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Paw It Forward 🐾  Networking cats & kittens globally who've been abused, abandoned, neglected, face euthanasia in shelters or need medical assistance. #savealife

TEAM!!! Puffball has Manx Syndrome and she needs our help! Her veterinary care costs are HIGH and her foster mom has spent a TON already. Please visit Puffball’s GFM here 👉🏼 👈🏼 Or by clicking on the live link in @adventuregirltx bio.
LOOK AT THAT SWEET LITTLE FACE ❤️ Please consider donating even just a few dollars towards a healthier, happier future for this little girl. Thank you 🙏🏻 .
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Hey y’all, Puffball hasn’t pooped since Monday. She is a 2lb 11week old baby with Manx Syndrome and several other issues, including an improperly formed back foot and underformed back legs. We’ve given the max medications (bumped them up) as well as max enema and oral fluids. Mom has been “motorcycling” her legs all day as well as gentle tummy massages. We are hopeful she will pass some 💩 tonight. We really could use some donations - mom ran the numbers and has spent just over $6,000 on animals (her own and rescues/fosters) since October, including just under $4k at her favorite local vet @newhope_ah. In addition to hopefully recouping some or all of Puffballs costs, I’m hopeful to get some extra $ in case we need to hospitalize her... or worse 😢 If you can donate and/or share the link on your social media please DM here or check out @adventuregirltx (mom’s Insta) to click on the link in her profile. She doesn’t expect or need the $ back she’s spent on her own animals or other fosters, but Puffball has gotten exceptionally expensive (just several weeks ago she went to 5 different vets/specialists total!) Thank you in advance ❤️🐾 .
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ADOPTED THEN RETURNED TO SHELTER 3 DAYS LATER 😪Beautiful 10 year old Mochi on euthanasia list #BROOKLYNACC 💔 Please share!
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MOCHI WAS RETURNED AFTER ONLY 3 DAYS! Who does that, adopts and then returns!!! #23357 She is so confused and scared right now, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
TAG....SHARE....SAVE THEM 📩📩📩📩📩 IZZY #25614 came in with her BFF Damian #25614 ✅NO NEED TO GO TO THE SHELTER IN PERSON
Thank you for wanting to rescue one of these DEATH ROW kitties
➡️WHAT TO DO:⬅️ 👉🏻SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY 👉🏻Promptly CONTACT THE MUST LOVE CATS FB PAGE (send a message) FOR IMMEDIATE GUIDANCE & ASSISTANCE 👉🏻 You must 21 yrs or older. Have a verifiable vet reference (or 2 personal references). You will be sent an application to complete with a Registered 501(c) 3 Rescue (a NEW HOPE RESCUE PARTNER) that can pull from the NYC ACC Shelter.
👉🏻Be available for a brief phone call ◾️Adoption fees are waived ◾️All cats are fully vaccinated, spay/neutered (if not waived from medical) and microchipped ◾️FREE TRANSPORT is provided by MAYOR'S ALLIANCE, WHEELS OF HOPE (registered 501c3), within a 4 hr radius outside NYC (from VT to DC area and further if you are willing to drive to meet the transport at a mutual location, date and time at the 4 hr point). 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈**************************Disclaimer: Please note that MUST LOVE CATS is a volunteer run page that can QUICKLY help to facilitate the rescue of a cat on death row, we are not a rescue nor are we affiliated with the NYC ACC. #cat #cats #catsofinsta #instagram #cats_of_instagram #pets #petstagram #petsofinstagram #instacat #rescuecatnetwork #catsofinstagram #purrfectfelines #catsagram #catlover #instagramcats #instacat #instakitty

Beautiful 4 week old kitten on euthanasia list in #Tampa #Florida 😪 Just one of many at this shelter. Please share 🙏🏻
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TAMPA BAY!!! This is horrible!!! Who are the rescues there??????? Help this baby!!!💔💔💔💔 Repost @loveyourfwends with @get_repost
To be killed April 20 in the morning! Florida!

Another motherless 4 week old baby set to be killed :( She is just 4 weeks old!

To save her you must email before 9 in the morning!! If you can adopt, adopt-to-rehome, foster or rescue, email IMMEDIATELY BEFORE 9 AM
with the words "DO NOT EUTH #A1897403" in the subject line,
Send your name, contact information and time you can pick up the cat. The shelter will not hold or transport cats for out of state adopters. Please also send a copy of your email to so they know who is still in danger.

Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center
440 N. Falkenburg Road
Tampa, Florida 33619
Open 7 days a week 10am-7pm
(Phones answered M-F 8am-5pm only)

No time left!!!! #urgent #tampabay #loveanimals #saveanimals #catsofinstagram #instacats #paws #ilovecats #kitten #baby #cute #adopt #rescue #foster #haveheart #fl #love #petsofinstagram #adopt #foster #rescueacat #rescuecatnetwork

🎉🎉SAFE!!! More details to come!!🎉🎉
Another special needs kitty at a high-kill shelter 😪💔 This sweet medium-hair Tuxedo boy, Garrison, has deformed front legs and wobbles. Could possibly be CH (#cerebellarhypoplasia) but that isn’t confirmed. Either way, he needs URGENT ADOPTION OR RESCUE FROM THIS SHELTER. Downey is notoriously high-kill, especially for “medical” reasons. ・・・
💔🙏😢URGENT!💔🙏‼️SWEET GARRISON #A5168706 HAS DEFORMED FRONT LEGS & IS #WOBBLY‼️💔❌ NEEDS OUT OF HIGH KILL DOWNEY ASAP‼️😓💔 He just came in - he is already constipated, which is likely due to needing more room than a small shelter kennel in order to use the litter box. He’s extremely sweet, about a year old and unneutered.

#downeyanimalshelter #adoptdontshop #adoptrescuefoster #cats #catsofinstagram #catsofig #soscatrescue #rescuecats #fostertoadopt
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🎉🎉Transport is sorted! HUGE thanks to @gardenequalshappy and @satomesko for tag teaming Tyrone to his next foster destination with @savingockitties 😻 You ladies are AWESOME!!! 🎉🎉 Thanks also to @amazing_t_grace for offering to be a backup driver 🙏🏻
🚘🚘TYRONE needs a #RIDE! Remember sweet senior Tyrone whose owner died and he spent a month outside at a mobile home park, only to end up in a kill shelter? Well this dapper old man needs to get from Tampa to #Titusville ASAP so he can hunker down in his next foster home with the awesome @savingockitties ❤️ CAN ANYONE HELP? Even if it’s a couple of people doing two legs... Please share so Tyrone can get going soon 🙏🏻 Thank you. .
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🚨 Transport needed 🚨Tampa to Orlando to Titusville Florida, weekend of April 20-22. Tyrone is heading from his first foster momma @anitad99 (thank you Ana!!!) to his next foster momma @savingockitties. Please comment here (on original post @savingockitties ) or message @savingockitties if you can help!! #orlando #tampa #florida #transport #tabbycatsofinstagram #seniorcats #needstransport #needsaride #adoptdontshop #savelives #gatos #helpneeded #drivecats #drivingcats #pettransport #cattransport #travelcats #network #share #tabbylove #whiskers #tagafriend #rescuecatnetwork

‼️URGENT: STILL AT SHELTER! Need foster/adopter/rescue/pledges ASAP💔
‼️SPECIAL NEEDS KITTY ALERT‼️ #California - currently located at #Lompoc shelter in #SantaBarbara - sweet #Yoshi isn’t quite 2 years old yet and has been at the shelter since February 26 😪 She has #incontinence from a tail injury but is otherwise mobile. Although the shelter to their credit is doing their best to address her condition with acupuncture, I have been advised that if that treatment does not work and she isn’t adopted, she will likely be euthanised 😪 SHE IS PUBLICLY ADOPTABLE but please, only consider adopting this little girl if you are FULLY prepared to commit to her #specialneeds, whatever that may entail. Shelter info is below including her intake ID. Please share Yoshi so she can get the very special home she needs ASAP 🙏🏻❤️
YOSHI - ID #A424188

My name is YOSHI.
I am a spayed female, orange tabby and white Domestic Shorthair.

The shelter staff think I am about 1 year and 9 months old.

