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retro surf series  The Triple Crown of Retro Surfing


Swell forecasted.. head high combo swell with building South.. HB 80s .. Sunday .. Don’t Miss the 80s! Talk of the town.. Be a part of surf history.. sign up with Bud Llamas.. @17thstboardshop ...painting by @rickyblake T-shirt’s available on the beach.. 80s surf trivia on the Beach.. multiple booths with delicious food on the beach.. Banzai Bowls, Ola Mexican food .. whaaat?!! Is this for real or an 80s dream? Wear a @quiksilver_originals outfit and get a round of applause .. @quiksilver_originals @benny_big #budllamas will be at Goldenwest St starting the event at 8am @ola_mexican_kitchen @banzaibowls Vintage 80s boards will be available for you to ride in the event..

Maybe one of these will show up on Sunday at the HB 80s.. such great shapes.. sign up now at Buds shop @17thstboardshop @quiksilver_originals @benny_big #triplecrownofretrosurfing

Brad Gerlach..1985.... Brad showed up to last years HB 80s and delighted us with some great surfing on one of his boards he still has from the 80s.. anybody who has a nice 1980s era manufactured board please bring it down to Goldenwest St on Sunday to join in on the board show.. @quiksilver_originals @benny_big @bradgerlach photo by Sonny Miller.. sign up now at @17thstboardshop a couple days left ..call Bud!

Piping Hot ad in Surfer Mag 1984.. Greg Mungall, Mike Cruickshank, Pat Allen and Jeff Parker.. Greg Mungall has surfed in the Surfside 70s., it would be classic to get these guys in the HB 80s.. Pat Allen is the son of the great Chuck Allen who groomed so many talented surfers at Huntington Beach High School Surf team and class as the coach for many years.. also helped start out the NSSA.. .. Chuck and Pat went on to help out the snowboarding industry as well..from that industry’s beginnings really... Now sign up for Bud Llamas’ HB 80s.. the event is Sunday.. making up the heats by Friday.. @17thstboardshop @quiksilver_originals @benny_big

Justin Hugron.. the current 2016 Triple Crown of Retro Surfing Champ... seen here carving at an unknown rocky shore.. Justin was able to surf well on all type of surfboard shapes from longboards shaped in the 60s to 70s thick single fins to 80s era shortboard classics.. beating out many good surfers.. Sunday will determine the next champ .. at the HB 80s.. A new perpetual trophy will be revealed with names of the last three champs ..2014-Bradie Shemke, 2015-Jeff Deffenbaugh and 2016- Justin Hugron.. as well as an actual golden lightweight shiny crown with the Triple Crown of Retro logo in the middle .. The champ will be crowned at the awards ceremony at Aloha Grill in HB.. sign up at @17thstboardshop ..event by @quiksilver_originals #budllamas and the #triplecrownofretrosurfing board of directors ..trophies by #surftrophy .. @hug_life @bradieshemke1 @jeffdeffenbaugh1 @benny_big ..photo by @albertruong

Dennis Jarvis on one of the greatest memorable Surfer Mag covers ....1982... Dennis keeps the surf scene alive in Hermosa Beach ..and with his Spyder Surf shop runs events to help the community remember the surf history and modern surf scene of the area which brings tons of people out to their pier area and pumps up the businesses...the community truly is lucky to have this surf icon putting in so much time organizing those events.. Bud Llamas also an 80s icon like DJ is putting on his 4th annual HB 80s.. The Huntington Beach community is proud and lucky to have such a Surf legend putting on an event such as this for us to get together and Surf .. sign up if you have not already .. it is an honor to say hi to Bud Llamas at his shop and join in the fun that he has organized for us to enjoy.. @quiksilver_originals @benny_big @dennis_jarvis @spyderboards @spydersurf @17thstboardshop

Maybe one of these boards will show up at the HB 80s.. Cheyne Horan rode some trippy boards ..boards so futuristic the future still hasn't agreed with them.. Cheyne recently went by Buds shop and showed him a new fin idea.. Did you know you can sign up at @17thstboardshop for the HB 80s ? Yes you can.. @quiksilver_originals @benny_big

Todd Martin.. on top of the world here.. best impersonation of a "Spicoli Dream" .. almost seems like they copied him for the movie.. or is it life imitating art.. Todd or "Gluefoot" Martin was a great surfer and did everything right.. he was in all the mags and a bonifide surf star...After a surf trip down south a few years ago we saw him at a gas station off the freeway by Cardiff.. he was tripping out .. saying weird things.. looked homeless.. he came up to us and started talking about surfing.. paranoid talking conspiracy theories..thought I was one of the McNulty brothers ...wouldn't believe I wasn't ..we gave him a ride to a house he said he was staying at.. I hope he is ok but it wasn't looking good.. say what you will about the glorious surf lifestyle the truth is we have a lotta guys who get famous and find success only to lose everything because of drugs or whatever reasons.. brands like it when you are winning.. if you know how Todd is doing please share.. stay in school kids.. being a top surfer is great and fun .. but you gotta have something else to rely on.. a solid foundation of surf life and education with friends is a good place to start .. goals with surf and your interests combined...don't let being a "Surf Star" be all that you strive for.. photos by Sonny Miller

HB 80s trivia.. this one is a little tougher.. I think ... Who is this guy? 1983...OP Pro .. sign up for the New OP Pro at Goldenwest Street now called the Bud Llamas Quiksilver HB 80s.. call bud or message him at his insta @17thstboardshop or message him at Bud Llamas on Facebook or call him at work hours at the shop.. or just go by the shop.. @quiksilver_originals @benny_big

Why are these guys so rad? ..simply because they are riding Randy Lewis boards..and you could too! The champ of Bud's HB 80s on Sunday will get a very rare newly shaped Randy Lewis surfboard designed by Bud himself.. sign up at @17thstboardshop and imagine ripping like Jerry Boyd.. @itsjerryboyd @quiksilver_originals @benny_big

HB 80s trivia.. who is it.. Californian.. this would be a nice board to ride on Sunday...sign up at Buds shop today @17thstboardshop @quiksilver_originals @benny_big

HB 80s trivia .. who is this guy? here he is south of the border at a secret unknown spot in Surfing magazine in 1984.. they didn't let us know where it was then... and still to this day this guy rules at an unknown Baja surfspot.. nobody knows where.. great surfer from the Southbay.. NOW SIGNUP .. at Bud Llamas' shop @17thstboardshop call him when shop hours start ‭+1 (714) 536-6200‬.. @quiksilver_originals @benny_big ..prizes for trivia at the event on Sunday Oct 22... photo by @peterbrouillet

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