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Renan Ozturk  @Camp4Collective Filmmaker // @TheNorthFace Climber // @NatGeo photographer // Landscape Artist at heart :)

Cigars blazing first thing in the morning on the streets of old town Havana. To be honest, my life gets increasingly stressful as I'm weighed down by more gear, more data, more distractions from the craft of storytelling itself. I am often the guy feeling like I have too much on an expedition as well as trying to burn the candle on both ends. I've long needed tools for efficiency and simplicity. ~

This week we have been learning from the masters on an @adobe @lightroom #sponsored workshop to Cuba πŸ‡¨πŸ‡Ί. Even though it wasn't the main objective on this trip, I wanted to see if I could pull off a RAW photo workflow with @lightroom mobile without a laptop. ~

I have been learning a lot and it's totally doable (and in many ways more powerful) way to edit and stay organized. Normally I get back from a journey and my camera roll is a mess but this time I've got everything I edited on my phone/tablet ready to sync with my desktop w/no extra work. There are a few tips and tricks you can find in my stories but essence of it is more power and efficiency to tell stories... now at your fingertips as well as your desktop! #beboundless

Portrait study of Mt. Johnson in #thegreatgorge. The fluted summit pyramid atop this gaint has to be one among the most stunning on earth! @thenorthface // @sonyalpha #a9

So sad to hear that @mountainfilm director of 10 years @davidholbrooke is not at the helm just before the 40th anniversary! I know I'm not alone in saying he has played a big role in supporting us as creatives over the years with feedback and a personal touch that brought us into a community that shaped our stories for the better. He has always embodied the spirit of the festival and helped to make it the most inspiring weekend of the year. Hoping he considers at least one more year! If anyone out there has been touched by the festival in the last few years give him a πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ! #bringHolbrookeback #mountainfilm #community ~

Image from the #TowersOfTheEnnedi film, one of our early films in the festival with @alexhonnold @timkemple @jimmy_chin @m_synnott @onceuponaclimb @thenorthface

Took a 'time-out' today to go climbing with the Schoedel family in the High Uinta Wilderness. @taylorfreesolo first met @samaradevi and @benjisaurus on Instagram, formed a meaningful and lasting friendship, and invited them to Salt Lake multiple times and even to our wedding given their serendipitous level of connection. Andrea and Ben raise 5 kids between the ages of 5 and 13. This time they came out with the whole hobbit brood as part of a 3-week road trip from Tennessee to the #wildwest in their 1980 4Runner and custom built camper trailer. They are exposing their kids to adventure, exploration, and given our jaunt today - to climbing steep hard rock in the cold pouring rain. Thanks for sticking it out with us! Pictured here is their second to youngest Bannon with @baloointhewild.

@alexhonnold on the top of our new route "Stump Rider" (5.11r 1,500ft) on the mighty Stump formation which took us about 13hrs camp to camp. I'd like to think it's named after legendary AK climber Mugs Stump and not because it's one of the smallest spires in #TheGreatGorge. In this photo Alex and @freddiewilkinson are basically laughing at me for being the ultimate StumpRider, having put up 4 new routes on the formation between this trip and one with @cedarwright in years past. ~

@thenorthface @revo @sony A7rii with 24-70 F4. edited by @michael_kunde

@awakenfilm // 5 years, 30 countries and 600+ terabytes of raw data in the making...and here is the first peak! ~

@awakenfilm directed by @dreamcoretom is bound to be a visually mind blowing journey of the human relationship with technology and the natural world. Link to full trailer in bio πŸ‘†πŸ» ~

Tom is one my original inspirations for cinematography, so proud of him and his team! People often ask if all the fancy camera gear and tech-nerding is worth it. The answer isn't always yes but in the right hands it can lead to a greater understanding and appreciation for the planet and life within it. #fomas #nextlevel

**link in profile** This is Bears Ears national monument and today is the last day to take action to protect it and 27 others like it from oil and gas drilling! Please take 5 min to visit the link in my profile to make a comment before it's too late. I've been transformed by this landscape more than any other place on the planet and hope we can keep it protected for the long run! #protectpubliclands

Watching for a sign as weather moves through #thegreatgorge plastering Mt Dickey's 5,000 ft face with ice and snow. Sometimes the mountains speak to you and tell you it's not quite right to force an ascent in lightweight style even with a rope gun like @alexhonnold on the rack. @thenorthface @the_hoarding_marmot @taylorfreesolo @rudy.le @freddiewilkinson // shot on @sonyalpha A7rii internal TL app with the @sigmaphoto 12-24mm

Another small snippet from an early assembly of rough shots. And a few lines from our interview with the head of ICESAR who commented not just on the real mistakes made, but also his perspective on youth adventuring in Iceland. #thecoldestcrossing @baresmithoutdoor @srijnbeek @archiewilson9 @angusdowie @thenorthface @sonyalpha @zeisscameralenses

The Coldest Crossing, @taylorfreesolo's idea of a New Years vacation. Frankly she was a bit over filming just professional athletes at the peak of their careers and agreed to film a group of teenage kids who were attempting the first N to S winter crossing of Iceland. And the story we saw wasn't about virtue and success - it was about heart, coming of age, making mistakes and growing from them, and the relationships between parents and kids since we got the chance to interview all of their parents for this film. @baresmithoutdoor @archiewilson9 @srijnbeek @angusdowie @thenorthface @sonyalpha @camp4collective #thecoldestcrossing

@alexhonnold drinking from the fountain of fearlessness. Is this emerald water of #TheGreatGorge on our recent @thenorthface expedition his secret sending sauce? Definitely not, but it was a nice reprieve from crossing sketchy crevasses, a more time efficient way to hydrate than melting snow and the only moment the fog lifted to reveal the mountains all morning! ~

Shot on the @sonyalpha A7rii with the @cwsonderoptic cine modified #mo8 series Leica 24mm 1.4 ~

@taylorfreesolo @freddiewilkinson @sheldonmthouse @rudy.le @coreswx @sanctityofspace #thehondynasty #stumprider #camp4pix

Culture clash. Mauli, #TheLastHoneyHunter with no harness, no bee suit and a hand woven bamboo rope tied off by gaint mystery knots. Us, with our ultra modern nylon static rope tied by a single bowline around a single tree and redirected off tiny roots. We looked at each other's setup and both asked out load "are you really going to trust that?!" - photo by @irving_matthew ~ πŸ‘†πŸ» link to full @thenorthface behind the scenes video still in profile and feature story in this months @natgeo magazine! ~

@sadiequarrier @jetbutterflies @m_synnott @taylorfreesolo @feltsoulmedia @camp4collective @ben_knight @climber.abiral @reddigitalcinema @sonyalpha @coreswx @radiantimages #NepaliLoveYou

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