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Rest In Pieces  Taxidermy, Skeletal Articulation & Entomology Workshops, DIY kits, Informative Talks & Online Shop run in Australia by Nat & the incredible RIP team!

Hey Sydney our next talk on the Art of Taxidermy is happening on August 31st! We will be getting straight off the plane from LA and jumping in the van to catch up with our East Coast friends 😍

Tickets are $55 and are available on be sure to book now as this event always sells out.
The ticket price includes: - 1 hour talk on the art of taxidermy - 30 minute skinning demo - 30 minute Q&A - wine and bubbles provided all night 🍷🍾 It's a fantastic night filled with like minded people, lots of info and lots of laughs! We can't wait to meet you all xx 💋

Here's a lil vid of our new 🐱 Shrunken Heads 🦊 Available Online Now!

The process to make these dates back centuries and we have been lucky enough to learn the Amazonian tribal secret formula. Here is our take on an ancient artform. Check previous posts for more information about the practice and more pics.
These cuties are on our webstore and we only have a few available. A truly rare item to add to your collection. These lil critters can be posted out in Australia, please contact us OS buyers. 📮✉📦 #shrunkenheads #curiosities #curios #madeinmelbourne #wunderkammer #fox #cat #taxidermy #skulls #wicca #tribal #amazon #craft #art #interiordesign

Day 3 out at the Plesiosaur Dig Site!
After identifying the bones that we will be keeping a channel is built around the specimen and a jacket is created.
At first we put down moist paper towel over any exposed fossilised bone and then hessian aka burlap is soaked in plaster and applied over the paper towel to create the jacket.
The jacket protects the specimen during transport and keeps it contained so that it can be treated and worked on by a preparator.
The bones get treated with vinac which is an acetone soluble plastic. A thick solution will work to slow the weathering if a specimen must be secured for later excavation and extraction, or for keeping fragile bones and teeth together.

Some areas of the jacket also get reinforced with wood to add additional structure to support the weight of the specimen when we flip it!
Details on flipping will be in the next posts 🦖🦕 Day 1 and 2 are also on our Instagram page xx
With @articulated_imagination @dirthandband @stew_brewer97 @elliottarmoursmith @the_awesome_possums doing Australia proud in the pig wrestling! Aussie Aussie Aussie Oink Oink Oink 🐷

Aim of the event is to get the pig into the gate within 30 seconds. The fastest team wins haha


Day 2 of the Plesiosaur Dig!

How does a discovery like this come to be?
It starts with a very savvy rancher Lane Carrol who was out rounding up some of his stray cattle. Lane noticed some stones on the ground that looked out of place for their surrounding and realised that they were Gastroliths.
Gastroliths are small stones that are swallowed by birds, reptiles or fish to aid in digestion. There is nothing alive today however that would have been able to gobble up Gastroliths this size.
Lane notified the musuem who then gathered the permits to do a little more digging to see where the Gastroliths may have come from and this is when the Plesiosaur was discovered.
Given the size of the discovery this gorgeous specimen has been in the ground for a year waiting for Robin, the team from Marshall University and @cartercountymuseum to complete the project with the full permit.
Lucky they needed extra hands and @dirthandband and I had already had some experience with the Mammoth excavation last year 😀

When I started RIP 4 years ago I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined being on a project like this or having the opportunity to bring some of our awesome team over with us and @articulated_imagination

I can finally reveal the main project that we are working on in Ekalaka!
The RIP team are here with the @cartercountymuseum and Robin O'keefe one of the foremost experts on the Plesiosaur.
Yes that's right, we are here to work our butts off for the next week digging up a 70 million year old Plesiosaur 🦖🦕 They kind of look like a huge Lochness Monster (except they are real)
Today we uncovered some ribs, cervical vertebrae, and the thoracic vertebrae.

We will be out there for 5 more days and will provide updates as we go. The only break we will be taking is to see pig wrestle in the County Fair haha 🐷 (google it, it's amazing) We can't wait to share the journey over the next week Xx
@stew_brewer97 @dirthandband @sabre_m

Our Shrunken Heads are now available in our Cabinet of Curiosity online store! 🦊🐱🐺🐱🦊 Here at RIP headquarters we are all fascinated by the ancient tribal practice of shrinking heads and we have recently learned the technique and have refined and tweaked the process of this traditional method.
Shrunken heads are a practice specific to communities within the Amazon forest. The only tribes that were known to have shrunken heads were the Jivaroan tribes that were found in Ecuador and Peru.

Shrinking the head of an enemy was believed to harness the spirit of that enemy and compel him to serve the shrinker! It is said to prevent the soul from avenging it's death.
This is our take on this incredible process in the form of animals.
There are only a few available on our website - come have a look, they are so very cute!
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We are taking the day off today to get supplies for a main dig and camping which is happening this week. Details will be revealed in the coming days 🦕🦖 In the interim Gunther Von Hagen eat your heart out 💕

Forget plastinisation and let's talk wax infiltration! These are some photos that we took on our behind the scenes tour @nhmla with Tim Bovard and @allis
Wax infiltration is the process of removing the water from the specimen, clearing and then infiltrating the tissue with wax. It means that you end up with gorgeous preserved specimens that contain the real skin or areas that would usually be mould or cast.
Take a look at these absolutely incredible primate parts that have been preserved through this process. It is truely amazing to hold the hand or look at the face of animals so closely linked to us. The results of wax infiltration take my breath away, so lifelike, so real 🙈💋

Setting records is all in a days work!
Yesterday we went out prospecting for amber with @sabre_m and @stew_brewer97 from the @cartercountymuseum
We were looking for 30 million year old amber that will be put under the microscope and research will be conducted to see if any animal/insect parts have been trapped inside.

@articulated_imagination kicked off the day with a cool find! He was quickly outdone by yours truely however who found the biggest piece in the region. That was of course until knocked it out of the ball park and put us all the shame 🤯

Needless to say Aussies appear to be the lucky charm for our Ekalaka friends xx

Sydney! We are so excited to bring you our acclaimed 🦋 Butterflies & Bubbles 🥂 workshop on the 2nd of September, straight after our bountiful expedition to the Fossil Rich areas of U.S.A.
Jason our Entomology teacher will show you how to pin and mount the beautiful blue Ulysses Butterfly or the infamous Death Head Moth for you to take home and proudly display.
Tickets are available on so grab a friend or two and catch up over bubbly🍾 while learning new skills, or come alone and make new friends with common interests!

Don't forget we have RIP IOU instalment options to break it up into bite sized payments.


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What a glorious day at Teddy Roosevelt National Park!
We were greeted by the Bachelor Bison Bull who roams by himself until he finds a herd of females that tickle his fancy.
This guy surprised us by taking a slow walk next to our cars and what a show it was.
Bison are herbivores or plant eaters, and feed primarily on grasses and forbs. They are often seen in or near prairie dog towns. These two creatures have a symbiotic relationship whereby the prairie dogs burrowing can be beneficial to the soil because mixing soil types and incorporating organic matter enhances soilformation. It also helps to increase soil aeration and decrease compaction. ... Long-term use of an area by prairie dogs appears to promote buffalograss and grama grasses.

This means that the Bison find a continual supply of new grass shoots and can wallow in the loose soil.

How neat is that 😁

We will also be bringing a prairie dog tanned skin back to Aus so that you can all take aook at this little cutie after we might him xx
#bison #zerofucksgiven #prairiedog #bffgoals

@articulated_imagination @dirthandband @violeteyesentomology @stew_brewer97

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