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Just finished recording the Live Inspired podcast with @tracieclaiborne for this week and we just have so much to talk about! I love how inquisitive she is and she always asks the best questions and wants to dive deeper into certain topics! I'll let you know when the show is up! ❤️ #liveinspiredpodcast

Happy mail has been delivered but I am stuck at ortho and the office is running late! HURRY UP PEOPLE! I HAVE PAPER WAITING FOR ME!!

Documented Mother's Day in my family album! I'm making so much progress toward not feeling so behind! (Designers are tagged)

Like seriously - how does she know me like this? The amount of tender and bananas in my world right now is ridiculous. And yeah, I wish I would have bought the Kleenex. 😭
#ofmessandmoxie #jenhatmaker

This may have fallen into my cart today. 😉Please tell me that I won't regret forgetting Kleenex while I was at @target! ❤️

Finally found them!!!!! And they were on the top shelf so I almost missed them AND had to kinda jump for them! #shortgirlproblems
But I got 'em!!! Aaaaannndddd they are amazing!!

New clothes always work wonders for the attitude! I picked up this new top (it had me at yellow and birds and flowy <--- that's totally a word) 😀and new black pixies at @oldnavy! (Also, see previous post for a detailed shot of the top!) Can't wait to share some of the other stuff I picked up! #retrohipmamastyle

Sometimes I end up with piles of really random photos and cards because when I come across them (always at different times) my brain is like "oohhhh, these go together so put them in a pile or you'll forget!" I still struggle with certain parts of my organization - so I make piles! ❤️

#gray1secondeveryday2017 >> week 33
these humans of mine make me laugh!

The main criteria that tops have to go through in order to come home with me is "do I have a cardigan I can pair this with?"
And this one's a winner! #iwillshowyoutheresttomorrow 😀

Such weird weather today!
And I suck and didn't get eclipse glasses.
But the man-child drive me to Old Navy and I got some cute additions to my wardrobe!

NEW VIDEO! Im sharing a look inside how I'm trying to learn scripture and have some fun with washi!
YouTube: retrohipmama 🎥

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