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My Light Still Shines  Real Estate & Life Coach, Mom to 3 Boys. Loving people and helping uncover their purpose in life is in the fabric of who I am.


You know what i learned or re learned (that’s probably not good English) ⭐️
There is no short cut to Happiness!!! I mean i know there are no short cuts in business. But somehow my brain didn’t register that to relationships (friendship, Love, parenting ) you get my point. ⭐️
When we take short cuts we end up short changing ourselves on good ole time taking happiness & JOY! ⭐️
There is so much happiness in wading through the failure. Knowing that it took time but it will last. ⭐️
This year let’s make a pact to not take short cuts. Sip our coffee slow, read more, laugh more, call instead of text more, go to lunch/dinner more & stay for dessert. Let’s live!!!!!!! ⭐️
I mean this is the only life we get right.......

A few post back i hadn’t prayed about my word. Was wondering where you all were landing. Then i prayed.....
And almost immediately i Heard God say this word. I didn’t like it. 😂 so i asked him again. ⭐️
God explained that it’s more than just my physical health even though that’s a huge part. It’s also my mental health & my spiritual health. ⭐️
I think because i didn’t like it at first he decided to give me numerous examples in 2017 why this should be my word. ⭐️
Let’s do this 2018. Healthier & Happier!!!

#bestnine2017 ⭐️
This year was the beginning of something BIG in our life. These pictures give a glimpse of the work God is doing. #hill5beginning

Every year I pray about my word for the next year. I don’t have one yet......
I mean i got nothing.....
What’s your word?

Christmas was Extra Special this year. A little bit of Texas joined us and it was GLORIOUS!!!

God is so good!!!! Merry Christmas Y’all!!!

We all know waiting is hard and honestly we probably don’t really like it. ⭐️
What could you do while waiting? Here’s my list 1) pray for other waiting
2) read (if it’s a difficult wait, read fiction)
3) don’t lament the wait
4) think of something i could learn about myself (teach myself , better myself) ⭐️
Whatever you do. Don’t lament the current season your in there is fruit there it might just be higher than your accustomed.

It’s time to make some memories!!!! ❄️ ⛄️

Happy Birthday Braydon!!!!
God can do the impossible friends! I remember like it was yesterday climbing into the hospital bed with my husband while he was in the coma and saying today is the day i give up. I told him i asked God to take both of us. Mom can take care of the boys. God should just come now & silently take us both. This is too hard. I cried and cried. ⭐️
God i said why would you make me pregnant during this time. You know everything right so why would you do this!!!! (I was mad) ⭐️
Then a small cry began and it got louder and louder. I couldn’t ignore it, it was Braydon. I slowly got out of the bed walked over to his bassinet and looked at him. ⭐️
He flashed the biggest smile & baby giggle. At that moment i Heard God audibly for the second time in my life. ⭐️
He said that’s why i made you pregnant. Because today you would’ve given up but now you will press on. And press on i did. ⭐️
Today i get to see once again God knows so much more than me & even when i look around and want to just die. He gives me comfort and hope and says DONT LOSE HOPE I PROMISE I GOT YOU!!!! ⭐️
Friends if your losing hope cry get akward with God & ask the tough questions. He will answer. And the answer might not immediatly get you out of the valley BUT it will comfort you & let you know there is purpose right where you are........

This is what i said out loud to God today....
God thank you for interrupting my so called good life with tragedy and truly saving my life. Yes it was hard but you kept me. Yes i lost my husband but you gave me Braydon. Yes i thought i would NEVER make it but i am still here today. Yes i thought if i did make it life would NEVER be the same but God your so good that it’s even better. Thank you God for knowing what i needed because i truly didn’t. ⭐️
I post this Prayer for the person who can’t see or say the but parts yet. God knows he sees you and as we celebrate this guy on tomorrow i share the timeline of my but parts (5 years) ⭐️
With tears streaming down my face i say hold on friend the but parts of your prayers are coming & they’re going to blow your mind!!!!!

Smiling through pain is ok but Laughter is so much better. ⭐️
Find a way to laugh! Laughter doesn’t erase the pain but just for a moment, during the laughter there is a chance for you to find some joy. ⭐️
Laugh Laugh Laugh. (If you need help let me know)

Life is funny, hard, scary, crazy, surprising, adventurous, joyful!!! ⭐️
And on top of all that it’s the ONLY one you get...........

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