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Today’s photo comes from Abel @abel.psd, a photographer specializing in Street and Portrait Photography. Check out his account to see more of his photos!

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Yesterday, Magnum announced the death of Abbas, the legendary photographer and historian of contemporary religion. He died in Paris at the age of 74. “He was a pillar,” Magnum’s president Thomas Dworzak wrote, “a godfather for a generation of younger photojournalists.” Working In Depth

Born in Iran and later emigrating to Paris, Abbas spent his life documenting—in both word and image—religious cultures throughout the world. A “historian of the present,” in his own words, Abbas straddled the line between photojournalist and artist. “I don’t call myself a photojournalist,” he wrote during the final year of his life, “because although I use the techniques of a photojournalist and get published in magazines and newspapers, I am working at things in depth and over long periods of time.” His book, Allah O Akbar: A Journey Through Militant Islam, for example, spanned twenty-nine countries and four continents in its documentation of the rise of radical Islam. Its themes would later prove prescient in a post-9/11 world, with Abbas saying he could see that the wave of religious passion…was not going to stop at the border of Iran.

Writing with Light.

Abbas described his approach to photography as “writing with light.” In contrast to artists like Cartier-Bresson, he said, for whom the single image is “paramount,” Abbas tried to work each of his images into “something larger.” A good example is his book Return to Mexico: Journeys Beyond the Mask, a photographic narrative recounting his time traveling through Mexico from 1983-86. While each photo could easily stand alone, both aesthetically and in its meaning, something much greater is revealed when placed in context—like zooming out from a cornfield to find the alien patterns inscribed.

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Apart from that scene in Apocalypse Now (“I love the smell of napalm in the morning”), most of us don’t normally associate war and surfing. They are two conflicting ideologies. Surfing establishes an intimacy with nature (yes, the hippy, “chill” stereotype comes from somewhere), it’s fun, and peaceful. War is just the opposite—a horrible condition that mankind has dealt with since the beginning of time.

But Spanish photographer Guillermo Cervera has brought them together, using surf photography to cope with the conflicts he captures in war journalism—serenity and peace to balance the disorder and chaos.

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Dying is a strong word to use when it comes to describing the state of film. I’m not gonna use it. But it’s dwindling and that’s inarguable. The reality is it’s just not convenient in the world of convenience that we are living in. (And sadly, the average Joe isn’t even going to know the difference when looking at an image whether it’s film or photography.) Still, there are film enthusiast who stand by the medium and will shoot on film as long as they are able.

Christopher Burkett is one of those enthusiasts. He’s a landscape photographer who works with a large format 8×10 camera and develops his images on Cibachrome. What makes Barnett interesting, however, is that he plans to let his photography career come to rest as soon as the film he shoot on runs out–he won’t transition to digital. But to make things are little more complicated, Cibachrome discontinued in 2011 and though, at the time, Barnett bought a ten-year supply, he is now racing to finish his life’s work before the film degrades to an unusable state.

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Our featured photo is from Simone Zanardi @simonezanardiphotography! 👏👏 Congratulations!

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Firstly, no one except @Instagram knows exactly how the algorithm works. So nothing is going to be exactly straightforward. That being said, Instagram has revealed some key determinants of the order:

1. How much love you get on your post – likes, comments, screenshots that you don’t even know about.

2. How long viewers actually look at your post – do they really gotta examine that brunch shot to see the intricacy of your avocado toast? Are teenage boys looking at your shot on holiday in the tropics?

3. Who engages with your account – for example, if you visit an account often, Instagram will eventually catch on and show you more of their content on your feed. It works the same for people following you.

4. When your photo is posted–it’s gonna show photos that are a few days old, not a month.

5. Is your content relevant? – your content will show up on someone else’s feed who are views other content in a similar genre. So being too niche might not be beneficial.

6. The amount your account is searched via the search bar.

7. How often your post are shown through DM’s.

So those are some of the factors coming into play. But what can you do about it?

Well, you can kind of figure that out by the list I just wrote. But for those who don’t want to think about it too much, here are a few ways to not get submerged and potentially drowned by the system:

Post Quality, Not Quantity, But Also A Decent About Of Quantity

People want consistency in quality from the profiles they follow—only post the good shit. There are just too many profiles to have to keep following someone who isn’t at the top of their game. But you also have to post a decent amount so you aren’t forgotten by both your followers and the algorithm.

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The Summer “SURF” Issue is coming. Thanks to everyone who helped make an incredible cover story come together. Our cover talent @dannmace, photographer , great studio space @the9studios @charliehimmelstein, hair and makeup by @AyariMakeovers and digital teching by @isanmonfortstudio . Also Big Big thanks to for all the hard work: @halcyondream @_bridgetschneider @eheleba97 @10mill_fireflies @clewis4168 and Alexander Breindel. Great team 😀


Our featured photo is from Zach Alan @zshtx! 👏👏 Congratulations!

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Our featured photo is from Stuart Kortekaas @stuartkortekaasphotography! 👏👏 Congratulations!

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Today’s photo comes from Stacy William Head @sentinelphotography, a photographer specializing in Landscape Photography. Check out his account to see more of his photos!

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On Friday, SmugMug, the photo-sharing website and image hosting service, announced it had acquired Flickr, the global photo-sharing community with over  90 million members. “Together,” a press release read, they “represent the world’s most
influential community of photographers.” The two sites come from very different beginnings. While SmugMug started in a basement, the product of a father-son pairing working without the help of venture capital, Flickr was founded by Ludicorp, a Canadian company, and sold to Yahoo a year later.

Yet each has managed gained a foothold in the photographic community by catering to its users, gaining reputations for truly caring about the craft.

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Ryan Kelly’s Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph is hard to look at, its subject matter difficult to comprehend.

The depiction of violence in movies and TV is so frequent that we are typically conditioned to instantly dismiss what we see as constructed by filmmakers. With this photo, however, there is zero manipulation of the truth. The result is subject matter is too raw, the reactions too real.

Originally published in The Daily Progress in Charlottesville last August where Kelly was a staff photographer, the photo captured the moment a car rammed into the crowd of counter protesters at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. One woman was killed, 19 others injured.  The Washington Post called it “the photo…that will define this moment in American history.” Winning the Pulitzer Prize is one of the highest honors for anyone in the world of journalism. It also seems like the perfect way to certify that you’ve “made it” in your chosen profession.

For Ryan Kelly, however, this was far from the case. The same day that he took iconic shot was also his last day on the job at The Daily Progress. He had already accepted a digital marketing job at a brewery.
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Photo by Ryan Kelly

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