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Renan Ozturk  @thenorthface climber // @natgeo @sonyalpha photographer // @camp4collective director // landscape painter at heart :)


Feeling blue. ~ [@timkemple @thenorthface_climb @camp4collective collection] ~

See @timkemple and current @roam feed for more of this series! #iceland

Kind. True. Unique. Strong. Talented. Wise. Present. Mindful. Giving. Gone. ~

Sad sad news from Yosemite today.... RIP Neils 🙏🏽 ~

Photo by Ace Kvale

Monument valley mimicry. ~

Follow @roam this weekend for a little takeover curated from my recent adventures. Honestly @roam is barley getting going and building an audience but the dream is to soon have a platform bigger than ourselves to share real time adventures from the field as they are happening. Stuff like I used to do like the Nepal ‘As It Happens’ sat modem video dispatches with @coryrichards and the coverage of the sailing mission that @travisrice and @ian.walsh just completed. Watch this space! —> @roam ~

Shot with @chrisburkard @shotsfromabove @taylorfreesolo @sonyalpha @snackfarmer

A behind the scenes aerial shot of @camp4collective creative maestro @timkemple dangling on a rope shooting @bookofsamuel on the @thenorthface Icelandic ice trip. This pitch was one of the longest and most enduro of the glacier ice formations we explored. The whole section first 90 ft section in the black ice was overhanging! ~

Tim (on the left in black) had broken ankle pretty bad early on, but instead of calling it quits he kept a positive attitude and continued to shoot - by ice crutching around the glacier with a modified crampon-crutches, sleds, belly crawling and whatever means possible. See @timkemple @thenorthface_climb for more on the body of work from this trip. ~

@hansjoergauer @pfaff_anna @retro_outdoors @the_dunne @brandonjosephbaker @kakiorr / shot on @djiglobal #mavicpro #neverstopcreating

“Can we eat like our ancestor’s did in today’s time?” - Native American artist and foodie Roxanne Swentzell at her home during the @gatherfilm shoots with the Pueblo New Mexico tribes. Beside her emotive bronze & clay sculptures she has a complex food story that fits into our film on Native American food sovereignty. ~

At one point her whole family was suffering from health problems - high cholesterol, obesity, heart problems, autoimmune diseases and chronic disease. It’s not uncommon in a lot of Native communities which have had their land (which is their food) cut out and replaced by corn syrp, white bread and whatever you can get at the gas station... because that is all there was available in multiple communities we visited. ~

Roxanne is a success a story. She began following the ancient food ways - not eating processed white flour and sugar but rather self-grown beans, corn and squash. Quickly, her and her family’s health drastically improved. While we were at her adobe house that she built herself at age 23 we got a tour of her converted seed bank of ancient grains, tasted her grasshopper flour and wandered amongst the goats and turkeys while we checked out the art inhabiting every nook and cranny of the compound. ~

@mrsanjayr @daharbfilm @tanya_meillier @taylorfreesolo @aesthetic.n8tive.trash @chzamag @frau_mit_katze @fndi303 @kim_baca1 @riseupranch @gatherfilm @sterlinharjo @sonyalpha @cwsonderoptic @coreswx @reddigitalcinema

Monster and Washer Woman towers within what seems like infinite layers of @canyonlandsnps geology. I remember doing them both in the same day when I was young and wide-eyed about the adventure of the climbing life. On the summits I added a few drawings in the registers which are rich with history and culture. Just recently I went back and snapped this photo with @chrisburkard and his kind and over-stoker crew while testing the new @sonyalpha a7r3. I have to say that my excitement and appreciation for this place has only grown. @snackfarmer @tidesinourveins @thenorthface_climb @revo #protectbearseears

One of the wettest leads of my life in front of the lens of @timkemple on a @thenorthface_climb trip earlier this year. This climb was inside a 'Moulin', a tube where surface water plunges into the inner depths of the glacier. ~

@pfaff_anna and I rappelled in and set a very cold belay from two ice-screws beneath the spray of the waterfall and just above a big pool below. I was up first up. As I left the belay and took my first few swings the water streaming down the ice also found its way down my ice tools and trickled down my sleeves. Yup, it was a pretty silly decision to climb so close to the water but the deep blue color and challenge of the slightly overhanging angle drew us in like the claws of Velociraptors to movie stars of Jurassic Park. ~

After 10 ice screws placements, I was pumped out of my mind. I let out of a few guttural screams as I tried to swing but my left arm kept deflecting off the ice, nearly dropping my tool. Then, trying to place my last screw I fumbled watched it fall 80 ft into the icy pool below (later retrieved by @bookofsamuel). I was a floppy overcooked noodle so just lowered down to relieve Anna from the waterfall belay. She finished it off in style in a downpour of freezing rain. Exciting little mini-adventure!~ @kbish801 @brandonjosephbaker @the_dunne @kakiorr @hansjoergauer @retro_outdoors #icelandicice #kodakcourage #InthespiritofOsman

