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Renan Ozturk  @thenorthface climber // @natgeo @sonyalpha photojournalist // @camp4collective commercial director // landscape painter at heart 😊

Patiently tracking her prey, @taylorfreesolo pauses before pouncing on a moment of New Zealand’s beautiful landscape. Such an honor to be here location scouting for a future project and testing out the innovative technology that kiwi companies @syrp_ and @shotovercamera are developing. Pushing the boundaries of art in cinema! See stories and follow along for more.

Ice bouldering with the @thenorthface_climb crew last year in Iceland as part of a @timkemple photo project. Just like bouldering on rock you can up your difficulty level, climb collaboratively and have a bit more of a shared experience...but on ice you aren’t allowed to fall! @thenorthface @sonyalpha @pfaff_anna @hansjoergauer @bookofsamuel @kbish801 @brandonjosephbaker @bchendrix @the_dunne @kakiorr @camp4collective #iceclimbing #iceland #camp4pix

Tears froze to Misba’s (@misbanorthpole) face as the cold hard realities kicked in of life at 89° N and the 10 day self-supported journey ahead to The North Pole. ~

At 50, she is the oldest member of the expedition. From the UK with Pakistani orgins, she has two kids age 20 and 24. Before we left she told me she had worked so hard supporting her family for so long and loved that role but now really wants to do something for herself. Back in Manchester, UK she works for a finance team at the North Manchester General Hospital. "Within my work place I am one of a smallish proportion of ethnic minorities, which can be challenging sometimes especially due to the current world crisis and representation of certain groups in the western media.” She hopes that by joining this expedition she will form bridges between different cultures, encouraging women within and out of her community to gain new skills. She would "like to show people that those from all abilities and backgrounds can get involved in activities that push themselves for their own self-development.” ~

As the helicopter flew away (see my stories), it left them in a gust of rotor wash amongst the white desert of moving pack. The lasting impression I had of this @kasperskylab @northpole2018 expedition was how each journey is so personal yet so universal and the more we share from these fringe experiences the more it can help the greater good. Thanks to all for this week and for being so vulnerable, strong and true! ~

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After 12 hours of operating a snow machine for my first time, I was getting tired and bleary eyed moving at 70km/h across the pack ice. I was last in the group and we were strictly told to stay together with the guides. Nevertheless I stopped. This moment only lasted a minute but was totally worth the risk of losing the group. Loving the quality of the Arctic low lying light! #svalbard #arctic #camp4pix @northpole2018 @camp4collective @manfrottoimaginemore

Standing in -40° temps at 89° North, just shy of The North Pole at the launching station for the @kasperskylab @northpole2018 women’s expedition. ~

This temporary Russian camp is set up to support science research and expeditions for a brief period every year, something that is getting harder and harder with the ice breaking up and getting thinner due to climate change. ~

The feeling of literately standing on top of the world mentally takes a hold of you in this place in a way that I didn’t quite expect. It made the world feel so small yet infinitely expansive. We stayed at the camp for a few hours, drifting about 1° and a few miles on the pack ice in that time, yet another mind game for the mental map. ~

Above all the experience made me want to try harder with my short time to continue to create positive change for this special little planet. ~
Thanks @povel @e_kaspersky for bringing the @djiglobal Mavic Air for this fancy ‘asteriod’ shot which was perfect for these vibes. With @atalthani @Intunetothesound @marmelade.jam @misbanorthpole @lameesNijem @dc43@ollyru999 @legsmcginty #steph #felicityaston #polar #arctic #shemovesmountians #adventurenotwar #colab #northpole2018 #sos

Stay tuned to @northpole2018 as the expedition continues!

Meet the team members of @northpole2018 @kasperskylab expedition that pairs a group of European and Middle Eastern women to inspire them all to reach beyond the expectation of others and fulfil their own life ambitions. Their dream is to ski self supported for 10 days the last degree to The North Pole ~ “Khashmek” - is a greeting which translates to “give me your nose”, an Arabic tradition of saying hello by touching noses as a sign of respect and praise. It was clear during this portrait series taken just before the team took off that these women fully appreciate each other, something that will undoubtedly only grow during the journey ahead. ~

Surviving an expedition that pushes you beyond your limit with your teammates creates a fierce bond of friendship and collaboration. It’s one of the most powerful forces I have ever experienced. In this case it’s an even bigger metaphor for this planet and how working together across nations can solve big challenges. ~

Wishing them luck as they are now underway! ~

@e_kaspersky @povel @atalthani @Intunetothesound @marmelade.jam @misbanorthpole @lameesNijem @dc43 @ollyru999 #steph #felicityaston #shemovesmountians #adventurenotwar #colab #northpole2018

After a busy last few days in Svalbard the time for pretty Reindeer photos is over, as we are within an hour of launching for the North Pole. I’m here with @kasperskylab to send off @northpole2018, an unlikely team of women from different Arab and European counties as they spend 10 days self supported moving across the pack ice, skiing the last degree to the top of the world. ~

Honestly I didn’t quite understand it until I met them. It’s not the hardest athletic achievement or the longest distance. Above all it is an example of how women can achieve great things while breaking down cultural barriers. There is a mix of 10 nationalities, an age range of 25-50, and many of the members from the Arab world have never even seen snow before. Having been on a lot of male-dominated expeditions that can be regimented and full of pressure, I love seeing how they how they have all prepared meticulously for this scary endeavor in a way that has created strong friendships and lots of laughter. ~

