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Reminiscing on one of the most stressful day/months of our lives. I love you so much baby, thank you for working so hard for this little family of ours, can't wait to bring our new puppy home tomorrow! I'll see you soon😘 #mcm

Being productive πŸ’„

Happy Birthday Cheryl! Thanks for being so awesome, love you πŸ’•πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸŽ€#wigparty

I know there are an abundance of things currently wrong with our Government but Please read the below, full text is on the website, link is in my bioπŸ‘†πŸΌ Spread the word, please sign the petition. I know animal testing is still going on and it's hard to think about it but it's even harder to imagine that not only are dogs euthanized by the millions in the states, subject to abuse, beaten, used as bate dogs or turned into fight dogs, and on top of all this they are also being tested on, bread to be born with DMD, for over 30 year no cure has been found. These poor dogs suffer their whole life not only physically but emotionally as well, never knowing what love and affection is but always craving it. .
"A recent online video revealed a 30-year-long project in which a National Institute of Health (NIH) taxpayer-funded research team specifically breeds dogs to have Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) at Texas A&M University. These debilitated dogs are subjected to a series of tests in which motorized machines stretches their muscles to the point of tear. In the video, dogs are confined to cold metal cages without a bed or even a blanket. They struggle to stand and eat solid food. The lead veterinarian defended his project with a nonsensical response: β€œI’m a dog lover, I’m a veterinarian, I’ve had dogs all my life. So every time we have a research project we want to be as sure as we can that the research will be valuable because the dogs are valuable. Not financially valuable, but valuable as individuals.”
We all know how debilitating muscular dystrophy can be and as much as we support a cure, research using dogs is not the answer. Thirty-plus years of torture, and millions of taxpayer dollars later, the team has little to justify their efforts. They have not produced a cure nor an effective DMD treatment. " #dogsofinstagram #dog #dogs #adoptdontshop #petition #spreadtheword #dmd

Officially starting a YouTube channel! Tutorial for this classic eyeliner look will be up on Sunday, I will be posting all of the info on @ressamakeup πŸ€—

Feliz dΓ­a de Madres mamasita preciosa, te quiero mΓ‘s que pueda explicar en palabras, gracias por siempre estar a mi lado no importando la circunstancia, te adoro @izzy_angie94 πŸ’•πŸŒΈπŸŒΊπŸŒ·πŸ’ž

The best selfies are taken with your best friend πŸΆπŸ’• #hops

#hairupdate πŸΎπŸ’œ @laurissamarie

Hops the water Dog @fuck.pup

#throwback to the good ol days when everything was right πŸ’•πŸΆπŸ’•πŸΆ @fuck.pup

First time camping #success

#fbf To my mom and I taking a break from our wedding planning to give this cutie a photoshoot, because, look at himπŸ˜πŸ’•πŸΆ

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