The monkey king, @sketchyandylewis, standing alone and exposed within the mud drip sandcastle towers. Andy is relentless in his pursuit of fun in this life and is unwilling to compromise his adventure lifestyle in the face of distractions. One example from a while back is when he got the opportunity to perform at the SuperBowl half time show for Madonna on the slackline. Afterwards Madonna asked him to go on tour (for what was probably a pretty penny) but he turned her down so he could keep living his dream exploring the Moab Desert region with his climber/slackline/base-jumper friends. With Andy around, his contiguous enthusiasm tends to rally the community together for big memorable projects that push the creative limits of desert antics. #slacklife // shot with @djiglobal #inspire2 // @canyon_cain @stickynicky420 @rudy.le #moab

Sandbag [verb] - Climber speak for roping someone into a situation by vastly underestimating and downplaying the difficulty. ~

I sandbagged @rudy.le on this first motorcycle ride in Nepal, an epic journey at night across Kathmandu in full chaotic traffic. ~

The cool thing about sandbags, I keep telling myself, is not that they are cruel and dangerous pranks on friends, but a instead leap of faith and trust where we sandbag ourselves in the process....and all achieve more than we ever could have imagined. ~

Part of the Mothered by Mountains @camp4collective @yeti short film project that just premiered @banffmountainfestival that will be online soon! ~

@irish_goodbye @jetbutterflies @pasang_lhamu_sherpa_akita @sodapopchamling @climber.abiral #sandbag #nepaliloveyou

Just got a batch of images from @timkemple from our @thenorthface_climb trip to Iceland earlier in the year! Shooting images of athletes pushing the limits on this incredibly steep and unique glacier ice was a concept he first started developing the year before and came back to continue this year. What you don’t see in this photo are the months of planning and prep leading up to it trying to figure out how to explore the edge of Europe’s largest glacier when half the iconic ice cave locations are melting out due to climate change. [Photo is of me on the sharp end clawing out through one of the massive skylights] #eyeofthekempy #neverstopexploring #sharpend

The Totem Pole on the Navajo Nation has always had a magnetic appeal to me as one of the tallest, skinniest spires on the planet! It has seen a number ascents and has been used in movies like ‘Eiger Sanction’ with Clint Eastwood on the summit, but is now off limits to climbing due to cultural and environmental sensitivities. ~

Seeing it glowing in the last slivers of light, close enough to make out the climbing anchors, on an ultralight trike with @shotsfromabove was enough to appreciate it’s fragile figure! ~

But like most landscapes that draw me in, it’s the human stories that bring me back. Looking forward to diving deeper into this place and Navajo food systems of Tsé Biiʼ Ndzisgaii (valley of rocks) for the @gatherfilm later this year. ~

#totempole #monumentvalley #navajonation #gatherfilm @sonyalpha

“I couldn’t be part of the death of our culture, and had to take a stand...” Hoopa reservation Native Chucky Carpenter as looks over the site he and small group of friends held off the Feds in an armed battle during the ‘salmon wars’ on the Trinity river of Northern California. They succeeded and no one was killed in the conflict! ~

Each day of the @gatherfilm I’m gritting my teeth, kinda walking on egg shells listing to the horrors but also small victories of Native American history as told through characters on a different reservation every day. ~

Full history lesson of this situation from director @mrsanjayr - In 1978, in response to #Yurok tribal members selling an abundance of salmon into the Northern California markets (increasing supply and dropping prices), a conglomerate of salmon brokers pressured the US government to stop the fishing of the Klamath by the #indigenous. Forget that the Natives had the legal rights not to mention ancestral rights. The US government swooped in with large boats and billy clubs and smashed boats and bodies. Yurok and Hoopa fishermen and fisherwomen battled on the Klamath before retreating to an enforced embankment on the adjacent Trinity River. On that embankment (itself an ancestral village), Chucky Carpenter recalls the days when Native activists from around the country poured into the Hoopa Valley to take up arms for the Ancestral right to fish. And guess what, with the rally cry of #FishOn echoing thru the valley, they won. With dams, overfishing and climate change threatening the Trinity like never before, the fight rages on. @renan_ozturk @daharbfilm @tanya_meillier @taylorfreesolo @aesthetic.n8tive.trash @chzamag @frau_mit_katze @fndi303 @kim_baca1 @riseupranch @gatherfilm @sterlinharjo @sonyalpha @cwsonderoptic @coreswx @reddigitalcinema

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