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REPEAL GLOBAL  Irish Abroad & allies passionate about repealing the 8th.Our aim is to encourage ongoing international participation in the fight to repeal the 8th.

We cannot live in a country that this is acceptable in. If you are a yes then please talk to your friends and family about the facts around the 8th and why it needs to be repealed. This is our opportunity to change Ireland for the better. #repealthe8th #ireland

On Friday we can make history and make sure what happened to Savita will never happen to another women in Ireland. Vote yes for better health care, access to safe abortion and choice.
#repealthe8th #forsavita

Over 40,000 eligible Irish voters around the world will not be able to vote in the upcoming referendum. Please be their yes so Irish women abroad can return to a compassionate and caring society for pregnant people. Most Irish people abroad are living in countries where they have safe access to abortion if needed and freedom of choice. Ireland is the only country in the democratic world with a constitutional ban on abortion. Please vote yes on May 25th. #bemyyes #repealthe8th

We will be highlighting a selection of moments in Irish history that show the tragic consequences the church and patriarchy have on Ireland and pregnant people.

Today's fact is the tragic death of Sheila Hodges and her unborn child . Sheila Hodges was diagnosed with cancer but her treatment was stopped when she became pregnant in case it would harm the foetus in her womb. She developed severe lumber paid indicating a tumour on her back. It could not be confirmed as the hospital would not X-ray her. Her husband pleaded for her to be allowed a c section so she could get treatment. He was refused. On March 16, 1983, she went into labour 2 months premature. Her baby girl died almost immediately. Sheila Hodges died two days later. She had tumours on her neck, back, spine and legs. Sheila was survived by her two daughters aged 7 & 8.

We cannot change our past but we can change or future. The 8th amendment affects ALL pregnant people. Vote yes on May 25th to make Ireland a more compassionate place for all women. #repealthe8th #ireland #bemyyes

For the next 7 days in the lead up to the referendum we are going to share a selection of moments in Irish history that highlight the hold that the church and the patriarchy have had on Ireland, and the horrific impact that has had specifically on the lives of women and pregnant people. Full article from @scarletbrigade in bio.
Today's fun fact comes from the 1930's when women lost a lot of their rights when they got married and were not allowed to serve on a jury or work in public service. In 1935 under the criminal law act the sale of contraceptives was also made illegal.
We can't change our past but we can change our future. Please, Vote Yes on May 25th and talk to your families and loved ones in the coming week about why voting yes is so important. #repealthe8th #ireland #bemyyes

For the next 9 days in the lead up to the referendum, we are going to share a timeline of oppression of Irish women taken from the article in our bio from @scarletbrigade . Centuries of reasons why we should be voting yes.

We start back in the 17-18th century when Ireland's infamous Magdalene Laundries were established where unmarried pregnant women were hidden away, abused and shamed until their babies were born. Poor nutrition and hygiene, cold and damp lodgings and little or no medical supervision was their punishment for getting pregnant. Mortality rates were high for both women and children. Of those who died, many were buried in unmarked graves and unrecorded. The last Magdalene Laundry did not close until 1996.

We cannot change our past but we have a chance on May 25th to change our future. Please vote yes for the women of Ireland. #repealthe8th #ireland #prochoice #voteyes

Have been getting in loads of amazing solidarity pictures lately from abroad. Here are some Swedish midwives supporting repeal the 8th. #repealthe8th #ireland

Trailer of new Irish movie Dive (produced by one of our co founders) which will premiere in select Irish cinemas in lead up to referendum from May 18-25th. The film was made in just a few short weeks as part of Feature Film School Project and was produced by Bankhouse Productions & Promenade Post Productions. The film tells the story of a young Olympian hopeful who is dealing with a crisis pregnancy.
Visit for more information.
#divethemovie #repealthe8th

Our new website is now live! Link in bio.

Over 20 Repeal Global groups worldwide from Guatemala to Melbourne to Vancouver. Have a look and see if there is one in your area. Lots of solidarity events and Repealing happening over the next few weeks. Join our Global Together for Yes! #repealthe8th #repealglobal

Over the coming days we will be sharing videos from some Irish people abroad on our insta stories who will be asking you to register to vote to be their yes!
You have until May 8th to register to vote if you haven't already. Please remind everyone you know if you think they might not be registered. Every vote will count and lots of people abroad will be wishing they could vote to repeal so please Be Their Yes!
#togetherforyes #ireland #repealthe8th #repealglobal

Can you help us with this initiative over the coming days? After hearing a lot of chats over the past few weeks of people (specifically men) not being registered to vote or not thinking their voice counts, we want to encourage people to register by May 8th. We are asking people to send us videos from home and abroad encouraging people to register to vote by May 8th. Make it as personal as you want and ask people to be your Yes if you can't vote or just let people know why you registered!
We will be pairing up with Repeal Project to share these short videos so please send your videos to
Let's get everyone on board to Repeal on May 25th! #repealthe8th #ireland #registertovote #bemyyes

Living in Melbourne and want to get involved to help Repeal the 8th? Check out @melbourneirisharc on social media to get involved. They have lots of fundraisers and events coming up.#melbourne #prochoice #repealthe8th #ireland #repealglobal #togetherforyes

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