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My Light Still Shines  Podcaster, Speaker, Real Estate & Life Coach, Mom to 3 Boys. Loving people and helping uncover their purpose in life is in the fabric of who I am.

Hey Y'all! Well we are still reading in Romans. You know why right, because I am currently reading and studying Romans and I just pick out verses that God says go deeper. Just things that make me think more about different things in life. 
What book of the bible are you currently studying? If nothing right now whats your favorite book to study. Just trying to see where I will go after I finish Romans. 
Let me know your thoughts on this episode. Hope your having a great summer.

This wknd I had to visit the kids at Nana Camp. 😜
The boys spend all of July at my parents. And I usually don't see them until they return because the little one always wants to return with me. ⭐️
But this wknd my ex husband got remarried and our boys were his Best Men. (So sweet) ⭐️
So I came to run them around town, rehearsal , hair cuts & wedding. I didn't attend the wedding I just was their personal uber. ⭐️
I share this to say.........If your going through a divorce & it's ugly messy and HARD! Pray a lot. Pray for you, Pray for your kids. Ask God to make it better. ⭐️
Friends Years......seriously it took us years but we made it. Made it where you ask. To the point where all that matters are the boys happiness. The smiles on their face that they get to be his best men. That they get both of us. They get to laugh with us & not walk on egg shells or not tell one of us something happy about the other. Do you know what that must feel like to them. Look at that last picture & the JOY you see is exactly what I know they feel. And honestly when we keep their needs first it's all good. ⭐️
God can do BIG things.

Happy Friday y'all!!! Jumping in for #fridayintroductions ⭐️
I always have trouble finding pictures of just me but if you know me the. You've seen me make this face. 😂 ⭐️
If your new around these parts. My name is Retha Nichole, I'm a mom of 3 boys, coach, speaker , college football lover (it's almost time) & southern girl. ⭐️
This is a new season for me. I feel like it's a redemption year for me and the boys. It's busy, feels different and a lot is changing. We are hanging on, soaking in each turn God takes us on and looking at each other in awe of His hand on our lives. ⭐️
Instagram has afforded me to build some great relationships and even though sometimes the internet can be scary I love it. ⭐️
1 question tonight. 1) what's your favorite donut? Are you a classic person or an adventure donut seeker?

Hey Y'all!!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! ⭐️
On the podcast today I read about belief & salvation. Sorry about the sound. 🤦🏽‍♀️
I hope you have a great weekend. Let me know what you think of my essential oil analogy in this episode. 😂

Hey Y'all! This weekend is one where I want to rest and soak up every minute. ⭐️
So I'm deleting social media from my phone at 5pm. ⭐️
Before I go what plans do y'all have?

Hope you have a great holiday.

This couple!!!!!! Ann & Tom are my spiritual mentors. Ann hard been on my podcast. She is a phenomenal bible teacher and I just love her so much. ⭐️
Over the past 3 years she has taught me so much about God, wAiting patiently and how to do things and have tough conversations with grace. ⭐️
Having someone older and more mature than me to speak into my life, pray for me is so wonderful. I stopped her and Tom today for this picture so I can print it for my house. I use love them.

Hey Y'all! Lets chat about discernment. Well really lets reflect on where we are with discernment. Just a few question
⭐️ 1) How does God want us to fight battles? 2) Are you currently in a place where you can discern what God wants you to do when you come to the cross road?
⭐️ I read the whole 24th chapter and truly thought am I like David? Do I listen to my friends or revert back to what God wants me to do?
Listen to this episode and tell me what you think.

Who remembers the TLC song?
What about your friends, will they stand their ground,
Will they let you down again?
What about your friends, are they gonna be lowdown, ⭐️(lyrics by TLC)
Shout out to all the real friends. Those who hold you up when you want to give up. Those who tell you the truth when you keep hearing the lies of the enemy. Friends who make you laugh with just a look. ⭐️
Call, text or tag your friend below and just say thanks. Thanks for being my friend. (Plain & simple)

First cousins.....College Roommates....Best Friends. ⭐️
Driving from N.C to Houston of course she would stop at my house. For 2 hours we talked & laughed. Kids played around us. But it felt good. ⭐️
So nice to see and hug my family. I truly love y'all!!! @ladybuglaw @cheryl7436

Well he is officially a teenager. I mean he's been 13 since February but dropping him off at church just now for camp made him seem so much older. ⭐️
I might have shed a few happy tears on my way back to the car. I might have silently prayed on the way to the church. Silently because I had already had quiet time and prayer with him this morning. Didn't want him to think I was nervous or anything. ⭐️
However after checking him in he said mom this is going to be great. 😭 I said yep going to be great. ⭐️
Hold them tight today mom's because one day you can't wait for them to say Mama the next day their going with the student ministry to a week long away from home camp ⭐️
(He's my first born I get to be a little dramatic right??)

Lately I've been thinking about the different paths life takes. And here is what I realized.........
My path to write a book doesn't have to look like another successful writers path. My path for a successful podcast doesn't have to mirror someone else who has a successful podcast. ⭐️
The road I take to do the same thing as the next person is different. I don't need to follow someone else road map. I don't need endorsements from the most popular people. ⭐️
Why? Because that might not be MY path. The lessons and struggles they endured to gain success might not be something I can endure right now. So I need to do it the way God ordained. What was easy for them might be hard for me. The circles they run in might not be for me. ⭐️
I might need to grow slow while they grew at a faster rate. I share this because sometimes we don't necessarily want the success of others we just want their path/ success. ⭐️
My grandmother use to say "what God has for you is for you". If I believe this is true then why did I spend so much time wishing for what God gave someone else?

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