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Ren  Animator who paints stuff 🖤 #illustration #digitalpainting

I just felt like painting something colorful and luminous 🌈🦄
I’m so in love with the iPad Pro 💜💙💕
#procreate #painting #digitalart #colorful #hair #color #light #ipad #artistsoninstagram

Sugar baby
(I had uploaded this last night but I wanted to share the process too, so swipe left to see it 🙂)
#procreate #sketch #pinkhair #digitalart #artistsoninstagram #art #ipadpro

Con la novedad de que voy a estar en el callejón del cómic en Pixelatl los días 7 y 8 de septiembre vendiendo mi libro, prints, sketchbooks y otras cosas! Nos vemos por allá 😀😀😀

I like to polish my sketches’ faces for fun. I started this one on procreate it and polished it on photoshop.

It’s so cool that procreate saves the process :D
#procreate #painting #process #timelapse #digitalart #artistsofinstagram #ipadpro

I just spent a few hours rendering this drawing on #procreate to test the tools. I think I’ve found a couple of brushes that serve my purposes— the round brush, the soft brush and the technical pen.
I’m having lots of fun with the iPad Pro. To those who have asked me, yes, I recommend it :)

I recently got an iPad (yay!) and now I’ve been messing around with #Procreate. This is the first decent attempt at painting.
I feel clumsy without photoshop... but it’s ok, nothing beats being able to paint in bed while watching tv, haha.

Artwork I made for Birdeatsbaby, a UK dark cabaret band that I’ve been following since MySpace days :)
Swipe left for close up and sketch.
#art #artistsoninstagram #redhead #woman #painting #digitalart #smoke #hot

I have been feeling really depressed the past couple of weeks so I needed to relieve some stress the only way I know— by painting.
Yesterday I was at my worst, I couldn’t even stand browsing Netflix, I wasn’t in the mood for anything so it made me realize how much I need art in my life... it’s my catharsis.
Anyway, here’s a quick sketch. You have no idea how much I missed painting ❤️❤️❤️
#art #painting #artwork #sketch #artistsoninstagram #pink #pastel

Can we have a #handsmeme instead? I think I’m better at painting hands that anything else, haha.

This year I won’t be doing the #mermay challenge because I’ve been growing tired of doing this type of work, and I’m not sure I want to continue on this path. To me, art is an expression, I like to convey stories and feelings through my paintings and I haven’t found the motivation to do so in a long time. All I had been doing lately is a bunch of pretty faces, but that’s not me, I don’t like to paint just for the sake of painting.
As you can see, I’ve been trying different things, something completely out of my comfort zone and it’s making me extremely happy. It helps me deal with my job and my lack of interest in my personal work. It’s given me a purpose too— to get into concept art and leave the animation industry to get into video games. This is the first time in a while that I’m actually looking forward to the future.
Anyway, enjoy these closeups of a mermaid I painted last year.
#tbt #throwbackthursday

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