Stay tuned on my feed and @northpole2018 for more as they begin the journey and I share a few more specific anecdotes from this assignment. See you in a few days when I get back on the grid!
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/ SOUND ON / See @5pointfilm for full 2018 festival teaser. Powerful words from legendary Alpinist Micheal Kennedy in a letter to his son Hayden who tragically died this year. Huge respect to Hayden’s mother Julie for starting this intimate adventure festival. Can you tell it’s the most soulful of them all? ~ “How can I express all the thoughts and emotions that swirl in my head, Hayden, when you are halfway around the world on a big route? I remember my own days up high, the feeling of lightness as the earth drops away, the moments of pure grace when nothing matters except the next move—setting a foot just so, feeling the solid thunk of an axe, the calmness of my heart and mind. Everything I needed was right before me.
I know that's what you're searching for, but it's not always what you get. For I also recall the deafening fatigue of climbing too many hours without stopping, the dry throat and the aching belly, the paralyzing fear of a long runout. The bad anchors. The close calls with storms, rockfall and avalanches. The anxiety of being days away from safety, wondering whether the next pitch will go, searching for a bivy site or just a place to sit for a few hours, knowing that the only way out is over the summit and down an unfamiliar ridge.
You've gotten all that and more since you left home.” ~

Trailer edit by @aidanhaley ~

Lucky to share 3 I films helped bring to life this year ... THE LAST HONEY HUNTER / LIFE COACH / SHOTS FROM ABOVE ... get tix now at @5pointfilm !!

The brilliant blue yet frigid glacial waters of Chilean Patagonia. One of the lasting memories of this place was listening to @westonboyles tell his first hand account of his rescue attempt the day of the fatal kayaking accident of @thenorthface founder, adventurer and conservation pioneer Doug Tompkins in this very place. “I held Doug in my arms as and waited for the helicopter, as he struggled to come back from hypothermia” - Weston recounted with a thousand yard state across the dinner table. His respect for Doug, like most people I met in Chile was unparalleled. ~

Doug’s legacy expanded far beyond the inspiration to climb and explore the last wild places on Earth. It was the vision to preserve and care for these ecosystems. Doug and @kristine_tompkins worked tirelessly and strategically on this. Just this year all the effort resulted in creating 10 million acres of protected land in the form of two new National Parks. Doug was a example to the planet of what is possible in the world of conversation. Check out @tompkins_conservation for more on this conservation success story and the wild legacy of Doug Tompkins!

Fred DuBray of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe stands sentinel as I attempt some close shots of his buffalo herd in a remote part of the Cheyenne River Native American Reservation. ~ “I’ve seen people killed...close friends of can’t outrun them and they can turn 180° without loosing much speed... the only chance if you have if you get chased is to shed your clothing as you are running and hope they decide to destroy that because of the scent on it,” Fred said as the crew laughed but also cringed and I continued to inch closer for a tighter shot, wondering the outcome. ~

Risk is something that has changed a lot for me personally over the years. In the beginning it was mostly calculated risks to climb mountains for exploration and personal joy. These days I’m much more willing to put it on the line for filmmaking/photography for a story I care about deeply. ~

For me, the most powerful shots often arise from the physical staying power and willingness put yourself dangerously close to the action (like @merufilm). Or the determination of only sleeping a few hours a night for weeks on end (like happens every-time I’m out with @chrisburkard). Other times it’s more emotional risks to keep the camera rolling during traumatic situations such as during SHERPA feature doc with @jenpeedom when 16 were killed on Everest and we shot with tears streaming down our faces (much like @paulnicklen @cristinamittermeier and the dying polar bear). ~

The content that moves the needle for positive change often happens when you least want to pick up your camera. There are many paths through the photo/film world, some highly controlled and scripted which I have the utmost respect for. This is only my path. I hope if you have read this far you don’t go straight out into a charging herd of buffalos but rather find your own niche. What is universal is taking some kind of risk with your creativity whatever that may be. ~

Shot by @gatherfilm director @mrsanjayr

Learning about the magic of buffalo the last few days with the DuBray family as part of the ongoing @gatherfilm feature doc on NATIVE AMERICAN FOOD systems.
More from director @mrsanjayr - “Being an indigenous woman and a scientist? That’s something I think of all the time.” Elsie DuBray (@elsiedubray) of the Cheyenne River Lakota tribe is about to graduate Timber Lake High in Eagle Butte and will attend Stanford University in the fall. Earlier this week she won the High Plains Regional Science Fair and will compete at the Intel Science Fair in LA this May. “I chose to study the molecular properties of Buffalo [lipids] versus Beef. The Lakota people have known the benefits of Buffalo for centuries but without the science to prove this, it’ll be difficult to bring them back.” .
Elsie grew up on a Buffalo ranch owned and managed by her father and mother, Fred and Michelle DuBray. “It doesn’t seem like the western world takes traditional practices seriously,” said Fred who also founded the Inter Tribal Buffalo Cooperative. “But I think Elsie can use science to serve our people and tackle the problems that plague us - diabetes and other health issues. We were always healthy when we depended on the buffalo. We need to bring them back. When we can do that, our people will be ok.” .
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