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Renan Ozturk  @Camp4Collective Filmmaker // @TheNorthFace Climber // @NatGeo photographer // Landscape Artist at heart :)

@steckueli flying off the summit of Mont Blanc a few years back on a project we worked on together. Ueli's contagious and playful energy in the mountains always reminded me of the muppets character Kermit The Frog. Motivated, smiling and showing us the limits of human physicality and spirit. RIP. #swissmachine

Proud of all those marching today and making a statement about climate change. Even in my short lifetime it's been startling to see first hand places that used to have snow and glaciers melt out and fade away. To me the high mountains always feel more 'alive' when covered in snow and ice. A lot of recent trips to the Himalaya have shown the irreversible warming, glaciers are melting out and the even elders know why. While I still fly often for work, I'm choosing to #actonclimate by living in a passive solar home, driving an electric car, cutting out factory farmed meat and dairy from my diet, and doing as much as I can. ~

Photo of me by @cedarwright on our mission to make the first ascent of the SW Cat Ear Spire in Pakistan's Trango Valley, one of the spikey summits in the center of the frame. @thenorthface

Sunrise at Swayambhunath AKA the 'monkey temple' shot pre-earthquake during the @sherpacinemas #intothemind film! ~

It may never be the same. A lot of the surrounding structures are still in rubble or in the middle of a slow meticulous rebuild process. On a positive note the earthquake did provide access to inner chambers inside the stupah. The found ancient objects (not to be removed) like 'dZI' beads and other relics are new clues that talented archeologists are using to bring more stories of this special place to life. @davemossop @bushywayne @camp4collective @dzifoundation #nepaliloveyou

Home life can be stressful. I write emails from dawn to midnight, stumble during conference calls, sweat my way through all the mind-numbing producing that happens between projects and stories. But then this unpredictable creature @taylorfreesolo dances around our kitchen in her sleeping-bag "dress" and reminds me to look out the window. Watch the spring snow fall. Witness the late afternoon light as it stops time for a few seconds. @thenorthface @chloebartoli @bartolistyle @sonyalpha @parkcitydesignbuild

Echoing the words from @thenorthface in this important time of change - "In our country’s infancy, our leaders had the brilliance and foresight to protect our nation’s epic natural lands, not for business, but to feed our souls and create life-long conservationists. Most notably among these was Teddy Roosevelt and his powerful vision to enact the 1906 American Antiquities Act. Consider for a moment a world without the sacred rocks and stone temples of our heritage, or without the great ranges and life-supporting waters, open to all and owned by all, who wish to connect with the natural world. We fundamentally believe our National Monuments, Parks and public lands are vital shared spaces and any attempt to change them threatens our heritage, destroying part of the very core of who we have become as a nation. It also erodes the livelihood of 7.6 million people who are employed in outdoor recreation. We stand with the outdoor industry, our customers and the overwhelming majority of Americans who oppose any legislation that would reduce or devalue our National Monuments, Parks and public lands. Protecting and preserving access to these places is core to our mission to enable all people to explore outdoors." #NeverStopExploring

@freddiewilkinson and Zack Smith eyeing out the descent after the first ascent of the South Face of the Mooses Tooth in @denalinps. Stay tuned for more adventures soon in this vast landscape. @thenorthface @sanctityofspace @bluewaterropes

Show time. Headed to the world premiere of "Under An Arctic Sky" film @tribeca film festival today! Looking forward to seeing the final cut on the big screen with a captive audience. Big thanks to the talented team who worked so hard to bring this to life! ~

@chrisburkard photo!! with @taylorfreesolo @sweatpantsmedia @benweiland @heidarlogi @arcticsurfers @jquinny @timmymissions @hogstine @zellnerdy @ellithor @russell_holliday @auroraarktika and many more!

For Earth Day I wanted to explain how what we witnessed during the @natgeo @thenorthface #TheLastHoneyHunter expedition changed my worldview. I couldn't quite articulate it so here is the wisdom from @jetbutteflies: ~

In Nepal’s remote Hongu River valley, the Kulung tribe still practice an ancient and powerful form of animism that is overseen by local shamans. For the Kulung, the entire universe is encapsulated within this isolated watershed. The very first humans descended from the snowy Himalayan peaks to the north almost twenty generations ago. The Kulung know that when they die, their souls will join a growing congress of ancestors that live under the massive rock outcropping to the south. ~

One does not choose to become a shaman. Rather, the spirits come to select individuals during their dreams and possess them. Thus conscripted, the shamans find their sacred tools using their intuition and dreams as guidance. They sew sacred headdresses from porcupine quills and perform healing and religious functions for the communities - often at great physical and psychic cost to themselves. ~

In the west, we struggle to find connection with our own place in the world - to understand our own traditions, dreams and messages from our own ancestors. Earth Day is a start. We are creating our own rituals and striving for a connection to the soil from which we have all risen, and into which we will all someday return. ~

Also we are proud to announce that the World Premiere for the film will be held at this years @mountainfilm festival in Telluride!! ~

@irving_matthew @sadiequarrier @dzifoundation @ben_knight @taylorfreesolo @m_synnott

A young Kulung Rai boy with a doko basket full of greens making his way out of the forest and back to the village of Saddi, Nepal. During our @natgeo #TheLastHoneyHunter expedition we saw startling change and modernization with the younger generations in this remote shamanistic community. But at moments like this we also realized the core of this culture and its traditions are as deeply rooted as it's jungle home. ~

@irving_matthew @sadiequarrier @jetbutterflies

A woman turns a newly-built prayer wheel in the tiny settlement of Ngawal, Manang Valley, Nepal. Like the rapid increase in global communications and connectivity, small roads are expanding across Nepal’s steep hills at an alarming rate. Before this, amenities like cement or acrylic paint were rare due to the cost and difficulty of transport. ~

Directly across the small town square from the prayer wheel stands an ancient willow tree, upwards of five feet in diameter and a medieval Buddhist chorten. The tree was planted by the first settlers to Ngawal, centuries and countless generations ago. ~

While the exteriors have changed, the fundamentals of village life are so far remaining constant. ~

Words by @jetbutterflies! with @climber.abiral @sodapopchamling @rudy.le @pasang_lhamu_sherpa_akita @yeti @thenorthface @camp4collective @sonyalpha

Three years ago today we were in Everest basecamp when a 30-million-pound block of ice collapsed above the treacherous icefall on the standard climbing route. It killed 16 Nepalese high-altitude workers. ~

Our goal going into the season was to document the Sherpas perspective on Everest over the years—this was the breaking point for the high-altitude workforce and a chance to portray the state of affairs and lack of government support. This accident did not slow down the international desire to stand on top of the world. But it did shift the way in which these workers are compensated and insured. The season was canceled, and it became clear to the world that to summit Everest requires the support of these Nepalese people. ~

To learn more and support the Nepalese workers please visit @khumbuclimbingcenter @thejuniperfund #sherpafilm ~

Film is available on in the US and iTunes in Australia and New Zealand.

The moon setting and sun rising time-lapse over the mighty 7000 meter peaks of the Annapurna massif. ~

Nerd talk: I've always loved the 'wash to white' that happens when you lock the manual exposure and let the camera run from night to day. It provides a nice point to cut to in the edit. Plus having it manual ensures there is no flicker. Nothing too fancy- shooting RAW at a 30 sec exposures with a @coreswx battery to power the @sonyalpha through the freezing Himalayan night. #fomas #timelaspeaddict ~

With @jetbutterflies @climber.abiral @rudy.le @camp4collective @pasang_lhamu_sherpa_akita @sodapopchamling @yeti @thenorthface

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