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REPEAL GLOBAL  Irish Abroad & allies passionate about repealing the 8th.Our aim is to encourage ongoing international participation in the fight to repeal the 8th.

34 years of hard work. We repealed the 8th. 🙌🙌🙌 We're working on something big to continue the fight for reproductive rights worldwide. Every woman deserves choice. Thankful for all the hard work and grassroots activism everyone did to repeal the 8th. #repealglobal #repealthe8th #ireland

May 26th, 2018. 67% for Irish women. For all women. For Savita. #repealedthe8th

The absolute sheer will to get this over the line. Incredible victory if it proves true ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #wemightjusthaverepealedthe8th

It's here guys. If you're voting follow these simple rules to repeal the 8th. #repealthe8th

Home to vote has got us bawling. All the legends coming back. Follow @londonirisharc for coverage aswell of #hometovote. Twitter is totes emosh right now. #repealthe8th

Thinking of all the incredible Irish people abroad and our allies who have been fighting to repeal the 8th. Because of our voting laws lots of Irish diaspora will not be able to vote and I know there's lots of emotions with not having a vote in something that affects you moving back. We will be thinking of you all as we vote tomorrow. For all those who are eligible who came back to vote, we thank you.
We never thought Repeal Global would turn into what it is now and we want to say a big thanks to all the groups from Brussels to Vancouver to Melbourne, Paris, Guatemala, Berlin and beyond for their tireless work.

For everyone who is standing on the right side of history, we salute you. We will be standing in awe of all Mna tomorrow. 👯❤️ #repealthe8th

There are so many reasons the vote yes on Friday. This story is just one. No woman and no victim of rape should be tortured like this.
Stand on the right side of history on Friday and vote yes to Repealing the 8th amendment. #repealthe8th #ireland #togetherforyes

84 pairs of shoes that signify the 84 women who traveled to England this week for healthcare they could not get in their own country.
We for one would like to thank all the staff in English hospitals and beyond who take care of Irish women. This should not be a reality. Please vote yes on Friday!
#repealthe8th #ireland

We are encouraging Irish abroad to chat with friends and family over the coming days about why Repealing the 8th is important. Lots of people will be on the fence and don't know all the facts. Here is some facts about abortion including that 62% of women who need an abortion are already mothers

Nobody is pro abortion but it is a reality for lots of women. Voting no won't stop it but it means we are forcing our women to travel for healthcare. Please chat to your friends and family, as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to change Ireland for the better and end centuries of oppression on women. If you need more facts or ways to chat to people about it, please DM us for advice. Together we can repeal the 8th and make Ireland a more safe and compassionate place for pregnant people.
##repealthe8th #ireland #bemyyea #repealglobal

We cannot live in a country that this is acceptable in. If you are a yes then please talk to your friends and family about the facts around the 8th and why it needs to be repealed. This is our opportunity to change Ireland for the better. #repealthe8th #ireland

On Friday we can make history and make sure what happened to Savita will never happen to another women in Ireland. Vote yes for better health care, access to safe abortion and choice.
#repealthe8th #forsavita

Over 40,000 eligible Irish voters around the world will not be able to vote in the upcoming referendum. Please be their yes so Irish women abroad can return to a compassionate and caring society for pregnant people. Most Irish people abroad are living in countries where they have safe access to abortion if needed and freedom of choice. Ireland is the only country in the democratic world with a constitutional ban on abortion. Please vote yes on May 25th. #bemyyes #repealthe8th

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