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Rescue Dogs Match  We are a not for profit, 100% volunteer run rescue. We rely on donations from wonderful animal lovers like you! Visit our website to learn more!


China is looking for a forever home

Gender: Female
Breed: Bulldog, American / Mix
Age: 4 years 2 months
Size: Large
Colour: White / Black
We have no history on China as she was a stray It seems as if she was used for breeding purposes, but does know her basic commands. She is large and in charge. China is very loving indoors when she is with HER people. Once she gets to know you she has no issues, but on first meeting she does tend to bark intimidatingly. Outdoors she tends to guard her property. She walks well on a leash.

Kids: NO
Dogs: NO
Cats: NO

For more information please email: info@rescuedogsmatch.com

Our Little Man Kaiogi is still looking for his forever home - He has been in the program for 1 yr and 10 months
Age: 13 ( Jan 3 2017)
Breed: Min Pin
Sex: Male
Neutered: Yes
Cats: Yes
Dogs: Yes
Kids: 10+
Apartments: No
Kaiogi a lively fellow who loves to snuggle with you when you’re watching tv and keep you warm at night, curled up beside you under the covers. He’s fine on car rides and behaves himself at the dog park. He’ll play briefly with some dogs at the park but is more interested in all the exciting smells! Kaiogi’s favourite pastimes are eating, going for long walks, hanging out with his people where ever you happen to be, naps in the afternoon, eating, greeting you when you come home, and did we mention eating? We recently discovered that Kaoigi is diabetic, but that’s easily dealt with: insulin injections twice a day after meals and occasional visits to the vet to check his blood sugar levels. He is also on a diabetic diet which he is doing very well on. His treats are high fiber veggies like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, green & red pepper, carrots, etc. which he absolutely loves.
Kaiogi is a smart and active little guy who learns quickly. Because he has great hearing he’s best suited to a fenced in house because he does bark from time to time though we are working on correcting that behaviour. Kaiogi lives with 2 other dogs in his foster home, whom he likes and tries to play with but they’re older dogs and aren’t that interested in playing. He’d be fine as the only dog or with another dog buddy. Kaiogi also lives with cats.
We are seeking a furever home for Kaiogi with no children under 10. No apartments. If you are interested in adopting Kaiogi, please fill out an adoption application: www.rescuedogsmatch.com


Goldie, is a 2+ year old female Labrador Retriever/Whippet mix. She is a beautiful girl. She is fun, playful, can be very sweet and knows some commands, however, she will require consistent training and a very firm handler along with a regular exercise routine.
Goldie is a bit shy of new people but warms up fast. She walks well on leash and likes to mingle with other dogs out side of the home. Her personality definitely shows a bit more of the Whippet being an independent "what's in it for me?" attitude toward training and is emotional sensitivity to stress and abrupt changes in schedule , she is a smart girl and likes her freedom to run when out of her kennel. Goldie can not be with other animals as she has guarding issues.
Goldie will make an excellent companion for an owner that is committed to consistent training with knowledge and experience and can show her some leadership. Goldie should not be in a home with children. Check out our website to learn how you can adopt/foster! #rescuedogsmatch #rescuedog #adoptdontshop

Some of our beautiful dogs have been adopted! Check out our website for details on how you can get involved!! #rescuedogsmatch #dogrescue #dogsofinstagram

Riggs is looking for a foster or forever home!!
Name: Riggs
Breed: Husky Mix
Sex: Male...
Size: Large
Age: 3-4
Cat: Tolerates them ( outside )
Dogs: Tolerates them to be around not to live with
Kids: No
No Apartments
Fenced in backyard

Riggs has many husky traits except he is not overly active ( could be the hot weather at the moment) he is a mix of Couch Potato and Constant Companion. Riggs knows is basic commands and is very intelligent. He knows sit, down, stop, come, no, walks like a dream on a leash. Riggs is house trained.
Visit our website in bio to apply for adoption or see our other dogs available.

Bowser is looking for a foster or forever home.
Breed: Boxer/ Bull Dog cross
Gender: Male
Size: Large
Age: approx. 7 mons ( June 2016 )
Cat: TBD
Dogs: Yes
Kids: No
No Apartments

Browser is a stray in need a foster family or a forever family. He has no manners and will need an experienced handler. Would prefer a home with no other animals and no children. Someone that is not gone for long hours and a fenced in backyard. Please share Browser's story and help him find a home.

If you are able to help Browser please fill out an application on our website.

Lucy is still looking for her forever home!
Breed: White shepherd collie cross
Gender: Female
Size: Medium
Age: 5 yrs
Cats: NO
Dogs: No
Kids: No
Lucy is a very sweet and quiet girl. She is completely house trained and knows knows her basic commands.
As Lucy is being surrendered from an older adult home she has not been exposed to kids, cats or dogs.
We are seeking a forever home for Lucy where she will get to see the world and explore all it has to offer with someone who loves her as much as she would them. Lucys pictures do not do her justice she is a real jem.
If you are interested please fill out an application found on our website under the adoption process tab.

