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retro surf series  The Triple Crown of Retro Surfing is the trifecta of retro surf events: Jammin' at the Jetty-Bolsa 60s, Surfside 70s and the HB 80s

The Holy Chair of San Onofre

Terry Diamond on a Plastic Fantastic during the 19th annual Surfside 70s received the trophy for Best Soul Arch.. really fast surfing and fun to watch @terry_diamond @quiksilver_originals @benny_big photo by Bobby Zee

Terry O'Dell .. actual 1970s photo taken by Mike Moir.. hard to tell the difference from Saturday's event and an actual shot from the 70s..Mike has been taking beautiful photos since the 70s and beyond.. Mike has been an integral part of surfing through the decades and can pick out styles and skills of surfers within a blink of his eye.. He has photos of every person in the Surfside 70s.. please contact Mike if you would like an image of yourself from him in your retro 70s style.. email him or message him on Facebook... some of the most classic photos from the 70s and 80s were shot by Mike.. and now you can have classic shots of yourself taken by a true legend.. @quiksilver_originals @benny_big

19th annual Surfside 70s.. this reminds me of that shot of MR straight body bottom turn .. the kids are alright... @colewaltonbro Cole Walton with by David Gale .. @quiksilver_originals @benny_big

Best Grommet Award went to Luke Worsham seen here with a nice layback he might have learned from veteran laybacker Benny Bigler .. really nice @luke.worsham @benny_big @quiksilver_originals photo by @ronlyonphoto

Ryan Salazar... 5th place in the 19th annual Surfside 70s .. @roberto_saladbar @quiksilver @benny_big photo by Ronnie Lyon @ronlyonphoto

Paddleout for Jack O'Neill today at Pleasure Point in front of his house... it was Jack who has enabled humans to get in the water and surf longer.. photo by Howard "Boots" McGhee

It is so exciting watching younger surfers taking off on these old boards .. making big turns.. this was the Plastic Fantastic brought by Tony Alvarado that got a lot of water time @vance_cameron_ taking off ..@quiksilver_originals @benny_big photo by Ron Keith

Brent Philpy on an early morning glass Anderson bowl.. photo by Bobby Zee @quiksilver_originals @benny_big @brentphilpy

Jason Robinett on a Dyno Nuuhiwa fish and ripping during the 19th annual Surfside 70s @jasonlrobinett @quiksilver_originals @benny_big photo by Ron Keith

Jace Mcnerney with a Plastic Fantastic..great surfing Jace @quiksilver_originals @benny_big @jacemcnerney

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