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How 'bout some happy scrappy stuff today? The Flourish #craftygirlplaykit from @theresetgirl is like soooo good. Sometimes her designs blow me away so much that I have no words. Loving the additional cards for journaling!

You can find me here. 👌🏻


Waiting for my food at Rubio's and basking in the sun. What are you having for dinner? #solarpowered

Stealing this awesome photo from my girl @kristymakes.
Seeing a For Sale sign in my yard when I left the house today was not a great way to start it. I can be sad and cry at my desk when shit gets overwhelming or worrisome and that is okay. This girl gets stuff done through a lot of emotions. But God will not let us sink. 🙏🏻

UPDATE ON #operationleadhead: Marsh is fine and we got home about 12:30am. And if you're the kind who likes to see photos of this sort of thing you can swipe to see before and after. Otherwise you can read and scroll! 😄He's fine, they got the lead out but it was no small task. If you know my sensitive boy, he is not fond of being poked or bamboozled or held down - all 3 of which he had to endure last night. No stitches and the hole should heal on its own. Yay! I'll spare you the details of how she had to remove it or I might get sick to my stomach again. It was very hard to be in that room but I needed to rub his leg so I looked away and sucked it up while my poor Marsh was so scared and shaking. We got through it together and shed some more tears and are moving on. #imomedsohardyesterday

Whose kid gets colored pencil lead stuck in his dome and needs a trip to the ER because it happened on Friday and it's looking quite red? Yep, mine. He sure can hide a lot under all that hair! Btw, it's beyond bedtime for all of us! #operationleadhead

I love my new dress from @charmingcharlie!!! More about it in my IG stories! ❤️
#ootd #retrohipmamastyle #retrohipmornings

When I started my AROUND THE HOUSE traveler's notebook I didn't feel a huge rush to capture what I loved so much about this place. But with the pressure of being forced to move I'm feeling like there's so much to document. This is one of the last pages I completed a few weekends ago before the book turns into something unexpected - purging, packing and leaving this place behind - all of which I will document!

Here's a 12x12 pocket layout I did a couple weekends ago. Just a hodgepodge of photos but somehow pulled out some cohesive colors. Sometimes pages are a struggle but I still love capturing our lives this way! (Designers are tagged)

Grabbed some new graphic tees and trimmed the neck and sleeves so they fit better. And yeah, representing my girls. Oh, and a peek at tomorrow's outfit! #staygolden #targetdoesitagain

Girls, I missed my pockets so much! Don't fret though, I'm not quitting notebooks! Mixing it up is how I roll!
So here's a colorful spread using both @gossamerblue April and @theresetgirl Flourish with some @ellesstudio and @pinkfreshstudio Thrown in. Designers will be tagged in all the photos! #pocketpages

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