Meet the dog even the coyotes didn't want

Sweet Pea was found as a stray in a rural area. She was found wondering the country side, either dumped or escaped from a neglectful situation. Everyone is so surprised she survived not being attacked by coyotes or other animals. After being caught by the dog catcher and spending her holding period in a cage, her next fate was at the end of a barrel.
Thankfully, we were made aware of her presence and arranged to pick her (and two other dogs up) as soon as their hold was over. Initially we were told she was a male. It wasn't until we were able to get her shaved that we found she was actually a female. After a thorough vet check, it was determined that Sweet pea is about one year old with the body of a 10 - 12 year old dog. She also weighs half of what should be her healthy weight. Sweet Pea is a shih tzu, but not your average shih tzu...she is an albino shih tzu. Albinism is a congenital disorder characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment. We suspect that Sweet Pea was being held in a breeding operation and discarded when she did not produce any pups (or she escaped). Still, her temperament is just as sweet as honey. She adores everyone she meets and loves being held.
Sweet Pea has a long road ahead. She has 2 large bladder stones which cause her to leak. Both eyes are severely infected. She also has a lump on her lymph node. Sweet Pea was most likely kicked in the face as she is missing a few teeth and she drags her legs when running. Her pelvis was damaged at one point, maybe from being kicked or thrown . She is showing signs of nerve damage in her back end. At intake she weighed 9lbs and when her matted fur was shaved, she was two pounds less. At 7lbs, she is at half of her healthy weight. Her bum and vulva were so swollen from her feces and urine soaked fur. Her skin is also inflamed from the collection of bacteria under all the matting.

For us to help Sweet Pea, we need your help please donate through our website! #rescuedogsmatch #dogsofinstagram #gtarescue #adoptdontshop

Harley is looking for his forever home! If you can give Harley a home please visit our website to fill out an application! Breed: Lab mix
Gender: Male
Size: Med
Age: 2
Dogs: timid with dogs, must be only dog in home
Cats: scared of cats
Kids: no children
Harley is ready for his forever family!! This handsome fellow has been working hard on his life skills and he is ready to show them off to a lucky family.
Harley is the ultimate cuddle bug and loves to always be close to his people. He is a pretty low energy dog who likes lounging on the couch and resting his head on your lap. He likes to play ball and is learning to bring it back but he is not too fond of the cold and hasn't been as playful since the cold weather has arrived. Harley can be nervous in new situations but given time, he adjusts and if something scares him, he will come to you for comfort and reassurance. He requires a lot of support and is still working on his confidence but he has made huge progress during his time in foster care and we are confident that he will continue to grow in his forever home. When Harley gets spooked, he will bark or try to run away from the 'scary thing', now he is easily reassured by his foster parents and will run to them and hug them. Harley also came to us with some guarding issues with toys and his food - he learned very quickly that guarding those objects were not necessary and the behaviors are now non-existent, however, his new family must understand that they will need to continue to work on that behavior so that it does not arise again in the future. He has learned to drop things on command and accept a treat reward for his actions. Harley is good with cats and meeting dogs on walks. He is good with meeting new people and would be a wonderful addition to a home with the proper experience and patience to work through his challenges.
We are seeking a furever home for Harley with no children & no other animals. A house with a fenced in yard is a must. Must be a quiet, routine home with experience with timid dogs and guarding issues. #rescuedogsmatch #adoptdontshop #gtarescue #dogsofinstagram

Dash is still looking for his forever home!
Age: 7 years
Breed: Shih Tzu mix
Sex: Male
Neutered: Yes
Fee: $350
Kids: No
Apartments: Yes
Cats: MUST have a friendly cat
Dogs: Yes

Dash is a fun and affectionate little guy. He bonds really well with his handler and enjoys doing everything with them. He is quiet inside the home and great on leash. He is generally housebroken but if left for more than 4 hours will use a pee-pad. Dash LOVES cats, by this we mean - Dash MUST live with a friendly & affectionate cat because that would just be the ultimate dream for him. Dash is also great with other dogs and very non-confrontational around them. When he meets dogs, even mean ones, he will try to nicely say "Hi" and present them with the opportunity to play.
Dash has come a long way since coming into foster care after being dumped by his previous family. He is great meeting new people and will allow his handler (whom he is bonded with) to groom him and pick him up. That said, Dash still does not like strangers to handle him too much and may exhibit guarding behaviours around his toys and food with them. For this reason, he will need a home with an experienced family.
We are seeking a furever home for Dash with no children. Must have good experience with guarding behaviours and dogs that are sensitive to manipulation. Dash would do well in an apartment and doesnt necessarily need a fenced in yard. MUST have a dog friendly cat.

Anyone interested please visit our adoption application page. #rescuedogsmatch #adoptdontshop #dogsofinstagram

We currently have several dogs who are at a pound or in boarding who need a foster home as soon as possible! Please go to our website and fill out a foster application and give these beautiful dogs a second chance! 🐾 #rescuedogsmatch #gtarescue #adoptdontshop #dogsofinstagram

This adorable 11 week old collie mix, Jerica, is looking for a forever home. Please check out our website for more details! 🐾 #rescuedogsmatch #gtarescue #adoptdontshop #dogsofinstagram

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