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Renan Ozturk  @thenorthface climber // @natgeo @sonyalpha photojournalist // @camp4collective commercial director // landscape painter at heart 😊


We are still glowing from the last few days of witnessing the Parque Patagonia @kristine_tompkins @tompkins_conservation success story first hand!
Once an over-overgrazed sheep and cattle ranch these Patagonian steppe grasslands are now teeming with wildlife more than any other place we’ve seen on the planet.
@chrisburkard @_ryanhill_ @standtallest @uavantage @zacharialorenz @jamesqmartin @andresbozzolo

After 50 hours of straight travel the team stopped beside the road and communally stared blankly in awe of this place. Huge respect for @tompkins_conservation and the millions of acres of land they have protected over the years. ~ #patagonia @chrisburkard @jamesqmartin @_ryanhill_ @kristine_tompkins @standtallest #rewilding #tompkinsconservation

We’re mid-travel sequence here with @chrisburkard @jamesqmartin and friends to visit the Chilean Patagonian conservation areas that are a big part of the legacy of @thenorthface co-founder Doug Tompkins this week! ~

Since I’m bleary eyed and also still under the sinus infection spell from Nepal from my recent trip with @jetbutterflies, I’m sharing his visceral words with a photo of Ama Dablam just before sunrise: ~

Khumbu Cough.
It’s early morning now, and I’m on a train to the airport. The sun is crawling up over London, grey and serious, plated with gold. The train cab is heavy with our silence and our luggage. We look down at our feet. We wonder if we will make our flights.

I’m having a hard time grasping that only two weeks ago, I was keeping company with giants - weary and entirely alive on the tail end of a month amongst the high, cold, and sacred Himalayas.
I thought that maybe more if that place would have stayed with me. Changed my skin or my gait somehow. But it hasn’t.
I’m just another commuter today. Another man staring at his phone while the sunrise burns outside, ignored.

The only noticeable legacy I can claim is a lingering and occasionally serious cough. In the mornings it still leaves me doubled over, gasping for air. It breaks the silence on the train. People look at me without directly looking. I sound terrible. I’m not embarrassed.
There is some solace in knowing that perhaps a bit of that place is still in me. Itching. Fighting to be heard. Irritating the square life I’m in. Shaking it up. Keeping me company until I’m once again back and healthy and free. #nepaliloveyou #cough #lookonthebrightside

Dampened footsteps in a quiet Bagan temple. @taylorfreesolo and I stayed in Myanmar after the rest of the team went home from the epic ‘down to nothing’ @natgeo @thenorthface #MynamarClimb expedition . We searched for unexpected cultural moments and all you can eat buffets (to gain back the weight we had lost in the jungle) in this exploding hub of tourism.

A sketch from the early days. I had finished college, gave away my belongings and committed myself 100% to climbing and art in this place. I didn’t even have a sleeping pad or climbing parters at first but everything came in good time. I can unequivocally say this place had an impact me more than any other. It wasn’t only the climbing but also the reverence for the antiquities around every twist and turn. Now more than ever we are lucky to have the @accessfund to take up a lawsuit to adequately protect this place.
Hit the link in the bio to help the fight, this is the big one we need to come together on! ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽 #bearsearsnationalmonument #protectbearsears @protectbearsears

Photo by @taylorfreesolo, words by our dog child @baloointhewild // Humans are such visual creatures. Looking and learning and sharing with their weird eyeballs and metal photo-making contraptions and tiny glowing screens. Don’t get me wrong, they are my pack and together we eat and all that. But so strange their ways of perception. I learn smelling the tracks of others. Sense meaning through the tiny vibrations of the soft hairs in my big ears. Leave my mark on the world with... well... you know. I also don’t get too wound up in the details or the “stories”. But hey, I’m a dog. You’re a human. Just saying. There are options in how you engage with life. 🐾 #monumentvalley #protectbearsears

