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K R I S T I N A  🌿A family living in the revelation that the essentials are simple - more nature, less toxic synthetics. 🌿Join Us!👇🏼 🌿Live life on the wellness side!

When there’s nothing purer than brand new life, why would you want anything less than purity on your baby’s new skin?

The weather is warming up around here which means there’s a few visitors that like to make my home theirs...if you know what I’m saying. 😉 So I just dropped a few drops of peppermint around my home - focusing on doorways and the pantry, then ran my Norwex mop across to spread it further.

From what I’ve always understood, Lavender was Gary Young’s favorite oil. The Swiss Army knife of oils. Let’s each find a way to use lavender today - and come back here and compliantly share with us how you used it! 💜

If you go to Switch one thing this weekend - make it your laundry detergent (assuming you’ve already ditched those dang dryer sheets 😷). Switch to something without fragrance and colorants. If you’re grabbing it at the store, scan it with the Think Dirty App. If you’ve got your YL wholesale membership - toss it in your ER or QO.

If you struggle with Infertility, Headaches/migraines, respiratory issues - research the impact fragrances have to do with your hormones/endocrine system, neurological and respiratory system. It’ll blow your mind. Knowing these things years ago would have made such a difference in those areas for me.
I struggled with al of them. Know better - do better.

Do yourself a favor and go make your favorite blueberry muffins. When you do, put in a couple drops of Lemon Vitality. It’s a game changer if you like lemon blueberry muffins.

Drug out of the sand and water table today and it needed a bit of spring cleaning! I love that I get to use plants to clean anything my family needs.

Using thieves means I don’t have to worry about dry time to evaporate toxic chemicals.

It means that toxic chemical cleaner isn’t absorbing into the plastic and then re-releasing into the water when I gets hot.

It means that when I dumped out the water from cleaning it didn’t harm my plants or the environment.

Thieves cleaner for win. Peace of Mind is a beautiful thing, isn’t it mamas?!

It’s currently 81* and we have spent most of our day outside. Sunscreen for skin protection. Lavaderm Cooling Mist to cool the skin during hours of play. Lavaderm Aftersun Spray for the mom that made sure all of her babies were lathered up but might have forgotten herself. 😬 #momlife

Let’s talk about this oil thing on a Good. Better. Best. Set up.

GOOD. You buy the oils one by one, you get them at full cost but you’re still getting the purest oils out there.

BETTER. You start with a Premium Starter kit that gives you the 24% wholesale discount, 11 oils and a diffuser that gets you started in supporting every single body system.(Or Purest makeup, cleanest Home products, or most powerful antioxidant drink - depending on what’s the best for you but all apply 😉). It’s like a Costco membership for oils.

BEST. Grab the PSK, hop on the rewards program knowing you want to make changes every month to get more toxins out of you home and replaced with things that support your body. You get up to 25% back, loyalty products, discounted shipping, and the opportunity grab freebies that change every month.

BONUS BETTER/BEST through today - you get a roller bottle of Rose Essential Oil. Once of the most precious, highest frequency oils you can buy.

In May I’m rolling out some incredible community opportunities, so you’ll want to make sure to plug in as fast as you can. You’ll be a part of my community of over 250 members + the community of our other upline support team. I’ll put a welcome package in the mail to you with lots of resources.

You guys, I cannot get enough of these wipes!! So many ways to use them!! 😍

We don’t use weed killer but it wasn’t always that way. We became more acutely aware of the toxic-chemicals once we had kiddos. Our choice was reaffirmed on an environmental level once again when we learned about how dandelions play a role in our ecosystem though!

🐝 Did you know that Dandelions serve as the first food of the year for bees?! So cool, right?!

🌿 They also have curative properties and are a great source for vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and calcium (which means they could be used in soups, salads, or even jams! In fact...they are an ingredient of traditional of root beer.)

☕️ Some cultures even use dandelion roots as a tea instead of coffee!

🌈 The more you know. 🌈

Several times a year, Ryan (@rka1241 /my husband/the quiet half of RE) volunteers for Habitat for Humanity because he has such a heart for helping others. 😍
Now that the weather is nice, warm, and sunny again - he grabbed our Mineral Sunscreen alongside his tools to be prepared for wherever they needed him on the job today!

Only a few more days to snag these incredible promos!! These are perfect for the current season and for all the time! Here’s a few tidbits about each:
• BASIL - it’s the main oil in our M-Grain Blend. 😉 It’s also delightful in a Basil Lemonade according to @essentiallymana.
• TEA TREE - excellent for skin on all kinds of levels but it’s a strong arm for purifying things.
• FENNEL - great support for healthy milk production nursing mothers. It’s also an extra kick in the pants for those seasonal changes your body may be combatting.
• WOOL DRYER BALLS. Can I get an amen?! Ditch those dryer sheets ASAP. So full of chemicals that are bad for your endocrine and respiratory systems to name a few. Reduce dry time too. Win-win.
• Allerzyme. The name explains it quite well - it’s explained as a digestive support supplement but remember a lot of our health is rooted in our gut. Seasonal or Digestive changes that come will occasional challenges? You’ll want to snatch this one. 😉
• 👇🏼Tell us - who grabbed these for freebies? Which ones?!

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