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Renzo Yupanqui  🇵🇪

Ye olde mcm spends his time playing you, ye future mcm spends his time watching critically acclaimed plays #Hamilton

What’s better than this? Just guys (and Simone) being dudes! #rookienumbers

It wasn’t easy fitting this much respect for women in one pic #fatherstretchmyhands #jordanbelfort #donnieazoff

‪She said do you love me‬
‪I tell her only partly‬
‪Thanos gets all 6 infinity crystals and wipes out half the universe‬
‪I’m sorry‬

Put me in coach😫 #TheLastInca #RenzosNewGroove

In this picture, we have a man who stood up for what was right no matter what others thought. A heroic man who is known for being honest and being a person of huge character. And to his left is Mahari Jackson and behind him is a statue of Abraham Lincoln. #blackhistorymonth

You and yours vs. me and mine🔫 #ohwetalkingteams

DC Boyz

In honor of my birthplace and original home making the World Cup for the first time in 36 years and me getting the X 🇵🇪 #NewIphoneWhoDis #VivaPeru

Sebastian ⚡️⚡️ Jose

Wouldn't want to watch the moonrise with anyone else 🌜⬆️

Drip, drip, splash #slippery 💦

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