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Renan Ozturk  @thenorthface climber // @natgeo @sonyalpha photojournalist // @camp4collective commercial director // landscape painter at heart 😊

Half Dome from ‘Chongo’s Office’ - pen and ink on watercolor paper. One of my early pieces created in the dirt of @yosemitenps. “You only climb as hard as you rest” and over years that hard rest translated into art, film and photography. Lots of gratitude for all the support of @deanfidelman @highsteph and others in those early dirtbag days. ~

@thenorthface @thenorthface_climb

A ‘Brocken Spectre’ cast into the inversion layer as we descend to the underworld. This time of year Salt Lake City has some of the worst air quality on the planet with grey/brown smog from vehicles and industry trapped in the this inversion. Please visit @healutah to learn more and lend your voice for clean air!

Annual confession of love for this human, @taylorfreesolo, shot day 11 of barely sleeping or showering on the adventurous #greatwideopen shoot. @sonyalpha @manfrottoimaginemore #femalefilmmaker

Red Rocks. Pen & Ink on watercolor paper. Some of my fondest memories here are doing some really big days with @ivo_ninov linking up all the classics. #monkeymissions ~

Full uncut image on // link in bio

Need more monkey missions on Royal Arches in my life next year! ~ [@jaredleto #GreatWideOpen collection. @sonyalpha a7sii, 24-70 f4 lens] @thenorthface_climb

Castles in the Sand collection.

A memorable first time flying with @shotsfromabove around Tsé Biiʼ Ndzisgaii - valley of the rocks ~

@sonyalpha @adorama @manfrottoimaginemore

El Cap Summit Series. @yosemitenps bic pen and watercolor on paper. Spent this season living on top of El Cap working the FreeRider and doing art on my rest days. Good memories indeed. #Art #renanymous #oznan ~

@thenorthface_climb @deanfidelman @cedarwright #monkeylife #dirtbagdays

Lead photo by @shotsfromabove // Such a gift getting to fly with him this year witnessing the interconnectedness of earth from above. Sorry to miss his art show this Saturday - Any Taos, New Mexico friends scope it out!! ~~ aerial photography exhibition - Sat the 15th at the @farmhouse_taos. A celebration of our amazing lands and contemplation of our world situation... let’s figure this out together! Starts at 5 pm awesome live music by @woventalon !

#interconnectedness #ourplanetdaily #fantastic_earth #tippingpoint #hope

Burning bright. On the way home here from another @gatherfilm shoot on the White Mountain Apache reservation in Arizona. We had a special last night and home cooked meal from master chef @nephi_craig and his wonderful family. And it’s almost a wrap after more than a year telling the story of Native American food sovereignty across the reservations. Hopefully the light of this film will help Ancestral Food ways and healingbfind its way back into communities across the country. Thanks all for letting us tell your story! [fancy photo from unrelated ‘Under An Arctic Sky’ film time-lapse collection.] ~

@twila_cassadore_ @apachefarmer @mrsanjayr @daharbfilm @chzamag @tanya_meillier @ancestral_guard @chrisburkard @taylorfreesolo @sonyalpha @thecameradivision #gratitude

Repost from @taylorfreesolo - Renan just launched a new website to sell prints of his art and photos. I’m going to do the same soon! In the mean time @baloointhewild thought print sales needed a SALE component so, 15% off now through Jan 1! ***Code: baloo15*** Proceeds go to Renan’s dream of stepping away from film work for a month to focus on climbing and painting in the desert this winter. Which I’m in full support of because these are the things that make him most happy ☺️❤️” ~ [@joshuatreenps mixed media on arches watercolor paper]

A full spectrum of emotions on the most memorable day of shooting for the @gatherfilm feature doc. ~

This particular evening started by getting attacked (and almost having my camera batted out of my hands) by an angry Apache youth under the heavy substance influence. This location was the Bashas Parking lot, the local grocery store. Over the last year of shooting on the White Mountain Apache Reservation in Arizona, we’ve avoided this place as it seemed to be where the roughest characters congregate. Our first visit was with @nephi_craig picking up his daughter Kaya from school where he acted like it was a military strike operation to get her in and out quickly. ~

On this day we planned to meet @twila_cassadore_ there for a ‘Mothers Against Meth’ candlelight vigil. The scene was set with one of those desert rain storms where every 20 minutes or so sun comes through clouds and produces rainbows and sunshine while the rain keeps spattering. Nobody showed up initially for the gathering so for the next hour @twila_cassadore_ and I (and @daharbfilm @chzamag @mrsanjayr ) wandered the parking lot talking to hard up characters I never would have faced alone. ~

Twila is a master local food forager and part of the wave of natives changing the food and mental health narrative in Indian country, one of the heroes of the film. Like a lot of our characters she had been through some of the deepest traumas in her own life but has come out the other side with wisdom and abilities to heal. She approached each rough groups in the parking-lot with kindness and was able to recruit a few folks to attend the vigil. ~

Those moments were certainly among the most unexpectedly and meaning verite scenes of the entire film thus far. ~

Finally the storm subsided with dark eerie clouds still hanging low. As darkness fell, Twila led a small group in a healing ceremony holding candles lit in Dixie cups, sharing stories, singing songs. The same youth that scared me was still there, still belligerent but also holding a flame participating. Positive change happening right before our eyes. Fear to wonder to appreciation to hope. The full spectrum indeed.
#gatherfilm #gratitude

So cool the get word that our feature doc MOUNTAIN cleaned up at the AACTA (Australian Academy of Cinema and TV Arts) awards. ~

Best Cinematography // Best Sound // Best Original Music Score!! ~

So stoked to see this @jenpeedom masterpiece and team effort get recognized. The cinematography in the film was only a fraction of my own, more of a representation of the community as a whole and our collective passion for this space. Congrats to all!! ~

This film is an exploration of humanities deep and complicated relationship with mountains over time. The pull of the high peaks is something that has also been a force in my own life yet so hard to describe in a conversation. We hope this film will do it justice in an emotional way combining the best from the disciplines of music, writing and visuals! ~

Directed by @jenpeedom, narrated by Willem Dafoe, music selected/composed by Richard Tognetti and the @austchamberorchestra, script adapted by Robert McFarlane’s MOUNTAINS OF THE MIND book and footage shot/curated by myself and @camp4collective @sherpascinema. Quite the collaboration indeed! ~

on NETFLIX, iTunes etc if you haven’t seen it! ~

And for more mountain inspiration follow the characters/shooters of these majestic images: @sanctityofspace @davemossop @eric_crosland @johnnyvalentine @ansonfogel @joeyschusler @cedarwright @davidlama_official @jongriffithphotography @conrad_anker @jimmy_chin @mikeylikesrocks @alexhonnold @freddiewilkinson @hilareenelson @kilianjornet @coryrichards @timkemple @leohoorn and so many more!! #mountain #mountainmovie #filmmakingisateamsport #collaboration

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