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Renan Sato  24. Brasil 🇧🇷 ASU - Engineering Management/ Fraternity Epsilon Sigma Rho/ UFABC - Engenharia de Gestão/ Coffee Lover ☕


I don't have friends, I got family! #paulistaavenue #satofamily #embrazando #Goodvibes #PicOfTheDay

Don't allow anybody else tells you what you can do or what you can't do. Keep moving forward and staying optimist #MindSet #positiveVibes #progress #motivation #picoftheday

Just because I heard that I couldn't.

This pic I always wanted to post but I never had the courage to do it, also for many other reasons. I don't wanna show off, first because I know that I still have a lot to change, there is a bunch of guys with a shape way better than I do. I just thought that somehow I could show my progress and inspire people to believe more in theirself. I was always skinny, that kind o person that eat as hell and don't have any gains. =/ I started work out daily, studied a lot about trainning and diet, but of course, I did many mistakes in the meanwhile. I made mistakes with my diet, with my trainning, and worse, I blindly believed in every single word that I used to hear at the gym, even from personal trainers. I truly believed that if I didn't take any supplement or steroids I would never develop muscles. However, I always believed in my potential and I always had a huge willpower. Afterall, I gained around 77 pounds(35kg) without any drugs, supplement or surgery. I don't give myself grace I am just saying that IS possible!

You don't have to impress nobody, be better than nobody just be better than you were yesterday and it wil be enough.
As long you believe in yourself, you can have everything in your life. Don't make distraction distract you, don't make haters change your goal. Many people will make jokes, say you can't, say that it's not worth it, be focused of what you want and what you have to do to achieve it.

A brother from another mother. #since2008 #guarucity #veterinaria

Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher. #camelbackmountain #sunset #arizona

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