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Reptiles and amphibians!  All reptiles and amphibians! Follow for amazing reptile and amphibian photos!!!! Use my tag #reptile_picslookatthis **must be your photo**

A black bear I saw in Kings Canyon a couple months ago. It wasn't paying any attention to us, until some idiot started throwing rocks at it to get it to look over for a good pic. Thats when we left. Still an amazing sighting

Can y'all guess who this may be??

One of my favorites. #bluetongueskink Ill be getting one in spring, cant wait

So Ive been sketching a lot lately and ill be posting some of the things Ive drawn #crestedgecko

Ready for bed #rhinocerosiguana

Guys I know I dont post anymore but I wanted to give my loyal followers an update on Blu. First day I got her vs today. Shes gotten so big! #rhinocerosiguana

Well... It was a bad idea to try to put succulents in the Blu's cage.

Looked in the iguanas cage and feared her foot fell off! Sorry I haven't posted in so long. The reason is because I spent so much time on this account before and decided I had to stop for some time. Ill be posting pictures I have in my camera roll from the last few months and I'll continue to take more. Outside of insta, I just want to let you guys know that in the past few months I've started a more healthy lifestyle and lost 40lbs!

This is late, but when I was in Dallas last weekend, this is where I stayed, entire indoor park! It was breath taking really, this hotel had 3-4 buildings inside it! It didn't have an open roof so it was completely climate controlled also. Amazing.

This toad was massive! At least 5" diameter

Love how my jungle carpet always sheds so nicely

If you're in Dallas then head over to comic con to help support #sabertron and see the prototypes. Please check it out on kickstarter and share. I know it's not reptile related but I'm here so if you're around come say hi

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