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celeste💫 | svp & ae  [ multifandom ] mostly twd edits❣ i post my audios on @richonneduh

we shine together
for dani, abby, saeed and the richonne gc💕
ib: spazixo
my audio, coloring and transitions!
(sorry if some transitions look VERY bad🤪)

invented big dick energy
for gia, presley, jessica and julia💕
ac: infxlena
rm: sterolineblake
my coloring!

[ richonne x merder ]
ac: modernized
my transition and coloring!

[ rick grimes ]
for the richonne gc💕
cc: evilherself

[ carl grimes ]
tc: itskatesedits
my audio and coloring!

happy belated bday dayna!😫
ac: hypocritz
my coloring!

deserved canon
for katie, gia, becca and dan💕
my audio, coloring and transition!

god is a woman😫
for dani and kana💝
rm: cohansbobo
my audio and coloring!

hard to face reality
for dan, gia, presley, jessica, arti and eli💕
my audio and coloring!

for dani, gia, jessica, justin and alvaro💓
my audio, coloring and transition!

for jessica, gia, saeed, becca and moriya💕
rm: baelarke
my audio and coloring!

andy is proud of this season, so am i
for gia💝
ac: griimesrickk
intro ib: triggeredowney
my coloring!

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