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RestorFX  A polymimetic coating technology designed to fill, fix and replenish paint surfaces permanently. // Renew, restore and reawaken your automotive paint.

RestorFX is not only about restoration but about maintenance and protection. This maintenance car care kit was developed to deliver the extra attention required for excellence. #detailersofinstagram #madeinusa #restorfx #passionrequired #doitwithpassionornotatall

Founder Alexander Kay, demonstrating his compelling passion for working with RestorFX at the conference in Kunming, surrounded by those inspired to reach higher standards. A great big THANK YOU to all in attendance! We appreciate you! #passionrequired #partnerships #restorfx #raisethebar

Founder and Technology Director Alexander Kay and CEO Nicholas Vaandering visit Kunming, China for a strategic positioning and vision conference :: A Dialogue with the Elite and See Into the Future #passionrequired #restorfx

Team RestorFX's 2.5 month rally across 26 countries for 30,000km summed up in one video. (Grab a seat, it's nearly 10 minutes of adventure adrenaline and wild encounters, you won't be disappointed). And watch it until the end to see the car's RestorFX transformation after being abused by the scorching desert sun, thousands of rocks from gravel roads, endless hours of bug and grime collection, tree rash, and plenty of other inhospitable conditions. You won't believe your eyes. #restortheeorld #passionrequired #mongolrally ----> link in bio!

Last year RestorFX sponsored a team to take part in the Mongol Rally.  A global motoring event beginning in the UK and ending in Mongolia.  The purpose of the rally was for each team to raise money for a charity of their choice. Team RestorFX raised money to help build schools in rural Nepal.  Along their journey Team RestorFX visited partners in England, Switzerland, Moldova, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Norway. As a year has passed we look back on the wonderful friendships and memories that were made and are grateful for our partner's wonderful hospitality to the Team! This is a huge display of the passion required to be involved with RestorFX! •
#passionrequired #gratitude

XJ, thank you so much for the unbelievably warm welcome from you and your team. We are so excited to be here in Kunming, China for the conference and continued building of our relationship! Thank you again! #passionrequired #restorfx

Exactly 1 year ago today Team RestorFX set off on their 30,000km journey from the UK to Mongolia - AND BACK!! Their send off party took place in Sheffield, England and coincided with the official RestorFX UK launch! CEO Nicholas Vaandering and International Training Director Brandon Dahlman along with the dynamic UK duo, Becky and Steve sent Team RestorFX (Allie Vaandering and Fredrick Svensson) on the quest of a lifetime!! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s video release!

Restoring old to new with #restorfx. We give cars that #2ndchance for a new beginning. #wecare #detailersofinstagram #sexycars #giveafx #restorfxglobal #restoration

Amazing work by @restorfx_israel. ClearFX is an automotive surface solution that works at the sub-microscopic level, penetrating the deep, porous structure of automotive surfaces. #restorfxisrael #restorfx #madeinusa #attogeneticsurfaceengineering #sexycars #carcare #detailersofinstagram #telaviv

A perfect reflection like this isn't easily seen every day. But with #clearfx, it will become part of your daily routine to admire this super glossy and mirror like car paint surface! ✨

#reflections #mercedes #restorfx #clearfx #attogeneticsurfaceengineering #detailersofinstagram #shine #paintprotection #experts #instagood #picoftheday #innovation #madeinusa

We are pleased to announce RestorFX Center Bogota is opening soon! Stay tuned for more details! #restorfx #Colombia #Latinoamerica #success #clearfx #passionrequired #restorfxglobal #bogota

'Good enough' is simply not good enough for us. #passionrequired #giveaFX

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