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Kirsten Johnson is our #WomanCandidateWednesday this week, as well as the Republican candidate in House District 50A. Our #WCW grew up in Bloomington, and her sense of service grew as she joined the military as a medic, got her Master's degree in Public Health, and worked in civil service at the federal level. Kirsten‘s platform stands on our founding idea of liberty: lower taxes and fewer regulations, transforming the MN House of Representatives into representation of all people, and being a servant of the people.
“I'm stepping up to be real representation for so many that don't have their own voice in our current system: women, Native Americans, Veterans, single parents, millennials, and I’m qualified thanks to my political mentors and an Army-honed ability to lead with strength and learn with humility.” (
“[I] believe the Native American culture is in the beginning of a massive political shift to the right. It’s no surprise that both Native Americans elected at the federal level are Republican.” (

Our #MillennialMonday this week is Kaley Taffe!
Kaley was raised in Morris, MN and holds a B.A. in Political Science from St. Catherine University and a Masters in Public Policy and Leadership from the University of St. Thomas.
She spent seven years working for the Minnesota House of Representatives, four of those years serving as the Committee Administrator for the House Higher Education and Workforce Development Committee.
Kaley is the Public Affairs Manager at MZA + Co, a St. Paul based company, and is also the founder of KAT Consulting LLC, a company that provides fundraising consulting to a variety of Political Candidates, Legislators and organizations.

Today’s #WomanCandidateWednesday is Representative Regina Barr from House District 52B!
Rep. Barr has been a 25-year resident of Minnesota and a 20-year resident of Inver Grove Heights. She owns Red Ladder, Inc., a corporate consulting and executive coaching firm, and currently serves on the board of Minnesota Excellence in Public Service and the faculty of the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado.
Our #WCW was raised with her three brothers by her single mother who worked as a waitress. Instead of being a victim, Regina’s mother taught her the conservative values of hard work, personal responsibility, and accountability, and how to be financially independent without putting financial security in anyone’s hands – particularly the government's.
Earlier this year, Rep. Barr supported the passage of a law that will provide a significant step forward to enhance the rights of sexual assault victims, give clarity to law enforcement and hospitals, and ensure timely action on rape kits to deliver critical evidence in cases of sexual assault.
Thank you for your leadership!

Repost from @mngop.chairwoman -

It was an honor to welcome President Donald J. Trump back to Minnesota last week. The voters are energized and we will TURN MN RED. #winin2018

Our #womancandidatewednesday is Rachael Bucholz, our Republican candidate for MN House in District 43B.
Rachael served her country as a paralegal specialist in the MN Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve for 8 years, where she worked on hundreds of cases involving financial liability of property loss, criminal investigations, and separation cases. She firmly believes in accountability and personal responsibility and lives her life by that standard. Most recently, our #WCW has served in the MN House as a legislative assistant, specializing in issues regarding health and human services, environment and natural resources, agriculture, and the legislative process. “I had barely graduated from high school when I gave birth to my oldest son. I understand how hard it is to be a single mother and tougher yet, the decision to give birth when you aren’t ready to be a parent. I’m far from the traditional politician in government – I’m a woman who strongly believes that every voice needs to be heard.” Find out more about Rachael here ➡️

Thank you to everyone who attended our fundraiser for the Republican Party of Minnesota today! We especially appreciate Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle for flying in to support our efforts at the MNGOP.

Veronica Faye is this week's #MillennialMonday!
Veronica’s involvement in conservative politics began by attending presidential rallies in 2008. Since then, she has been involved in grassroots campaigning on the local, state, and national levels, was the youngest elected delegate in her local BPOU at 17, and served as a delegate to her Congressional District convention!

Currently, she is working for the MN Senate Republican Caucus as a Legislative Assistant, volunteering for campaigns, and is a member of both the MN Young Republicans and the MN Republican Liberty Caucus. In addition to this, she is involved with the Forge Leadership Network which equips and trains up-and-coming conservative leaders. She is most passionate about conservative social policy and is excited to see other millennials joining the Republican Party.

We are so lucky to have you, Veronica!

Early voting for the November 6th midterm election begins today! Looking for more information? Request your absentee ballot, find your polling place, and so much more - visit the website below and let's #MakeMNRed!

This week's #MillennialMonday is Aaron Eberhart! Aaron is a marketing major at Minnesota State University, Mankato. "I got involved in the Republican Party because I knew being in the arena, moving the ball forward for our cause was better than sitting on the sidelines complaining about it. I am staying active in the party by leading the MNSU College Republican chapter, working as a Field Organizer for the MNGOP, and helping out individual campaigns put up signs and walking in parades with them when I am not working." We appreciate your hard work, Aaron! #LeadRight

Our #WomanCandidateWednesday this week is Representative Deb Kiel!
“I am proud to be a conservative woman in the Minnesota House, working for my district in Northwest Minnesota, and advancing policies to support women, families, taxpayers, seniors, farmers, and small business owners across the state. I think Minnesotans all do better when we focus on our shared priorities including lower taxes, world-class schools, and a strong economy. Additionally, as the only female farmer in the Legislature, it’s a privilege to work on policies that strengthen rural Minnesota’s economy, and support initiatives to educate and encourage the next generation to work in the incredibly important field of agriculture.”
We appreciate everything you do, Representative Kiel!


Today we remember the innocent lives lost 17 years ago, and thank those in uniform who continue to protect and serve the American people.

After a short hiatus due to the craziness of the State Fair, we're happy to introduce September's first #MillennialMonday, Will Waggoner!
“I first got involved in the Republican Party as a volunteer for Nels Pierson's campaign for House 26B in 2014. I ran for House District 26A in 2016 after graduating from college. Although I lost to a 7 term incumbent, I stayed active in the county and have been on the Olmsted county GOP executive board for two years. In April of 2018 I was hired on as a field organizer in Rochester and was recently promoted to Regional Field Director in Mankato."
Thanks for all you do for the Party, Will!

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