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February 5th will forever be a memorable day for me. Today marks 4 years since my Dad passed and one of my closest friends @kimlittle87 's 30th birthday! These two people mean the world to me! I gotta say that the world works in mysterious ways. I don't take this coincidence for granted by any means. So from the moment we realized it, I accepted that I was given the blessing of celebrating both their lives today and every year. Thank you Kim for spending your birthday with me and always being there for me. You see right through me, on some Nicki minaj ish. We have the best times together and the only thing I would change is that we still lived less than 10 blocks from each other. I wish you nothing but the best this year and many more to come. 2017 will be your year, no more hardships, loss or heartbreak. You have so many blessings coming your way. Keep that pretty smile on your face and as always, keep it realer than real! Happy birthday! #RIPDad #4Years

Rise and Grind! Sometimes you just gotta jump. #comfortzonekillah #trynewthings #challengeyourself

Every time I hear the word "inauguration." #dyinginside

That one time I was surprised with a visit to the sanctuary of last resorts for animals from the meat and dairy industry. These animals are rescued from severe animal abuse and neglect. They all have a story and scars to prove it. This pretty lady let me walk her around the park she was in. Not to mention she was blind and loved hugs and cuddles. #bdayadventures #californiadreamin #bucketlist @creattive22 Thank you again for my bday surprise! #decbabies #sagforthewin #forbetterorforworse

Happy Birthday to this beautiful soul! You are so many peoples favorite and I'm so blessed to share every day with you. This past year spoke to your commitment and hard work, following the year of sacrifices to get us here. The next will be filled with many more achievements, bucket list items and phenomenal memories. Like the many people in your life, I'm just honoured to have met you and that I get to come along for the ride. I wish you all the greatest things under the sun. You deserve them and so much more. I love you and Happy Birthday! @creattive22 !! #mybebay #YVR2SEA2LAX

So long 2016! Here's to another year in LA, new challenges and even greater rewards! #bestnine

#tb Red Light Special at Descanso Gardens for my Birthday. Enchanted Forest Light Display.

Young Tiller! 🙌🏼

Look at this little one helping us wrap gifts! Ella pooh signed all your cards and approved of all the gifts! Truth be told she tried to keep anything with cardboard attached. What a monkey! All this to say - Happy Holidays and please be safe this month! 🌹🌹