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“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.”- Martin Luther King, Jr.
Be a light in a world full of darkness 💡 Spread awareness about the issues that you are passionate about. For me, that is shark conservation. 🦈 One of my goals with Respect the Fin is to help people recognize that whether or not you fear sharks, we all must respect them and the role they play in our oceans.
Not everyone will be as passionate as you are about the issues that you care about, but even one small ripple can create a wave of change. •T-shirts dropping on Black Friday•

#Bealight #conservation #respectthefin

She is beauty. She is grace. 💙 #respectthefin

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Meet Pocahontas- The Great Hammerhead! I met her last weekend at Tiger Beach and it was quite the introduction! This was my first time seeing a hammerhead in person and after meeting her they quickly became one of my favorite species of all time 😍 She moved with such purpose and made her presence very known. The shape of her body is so unique and I was captivated by the large size of her dorsal fin! I had no idea they got so big! It was an honor to meet Pocahontas and I’m so grateful that she graced us with her presence last weekend 💙
The great hammerhead shark is the largest of all the hammerhead sharks! The unique shape of the hammerhead shark’s head allows it to see better than other sharks 👀

Youth sizing available in our white Shaka Shark t-shirt! For the little shark lovers in your life! 🦈💙 #respectthefin #saveoursharks

Here is a little highlight reel from our Tiger Beach trip •Drone footage by @jim_abernethy
I am still on such a high from this past weekend. My experience of being in the presence of such large predatory sharks was truly humbling. I was left in complete AWE by the sheer size and beauty of these animals. They moved so slowly and with such elegance, it was incredible to watch. We were witnessing 400 million years of evolution right before our very eyes.
It breaks my heart knowing how demonized these sharks are for reasons that are totally unjustified.
Swim with sharks and you will see them for who they are- wild, beautiful, and indispensable. #respectthefin

Respect The Fin 🦈 •

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Now that’s one big beautiful girl 😍🦈 Short video shot from Tiger Beach this past weekend! #respectthefin

Healthy reefs NEED sharks 🦈
We went to Tiger Beach this past weekend which is a diving location in the Bahamas known for its large population of sharks! It is to no surprise that the coral reefs in this area were thriving and abundant with marine life. As apex predators, sharks maintain the balance of all the marine life below them in the food web. #yinyang #respecttheocean #saveoursharks #respectthefin

Wow. This weekend was legendary. I cannot wait to share all of my videos and stories with you all! Thank you @jim_abernethy for the memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life 💙🦈 #respectthefin

Do you have a favorite shark? Comment below what yours is! 🦈
Since moving to Florida, Lemon sharks have become one of my favorite species because of their curious and friendly nature. Even though they are wild predators, it is sometimes easy to forget that when you swim with them because they really do act similar to dogs! That being said, it is always important to remember that we are guests in their home and as apex predators they deserve all of our utmost respect.

Wear something that means something! Every year 100 MILLION sharks are killed primarily for their fins alone. Shark finning is a brutal act that is not only cruel, but completely unsustainable. Sharks are being killed at a faster rate than they can reproduce and if we keep this up we will condemn our oceans most vital predators to extinction. And for what? A bowl of soup 🍜 Shark fin soup is considered to be a delicacy in many countries making the fins of sharks worth lots of 💰
Take a stand against shark finning and shark fin soup with our “Fins are for sharks, NOT for soup” tee and help spread awareness for sharks. Their role in our oceans is priceless. #finsareforsharks #stopsharkfinning #saveoursharks #respecttheocean #respectthefin
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