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celeste🇦🇷 | svp & ae  twd edits🤧 audios: @richonneduh giveaway:

hey guys, i dont really know how to start this so i'm going to be very quick.
basically i'm having problems with school and till i get my grades good again i'm not going to post. i'll try to fix them as soon as possible but it may take me 1 month so...
i will tell you if this is 100% confirmed later. love u💗

the better grimes
for tay, eli, dan, gia, julia and jess❣
ac: duskraven
carl to judith tc: judithaep
my coloring and transitions!
#carlgrimes #rickgrimes #michonne #judithgrimes #thewalkingdead

one last time
for saeed, moriya, tay and the richonne gc💞
ib: glaggieaesthetics
my audio and coloring!
audio is rm a sc account but i can't really find it
#richonne #thewalkingdead

missing him already
for brittney and the richonne gc💗
my audio and coloring!
#rickgrimes #thewalkingdead

i'm not ready to say goodbye😭
for the richonne gc💕
my audio and coloring!
#rickgrimes #thewalkingdead

wishin' i still had you
for tay, arti, dani, maria, valen, hailey and the girls in the richonne gc💕
my audio, coloring and transition!
(ignore the glitch)

i'm so dissapointed with how this season treated him, he truly deserved better
for dan, justin, lu, saeed, moriya and the girls in the richonne gc💞
ac: dubzxy (ed.)
my coloring!

carl died for nothing
for the richonne gc💗
my audio, coloring and ugly transition!

the last sunset he saw
for the richonne gc
rm: twdblurry

imagine being against him🤪
for the richonne gc, arti and justin💖
ac/ib: regimechxlls
my coloring!



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