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"New shoes. I have to break them in."
- Annelle from Steel Magnolias

Woohoo for week 7 being complete! I still dig the weekly format because I just take so many photos that this is a great way to break up the stories into workable chunks.
Swipe for more details! #pocketpages

Finally tamed this mess of embroidery floss! It got kinda OOC after a couple of recent projects. Swipe ⬅️to see it all cleaned up and the cool padded case I made to keep my needles and scissors out of reach of little hands and paws. ✂️

She's a pretty good snuggler. ❤

Whew. Sure did. Thankful for Vick's and nose spray today! Hopeful for tomorrow, though. Rain & thunderstorms and closer to kicking this cold's boo-tay. And a haircut!!!

We have this corner area in the front of our house that typically looks like weeds but then all of a sudden these beauties just pop up out of nowhere and I'm always pleasantly surprised. Not sure if they are wild or weeds or an actual daisy of some kind but they sure brightened this gloomy day. Perfect little sight for the first day of spring! 🌸

This was my attempt at feeling better today. But getting dressed for work ended up wearing me out and I lasted only a couple of hours. I'm back home, in sweats and being thankful I have awesome backup at work. And that I can work from home. And nap. These eyeballs are gonna need to close soon or they're gonna pop outta my dang head.
Shirt and shoes are from @target @targetstyle!

Well this was fun! Non-DT assignment, black & white photos and free reign to use whatever the heck I wanted! Of course I chose pink and yellow. 💗💛

#gray1secondeveryday2017 for week 11. Something fun I discovered is that if you have Live Photos turned on, every photo you take essentially becomes a video clip you can use in the #1secondeveryday app! Cool huh?

C U R R E N T L Y // 3.19.2017
▪️wearing clothes my teenage son was gonna give to goodwill. 😎
▪️legos. all. over. the. dang. place. & no one building. 😒
▪️cookies are in the oven because I'm still feeling like garbage and cookies have magical healing powers. ✨
▪️project life-ing my little heart out! ✂️
▪️pretending the kitchen is clean and all the laundry is washed and put away. 🙈

This live version of Runaround Sue is crazy fun and energetic and includes a curse word to top it off! If you get a chance to listen to it you won't ever be sorry! Oh - and turn it up! 🎙#onrepeat

Big photos and pocket cards seem to always make an appearance in my traveler's notebooks! These cute snack cards are from @turquoiseavenue and they are so perfect for documenting your favorite snaccidents! 😁🍿🍕🍟🍪

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