I have been at the shelter since Feb 26, 2018.
For more information about this animal, call:
Santa Barbara County Animal Services - Lompoc at (805) 737-7755
Ask for information about animal ID number A424188. .
#rescuecatnetwork #specialneedscats #specialneedscat #diaperkitty #specialneedscatsofinstagram #sheltercat #adoptdontshop #rescueme #gingerandwhite #gingerandwhitecat #catsofcalifornia #santabarbaralife #california #savealife #pleasehelp

🎉🎉UPDATE: JANIE HAS RESCUE TAG! Thank you everyone for sharing this beautiful girl! More info to come 🎉🎉
‼️‼️JANIE IS STILL NOT SAFE. SHE WILL BE KILLED UNLESS SOMEONE STEPS UP‼️‼️URGENT LAST CALL #TAMPABAY AREA I’m unsure of this poor girl’s current status. She was signed off for euthanasia by shelter management. PLEASE NOTE : IF YOU CAN HELP, YOU MUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS LISTED BELOW ASAP TO SAVE THIS CAT’S LIFE 💔***EUTHANASIA SCHEDULED!!! Officially signed off by management and scheduled to be euthanized. Must receive a commitment by 9AM or may be euthanized anytime afterwards. (Can be euthanized ANY time before the deadline for medical purposes!) ***LAST CALL - MEDICAL PLEA!!! Janie can be euthanized by vet services at any time without further warning, even before the rescue deadline! MUST have a commitment by 9AM Tuesday 4/17. If you can help, send an email immediately to

Spayed female

MEDICAL RESCUE PLEA (possibly an Abyssinian mix) JANIE #A1897323

Janie is a spayed female cat with a large wound to the tail base. FeLV/FIV negative. Rescue responsible for additional wound care. Janie is not social. Must have a commitment ASAP!! If you can responsibly adopt, adopt-to-rehome or rescue, you MUST email BEFORE 9AM with the words DO NOT EUTH and the Animal ID# in the subject line (serious commitments only). Email MUST include your name, contact information, and what time you can pick up the cat tomorrow. DO NOT email unless you are personally picking up the cat! The shelter will not hold cats for out of state adopters, so don't email and ask. MUST BE PICKED UP TOMORROW IF READY!! Please also send a copy of your email to so we know who is still in danger.
Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center
440 N Falkenburg Rd
Tampa, FL 33619 (813) 744-5660
Open Tues-Sun (closed Monday)
10am-7pm (Phones answered T-F 8am-5pm only)
#rescuecatnetwork #florida #urgentdeathrowcats #sheltercat #adoptdontshop #savealife #abysinnian #pleaseshare #stopthekilling #catsogram #pawitforward

Sweet Sunshine was found alone on the streets of L.A. unable to use her back legs, due to a terribly infected wound that was so bad it had affected her spine. She also had a dislocated back.
She was “feral” when Carina from @queenofheartsrescue went to her rescue. After surgery to repair her Leg, Sunshine is slowly healing & learning to trust. This sweet girl has a long recovery ahead of her before she can walk properly again.

Sunshine’s veterinary costs so far total just over $1400 (see bill last slide). Carina has had an enormous amount of vetting expenses these past weeks, all of which she covers out of her own pocket in addition to the dozens of colony cats she provides food and care to each day. In the past couple of weeks, she has incurred vetting costs for a cat that was shot, another thrown from a car, Morpheus’ siblings who are all in poor shape - to name but a few. If you can contribute a little something to Sunshine’s vet care, please PayPal 👉🏼 👈🏼
and put “Sunshine” in the notes. Thank you so much, your kindness and generosity is gratefully appreciated ❤️
#rescuecatnetwork #queenofheartsrescue #streetcat #streetcats #streetcatsofla #losangeles #catsofcalifornia #catsoflosangeles #spayandneuter #spayandneuteryourpets #actorsforanimals #adoptdontshop #straycats #mainecoon #mainecoons #stopthekilling #fosteringsaveslives #donationsneeded #pleaseshare

🎉🎉🎉 YESSSSSS!!! Now that’s what I’m talking about!!! 🎉🎉🎉 The power of networking and people working together for a positive outcome @maraalmo @alarmcali @wolfie_smiles ❤️ I’m so, so happy to report that senior sisters Molly and Sofia are safe and will hopefully head to their new forever home soon. Thank you everyone who shared, supported, pledged. Happy life precious girls!
#rescuecatnetwork #adoptdontshop #stopthekilling #spayandneuteryourpets #sheltercat #downeysheltersurvivor #fosteringsaveslives #tabby #tabbycats #seniorcatclub #coicommunity #pawitforward #stopabandoningyourcats #petsareforlife

