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RENJIE  A student of life. •Chicago ABS - 4/28 & 4/29 •Oregon - 5/28 •Las Vegas - 6/24 📍Los Angeles • Bay Area Appointments:

Classic square shape using vertical sections throughout the top of the head & graduation along the parietal ridge to create this nice silhouette paired up with a skin fade.

Technical skill will always be the same. The end result through styling is where you make your vision come alive.

[Classic shape with a natural flow]

Raw footage from my iphone.
Justin grew out his hair for some months from a crop that’s why the hairs on the hairline area are shorter than the rest. I still managed to give him a nice shape all around so that it can grow out better. Next haircut, he should have a lot more movement and play.

[renjtown crop]
I didn’t have my camera with me today at the shop. I enjoyed cutting this style I couldn’t let it walk out the door without taking a photo even if it had to be on my iPhone. Check out my story to see a video of more angles of this haircut! #RENJWORLD

Ain’t nothin like a skin fade with some fun texture on top. Last & final photo of this cut. Check out the previous two posts for different angles of this style. #renjtowncrop #renjtown

A look that says, “I know my hair looks messy, but I still care.” #renjtowncrop

Been awhile since I cut some colored hair! So happy with how this one turned out. #renjtown #losangeles

/Loose Flow/
A classic shape with a lot of movement. The hair can fall in whichever direction and look good. #renjtown

Haircut|Style|Photo: @andrewdoeshair
Haircut from Andrew over a month ago. Check out his page, he just put out new videos for @thehairjam_com featuring the biggest names in the hair industry. Andrew has helped me a lot and has given me the best advice about hair and life. He is always a few steps ahead in the game! You can learn from him too.

Here’s a highlight of the weekend in the Bay Area while jammin’ with @paradoxbarbers ! I present to you, the DOUBLE HORNS. I decided to do a slight variation on @jordanparadox to switch it up. Check a couple posts back to see the side view of this haircut. 👿👿 #Renjtown #doublehornsup

Got the man Don groomed up. He’s growing out his hair all over, so I just cleaned up his beard, the sides and did a bit of texturizing to remove some weight on top. Going for a little more natural look this time. His hairstyle definitely suits his style & personality.

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