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  In-transit to my next adventure! Stay Tuned!Personal Trainer with 23 years experience, Vegetarian, 54+ years young, ~redefining fitness at any age! 🔞

I wanted to share this, not only because I think it’s great to hear the stories behind the physiques, but if you TAP “...more” below you might discover a little something about me. Enjoy 😊. #Repost @themusclejournals with @get_repost
I am what you might consider a "late-bloomer", in that I did not start lifting weights until I was 30 years old. But when I did, my body grew rather quickly. I hired a trainer who impressed upon the importance of building a solid nutrition plan that supported my physical fitness goals. That principle has stuck with me ever since. To this day, the first thing I discuss with someone, who is looking to make changes to the physical appearance, is what are their overall goals and then I show them, or try educate them how it all begins with their nutritional support!

So I guess I was motivated to make a change or improve my physical conditioning/appearance. Over time, I began to appreciate the fact that your body is always trying to find a "State of Balance." That is it adjusts to the stresses applied to it. That by lifting heavy weights correctly, consume nutritious food and your body will respond favourably.


I stay in shape by eating nutritious food (I am a vegetarian), working out with weights, as well as doing cardio, and getting plenty of rest. I stay in shape for me. I like how I look and feel much better when I know that I am doing something good and beneficial for my body. I also enjoy speaking with others about nutrition and working-out. So I guess being an example of what you can accomplish at any age is also a great reason for staying in shape.


I believe AGE is only a number. Yes, I was placed on this earth about 55 years ago, however I never think about that while I am working out. I am just being me; how I feel at that present moment and doing what I want to do. I think folks around me recognize that in me and it possibly causes them to be a little more "free" to do what they want to do and not care so much about what other may think based on their age.

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