OWNERS TOOK BONDED SENIOR PAIR TO VET TO BE EUTHANISED — ‼️FOSTER URGENTLY NEEDED FOR THEM IN #NEWJERSEY ‼️The disgusting human trash that these beautiful kitties provided 15 years of unconditional love to, claim they “developed” allergies and took these precious seniors to the vet to have them killed. The vet (bless him or her) was unable to do it and contacted a local rescue. That said, as everyone knows, rescues rely heavily on volunteers and a foster or forever family is needed ASAP! Please ask around, share, tag your peeps! Let’s rally team ❤️
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URGENT FOSTER NEEDED: We were contacted today to rescue two 15 year old cats who were surrendered by their owner to be euthanized. They claimed they had "developed" allergies. However, Phoebe and Chloe are healthy and very friendly. Fortunately, the doctor could not do it, and requested we step in. Phoebe has some arthritis but otherwise is very healthy. Chloe has a hyperthyroid and takes medication 2x a day. She is very cooperative taking her medication. If you could FOSTER Phoebe and Chloe, please email us at or fill out a foster application at: Or if you are interested in adopting these two, please fill out an online adoption application: link in bio.
#caringaboutthestrays #bergencounty #rescuecats #rescued #donationsneeded #youcaring #bestmeow #hillsdalenj #westwoodnj #rescuecatsofinstagram #catsofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #fostersofinstagram #adoptdontshop #startastoryadopt #savealife #acatslife #cat_features #dailykittycat #daily_kitty_cat #petsuppliesplus #foundmyanimal #fostersneeded #rescuecatnetwork #seniorcat #adoptionables #trendscat

🎉🎉SAFE! Huge thank you to my girl @sixcatsfunvintage for stepping up to transport Renaldo and ofc to @baileybiscuits for organising sanctuary placement for this cutie. Another awesome team effort, another life saved 🎉🎉
Special needs FeLV+ kitty Renaldo has sanctuary placement but needs URGENT TRANSPORT out of the shelter in Tampa. Can you help? He’s already been let down by two previous rescue groups 😪
Please contact @baileybiscuits ASAP if you can help. Thank you!
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Ok kitty village. I have placement for this guy at an amazing FeLV sanctuary. As you all know openings at these places are so hard to find. A friend of mine has said yes to taking him. I need help with the pull and we will network to get transport to the Port St. Lucie area where he need to go. Please share and tag anyone you know who can help. I’d also like to see if anyone wanted to send a donation along to the sanctuary to help. With Roland’s care. It’s always proper to do. Thank you all my kitty Heros.
#rescuecatnetwork #florida #tampa #portstlucie #transportneeded #blackcatsofinstagram #blackcat #specialneedscat #felv #adoptdontshop #sheltercats #fosteringsaveslives

My apologies for the delay, it’s been a terrible, exhausting week for our team. Some happy news though, sweet, chatty Caleb is doing well and will have his final checkup at the vet tomorrow before hopefully being cleared to go to our lovely foster ❤️ This handsome chap has been dealing with the dreaded shelter URI as well as some tummy troubles but we’re hopeful that things are onward and upward from here. Caleb is FIV and FeLV NEGATIVE and he’ll be looking for a very special forever home soon. Transport may be available to the right pawrent. Please DM me @rescuecatnetwork if you are interested in adopting this very special kitty ❤️
Donations/pledges can be honoured via PayPal to 👉🏼 👈🏼 Please put “CALEB” in the notes and ensure you choose the Friends and Family payment option ❤️ Thank you everyone for your support in our efforts to save another precious life. #ittakesavillage
To the amazing ladies @queenofheartsrescue @yokomay @louis_and_company @barbaram933 @burtonspride @sweetbabysteven @burgersnap31 @kirabelle666
Thank you 😍
#rescuecatnetwork #pp #teampp #adoptdontshop #baldwinpark #baldwinparksurvivor #blackcatsofinstagram #blackcat #blindcat #blindcatsofinstagram #specialneedscat #specialneedscats #fosteringsaveslives #catsofcalifornia #socal #losangeles #visionimpaired #rescuecatnetworkcaleb

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