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My Light Still Shines  Podcaster, Speaker, Real Estate & Life Coach, Mom to 3 Boys. Loving people and helping uncover their purpose in life is in the fabric of who I am.


Happy Friday Y’all! I wanted to try something new! Once a month I want to ask some friends randomly what they are loving right now.  Today’s what I am loving post is courtesy of @jamiebgolden @hooverandgrace @michelle.mckinney ⭐️
I love when I asked each of these ladies (last minute and random) they were so gracious to help. But maybe you will try each or at least one of these this month & let us know. ⭐️
Jamie gives us “The Good Place” which airs on NBC. ⭐️
Alex is loving Ephesians right now, she says “I am learning what it means to be adopted by Christ- the daughter of a king.” And “how were sealed in the Holy Spirit-
It's a gift + promise” ⭐️
Michelle gave me this recipe that a friend made for her and she loved it so much, she is going to make it again for herself. Its a vegan enchilada w/cilantro avocado cream sauce (YUM). ⭐️
Maybe you will read Ephesians, watch the good place on hulu or make this recipe either way trying something new can be FUN right…. Have a great weekend.

Y'all!!!! I'm so excited about the people who have signed up to Study the book of James with me!!!!!
If your already signed up, if you can't join us for this one or if you haven't signed up yet. I need all of you to do me a favor. ⭐️
Pray with me. I'm asking God to reveal things in a fresh new (like the fall crisp breeze) about Him that will overtake us. ⭐️
If you haven't signed up yet it's not too late. Friday is the last day. ⭐️Study begins Oct 1st. www.tinyurl.com/walkthroughJames

I'm in a season where I'm craving community like never before. ⭐️
I believe community is truly shining your light. Sharing , Praying & lifting each other up. ⭐️
I feel like I'm new to this city and finding my tribe is bringing so much joy. Do you have your tribe? If your new to a city how are you going about it? If your not new & have tips on finding your people. We would love to know how you did it. ⭐️
Give us idea 👇🏽in the comments

In a world where it seems like everything ELSE is more important. Just know that YOU MATTER!
There can be so many things pulling us down. I just want to share that God sees you, He hears those prayers. Even the ones we whisper almost silently. ⭐️
Even if you've lost everything you love. The one that loves you the most is still there. And He's looking with open arms saying YOU MATTER!!!

Sundays are for Jesus and Football. And this Sunday double pink eye for my middle child. ⭐️
It's ok we just put on our sunglasses and keep it moving.

You've heard me say before that I hit the reset button on my day. Today I am wondering can I reset the month. ⭐️
For starters tomorrow puts us half way through this month. Next I haven't caught up to this new season. ⭐️
Not the calendar new season but I feel like God is pulling me into a new season and I'm trying to find my way. Anyone else 🙋🏽?
So I'm thinking if I could just reset the month I could get it together. Since I can't I will just do what I tell my clients.

Maybe you don't have a church or you're a little intimidated by church. ⭐️
I would love for you to stick your toe in the water and begin to form a relationship with Jesus. ⭐️
My hope is that this study of the book of James. People can find community, fellowship together & begin a relationship with Christ. ⭐️
Sign up here: https://tinyurl.com/walkthroughJames ⭐️
Beginning Oct 1st

When we pray are we REALLY LIKE FOR REAL FOR REAL ready for the answer? ⭐️
Sometimes I find myself praying and I think I know the answer. What I learned from that is that me knowing the answer forms "how I pray". ⭐️
In this season I am praying and then being quiet. Quietly waiting & not forming the answer in my heart. Each time I ask God the same thing I have to literally either stop writing or stop praying to not make my plan interfere with my prayer. Anyone else 🙋🏽??
I'm learning that His plan are not mine. His plan makes more sense. His plan needs to be my plan in my heart.

Andy Stanley says this all the time. I really get it now. Community happens when we are in small circles. Not sitting in the rows of the church. ⭐️
We have to get outside of the rows, and be together. ⭐️
Build & strengthen the relationship that church brought us. During different seasons of life this can be hard. ⭐️
I would love to try my hand at making it easier. Join me for an online bible study. This will include : weekly email, private Facebook group, Facebook live & lots of conversations to build community. ⭐️
To join me for this first bible study sign up on my website. We will walk through the book of James.

Does God ever tell you to do something but you keep trying to do what you want to do? NOT Being in control is hard y’all. (Anyone else 🤦🏽‍♀️)
My capacity is high right now and God is asking me to do something different. The podcast will take a season break and come back next season. Look out for some new ways to get into the word. Stay updated by signing up for my email newsletter at www.rethanichole.com

When @lays does this we always do a taste test. Have y'all tried them? Do you all participate? What's your favorite?

As I watch the weather, news, weather again. I feel tightening in my chest. I have friends all over Florida. Some decided to leave & some stayed. ⭐️
I just had to remind myself that God is ALWAYS watching, He already knows tomorrow and the next day. So instead of allowing worry to overtake me today. I am choosing to just fall in my knees and ask Him to do what He does best. #youcanstayhere 🙏🏽

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