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Renee Gallifrey  šŸ’—art/design/handmade/šŸŽ¼/doctor who/derby/planners/cute things. illustrator for @roboroku

Look up, find the hope, breathe deep, and spread the love.

Scenes from the #atxplanneraddicts planner retreat. I'm making my #happyplanner pages cute. The swag bags were awesome. #planneraddict #plannernerd #atxandEC #erincondren

Dinner = gyoza & bubble tea šŸ˜‹ nomnomnom

I love this tee from @amysicecreams - I mean Doctor Who & ice cream? What's not to love? #whovian #doctorwho

Do you like my new pin? I love it so much. Do you know what it's from?
Post Update: I see some of you got what it's from! I have a love/hate relationship w/ Gilmore Girls, but I've seen every episode at least 10x. The #lifeanddeathbrigade storyline is my favorite, because I love a good adventure. I got this pin from - they had a GG reunion event in 2015 (the pic is now tagged). #inomniaparatus #inomniaparatusā˜‚#gilmoregirls #gilmoregirlsquotes

This one made me laugh because I always tell people if they want to know what I'm up to they should be following me on Twitter. šŸ˜„

My mom is in the hospital for observation. She's been having seizures more frequently, so they're monitoring her. It's kinda creepy bec there's a video camera in her room (so I have to remember I'm constantly on camera, too. Eep! This hospital is really pretty and the staff is fab, it's making this stay better for the family. Hopefully this stay will lead to a good plan for recovery.

There's a new worker at this bubble tea place I go to that makes this bubble tea snob roll her eyes every time. After SXSW is over I'm going to start making my own bubble tea. Maybe I'll have #bubbletea Sundays at my place and you can come over and enjoy some.

How I'm feeling today.

Fill your life with good people, be a good person (leave negativity, jealousy, gossiping, and hate behind). We've gotta all shine our best next year and spread the love. ā¤ļø

#throwbackthursday of me and @annieh709 at @armadillobazaar - our hats were not planned, the Armadillo staff just like to wear fun hats (& onesies). šŸ˜Š

On the way to my family's house for Christmas in my onesie from @ladyannejohnson - I don't care how hot it is today, I'm wearing it. Pay no mind to my swollen feet. 11 days on them on concrete for 13-14 hrs a day took its toll. After lunch I'm going home to watch A New Hope & Doctor Who. Wahoo! Happy holidays, friends!