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Julie McCausland  Costumes. Cats. Games. Wine.

Flashback to that time a dude scraped my cervix with a metal toothbrush.

She took a little persuading but Tabitha finally decided she likes her new igloo. #furbaby #catlady #crazycatlady #sundayvibes #naptime #smallvictories

#Notre-Dame is breathtaking.

#drama The goth kid inside me is freaking out right now.

Bottomless Mimosa brunch with bae. 💕🍾🍹

Unexpected bubbles of joy. #joy #colour #outofpuff

We spent this week casting our dream live action version of Disney’s ‘Hercules’. Congratulations @tom.hopperhops for making the final cast! #tomhopper #disney #hercules #castingdirector

Strutting in to 2019 with my girls like... #Belfast #NYE #girlgang #sisterhood

So 2018 has been a weird year. I realised that my self worth is intrinsically linked to my career, which as a freelancer is a dangerous thing.

I learnt that people never change. Once the venom is in the blood it’s there for good.
I realised that sometimes being selfish is the only way to survive.
I saw that I’m good at listening to my friends needs and I’m getting better at saying the right thing.
I see that my perfectionism is damaging so many areas of my life and I’m working to change it.

In 2019 I hope to relinquish my stifling self control and do things just because I want to and it feels good, without feeling the need to justify it to others.
I worked, I loved, I travelled, I ate, I drank, I read, I danced, I cried, I laughed and I took time to breathe. Here’s to more of the same and thank you to the people who made it glow.

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