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celeste💫 | i use svp & ae  [ twd edits ]

posting tomorrow😩

imagine being rick grimes and owning the whole zombie apocalypse, just please kill my entire family
for gia💕
ac: roseandaggers in soundcloud
ib/cc: voidxgrimes
the 4 transitions of him standing in the right are mine😔
#rickgrimesisdaddy #rickgrimes #thewalkingdead

i always wanted to post this one💕💓💞💖💟
for me lol
ac/ib: carlgrimest_

i tried this style in svp and that's why i wasn't in vine lmfao
for the andy gc💞
ac: okpeletier
ib: voidglaggie

the hottest characters😔
for gia, happy belated bday💗
ac: sxxlence
ib: starkosexual
cc: voidlinslow
my transition!!😩
not a pt wtf

come on guys khary said it, pay the woman!
for ryan and just ryan💜
ac: hxdaedits
ib: greysincedits
#thewalkingdead #paythewoman

break my jaw please😔
for the andy hoes and ryan💓
ac/ib: emiliasbastard
cc: voidlinslow
why did it get taked down tho?

(this is actually so damn rushed and ignore the loop is just disgusting)
tHe OnLy tHiNg ShE dId iN sEaSoN 7/8 WaS sCrEwInG rIcK!1!
for moe, sorry babe u deserve more than this crap
ac: audiosthedead
cc: pvtsch

issa dad😔
for gia, julia, uther and ryan💘
ac: toxic.ve
rm: galsedits
ib: ruthlesspeletier

damn i miss them sfm💔
for abby, gia and miri👅
my audio and remake of an old edit!
ty gia for posting it😂❤

super proud of this one❤
for tyler bb, madison, julia, abby and gia💜
my audio💫

oof i loved this one😩
for the andy gc
ac: triggeredsnake

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