Happiness overflow in the jungle mountain village of Sadi, Nepal. See @dzifoundation for more images of remote nepal and the positive development work taking place #nepaliloveyou ~

@jetbutterflies @climber.abiral

Golden hour over the dunes with @shotsfromabove @chrisburkard ~

Camera talk - In my early days coming out of landscape painting and using cameras for the first time I was often reprimanded by my peers for shooting too much with the fisheye. Fair enough, I didn’t know what I was doing and it was a cop out for not being able to find a frame with tighter lens. Plus I learned that the distortion at the edges of the frame for people in particular can make most images not usable by publications like @natgeo. Now, I mostly shoot 24mm or tighter but there are certain cases where I love to break the that rule like for landscape and time-lapse. This particular shot was using the ultra-sharp 10mm Voigtländer hyperwide lens to be able to get as much of the landscape and trike as possible in the frame...and great cinematic sun star. It’s the widest e-mount lens that exists (I think) that is also rectilinear (not as distorted / straight horizon) and great tool for specialized wide shots. Hope to but this to use the #bearsearsnationalmonument #escalantenationalmonument soon! @sonyalpha @thenorthface #protectbearsears ~

@rudy.le @snackfarmer @tentides @devlin_gandy @radiantimages #voightlander10mm

Just relax and enjoy the soothing colors through the night [Iceland 2016 @camp4collective collection]

We will not fade gently into the night! ~

The fight is on and the @accessfund is filing a law suit to defend #bearsearsnationalmonument and stop the president from cutting its sacred lands by 85%. ~

Good news is the Kickstarter initiated by @ducttapethenbeer has reached it’s goal for an education Center with a huge 100k donation from @thenorthface and all of you!! But we still need any level of support folks can give to the law suit. ~

See link in my bio to donate and check out the @accessfund fund feed tmr as I’ll be sharing more imagery and stories from my formative years in Bears Ears. This is the big one we have to act on, so lucky to have the @accessfund going to bat! #protectbearsears @protectbearsears @brady_robinson @chrisburkard @tentides @shotsfromabove @snackfarmer @rudy.le

Installation art by @ben_knight // The president stole your land. In an illegal move, the president just reduced the size of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monuments. This is the largest elimination of protected land in American history. #protectbearsears ~ 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼see link in profile to see what we can do now 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 @protectbearsears @accessfund

Photos and words by @toriduhaime from the front lines of Trumps visit to Salt Lake City today // please see link still in profile to show your support 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 ~ “Dear Donald Trump @realdonaldtrump ,
Welcome to Utah. This state is home to 3.11 million people, 6 federally recognized Native Tribes, and 84,889 square miles of beautiful rivers, mountains, and desert landscapes. Our air quality is insufferable, our winter is delayed due to climate change, and coal mining is a heavy influence in these problems. Today you have arrived in this high desert to illegally and dramatically reduce the area of public land that was instilled by two previous presidents, honoring these 6+ tribes, Mother Nature herself, and the respect of the untouched wild. You claim this choice is for the communities who rely on the economy of coal and I acknowledge your sad attempt to humanize your greed, but I believe we can better serve those communities with education and resources to shift to sustainable energy. Moreover, before you make this motion, we ask of this. Go to Grand Staircase and Bears Ears yourself. Remove the casing around your feet and step outside your pressed suit. Feel the desert wind touch your skin, breathe the air that has not yet been effected, and sink into the silence that the canyon walls insulate. If the desert can’t make even you feel at momentary peace, then we have further proof of your lack of humanity and unfit presidency because no amount of money or ignorance should be any match for the grandeur of these lands. Our land. Land that has been built over millions of years by elements we will never be able to control. We cannot bring back what will be destroyed by this change. Your efforts are better put forth in changing how we consume and create our resources, not how we can capitalize on what was never made for our taking to begin with. Do not disrespect what you know nothing of. See you on the steps of the capitol.”
#protectbearsears #savegrandstaircase

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