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Ren  Animator who paints stuff 🖤 #illustration #digitalpainting

I’m really really enjoying doing environments. There’s no doubt in my heart I wanna do this for a living. I can’t wait to be as good as those concept artists who create the worlds in video games.
I’m still messing around with the tools and getting the hang of it.
#digitalart #environment #avocadotoast

Today’s the last day my book will be available online. As I explained before, it became hard for me to pay for handling and shipping so I’m taking it down indefinitely. Once I go back to my home country I’ll resume online sales but I still don’t know when. I apologize for any inconvenience.
The link is my bio :)

Hola! Just to remind you that my book will be available online for 3 more days and that’s it!! It’s got a 10% discount and all ;)
Are you a proud owner of a copy? Recommend it to a friend!! :D or order it as a gift for an aspiring artist.
TELL EVERYONEEEEEE!! #artbook #pinup #art #artist

Working on my first environment ever! :D
I’m still not very convinced with the silhouette but I’m having lots of fun 🎉 #environment #conceptart

So... I opened Instagram only to find out that people are now creating dialogues for their characters using this app, and you know HOW MUCH I love doing this type of thing to my paintings, hahaha.

I didn’t want the unsuccessful thumbnail to appear in the photo so I was like “oh I know! I’ll cover it with my art supplies!!” Problem solved. Plus it makes me cool.
I’m finding this exercise very relaxing 😌

I’m learning how to do environments for games so I’ve been messing around with my copics creating random shapes and trying to visualize something. It’s very fun :)

#throwbackthursday 2010
Yesterday I went to @amandapalmer ‘s #ninjaTED in Vancouver and one of my favorite moments was when Amanda and Jason Webley performed as Evelyn Evelyn. It made me so happy because I always wanted to see one of their shows.
I sent this fanart to them back then and I remember Jason writing back and I totally fangirled all over the place.

Last night’s event was a blast!! I never expected to see Amanda, Jason, Neil Gaiman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Sarah Kay, among other amazing artists and scientists sharing stage in such a way. It was very inspiring.
Art and science can save the world.

#tbt #evelynevelyn #art #science #tedtalks #digitalart

This trend is back so here’s my #artvsartist 🎨👩🏻‍🎨

Have you ever wanted to know what’s behind my art? 🌈How I got started? 👩🏻‍🎨What inspires me? 🎶My process? ✍🏻The reason I draw women? 💃🏻How I choose light and color for my paintings? 🕯Get my art book before it goes offline! Enjoy a 10% off until April 22nd ;) Link in bio
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Hoppy Easter! Here’s a bunny girl from my book :👯🐰

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