s snagging a bottle?! 😍😍

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