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Revelation Essentials  🌿Live in the revelation that the essentials are simple - more nature, less toxic synthetics. 🌿Live life on the wellness side! 🌱 Kristina Streeter

BACK IN STOCK!!! Christmas Spirit is one of my FAVORITES this time of year! It’s excellent diffused, as a room spray, on pine cones. It’s a blend that will make you not even slightly miss the holiday sprays and candles! 😍
It is a blend of Orange, Cinnamon Bark, and Black Spruce essential oils. One thing I love about this blend is that it reminds me of my different holiday childhood memories.

• Orange oil is cold pressed from the rinds of oranges and has a juicy aroma reminiscent of the fresh fruit.
• Orange offers a sweet, peaceful aroma that can fill a room with a sense of peace, harmony, and creativity.
• Orange contains the naturally occurring constituents limonene, myrcene, and alpha-pinene

Cinnamon Bark
• Cinnamon Bark oil contains the naturally occurring constituent cinnamaldehyde. Aldehydes are responsible for the oil’s delightful fragrance.
• Cinnamon Bark can be applied topically; but as a “hot” oil, it requires dilution to avoid skin irritation.
• Cinnamon Bark creates a warm, comforting, and inviting spicy aroma.

Black Spruce
• Black Spruce has a rich, woodsy, and invigorating scent that can be diffused during meditation to create a fresh aromatic atmosphere.
• Black Spruce includes the naturally occurring constituents alpha-pinene, camphene, and beta-pinene.

I spy some empty oil bottles on @memoriesembraced’s Christmas tree! What a fun way to use the bottles!! Who else has oil ornaments on their tree??

I can’t get over how good these December promos are 😍😱

Who is still snagging some incredible Cyber Monday deals today?!

FIFTY of our top oils and our top 4 diffusers are on sale 20% off TODAY for #blackfriday!

What are you guys snagging?!

These are @bmooreessentialoils’ MUST HAVE fall oils to make her favorite blends! I think we can all agree that these are magical!! 😍 📷: @bmooreessentialoils

Y’all. How gorgeous is this set up at @laurenp723’s house! 😍 Have you been to one of our classes?! If not, send us a message and we’ll make sure you’re invite to our next class online or local to where you are! We would love to have you come and learn with us!


EXCLUSIVE for members on Essential Rewards for 1 year and then gifted annually after that. This blend is beautiful and we’re so grateful for how generous YL is - like gifting us free oils!! 📷: @bmooreessentialoils

Who is excited for the PROMOS this month?!?!?! 😱😱
100 PV (ER exclusive) - Nutmeg
190PV - 15mL Christmas Spirit
190PV - (ER exclusive) - NLBS
250PV - Myrrh
300PV - Holiday Ornament & Sacred Frankincense
400PV - Higher Unity (EXCLUSIVELY available for this PV level only, not for sale)

Team RE - head to the FB group to learn even more about each of the oils!
Which promos are your snagging?!?

Looking for a cozy blend that is also beautiful for all things respiratory related?? Try sticking a blend of Thieves and Ravintsara in your diffuser.

Our girl, @julie_sancken, stuck this blend together recently and she’s a genius! 😍 📷: @julie_sancken

Essential Rewards (cashback!) points make this journey so affordable! All this stuff? FREE. Supplements, laundry soap, bar soap, granola and oils - FREE. 🙌🏻 Ive you’re not living this lifestyle and doing it frugally - message me. My favorite thing is getting the most out of budget and ER makes.that.happen.

Recently our community member, @thismamasnest, shared her diffuser recipe of 5 drops orange, 4 drops thieves, 1 drop Ginger. UMMM - YUM! Go stick it in your diffuser! 📷: @thismamasnest

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