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Repeal Hyde Art Project  Hate capitalism but will draw birds for $$

Today I’m renewing my commitment to myself and the world. I’m shedding the things that don’t serve me and making a promise to cast them aside and eliminate them as best as I can, understanding that growth is a work in progress. I’m remembering that healing myself is necessary to do the work of repairing the world, and also that committing myself to a better world means balancing the needs I have with what I must do. I’m reminding myself that a piece of being on this Earth is a responsibility to work for justice and liberation, and that I can’t do that without a promise to love. #yomkippur2018

I believe you.
[image caption: a figure floating towards the sky with the words “I believe you”]
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Visions for the new year

I’m so proud to help celebrate @allaboveall’s 5 year anniversary with the inaugural Barbara Lee award!
“We are closer than ever to a future without bans on abortion coverage because of Congresswoman Barbara Lee's commitment to women, communities of color, and low-income people.
And that's why as part of our 5th anniversary, we honored her with the inaugural Barbara Lee Award. Congratulations Rep. Lee!” .
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#shanatova dearests - may this new year be sweet and bring you much joy and peace. What has been most meaningful for you this year? What has brought you the most joy? When have been the times you have felt the most whole?
Also I hope this Hebrew is right 🤷🏼‍♂️
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#procreate experiments getting closer to wholeness

I heard it’s #nationalgingercatappreciationday so here is a quick drawing of my little prince.

They’re here! Sorry for the delay in getting them to you all, I’ll ship them this week. 😊😊😊
[image caption: my hand holding a poster with a turtle that says “we envision a world where we work together to ensure everyone has access to what they need.”]

My first drawing with #applepencil 😱

Straw bans are a capitalist distraction that burden folx with disabilities. Instead of limiting access to food and water, we imagine a sustainable, beautiful world where everyone has what they need.
Collab w @mia.mingus & @alicatsamurai 💜💜
Alice writes: “Plastic straws are ubiquitous, whether we like it or not. Once you have something that provides access, it is difficult and harmful to take it away from a marginalized community that depends on it. I live in a world that was never built for me, and every little bit of access is treasured and hard-won. Bans on plastic straws are regressive, not progressive.”
[image description: a sea turtle emerges from a coral reef to offer kelp to a baby sea turtle. Yellow tangs are cleaning the sea turtle. Text reads, “we envision a world where we work together to ensure everyone has access to what they need.”]
#suckitableism #strawban #illustration #womenwhodraw #queerart #feministart #disabilityjustice #digitalart #seaturtle

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