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Renan Ozturk  @Camp4Collective Filmmaker // @TheNorthFace Climber // @NatGeo photographer // Landscape Artist at heart :)

Making a film is often a long icy road. Proud of my buddy @chrisburkard for committing to the full creative endeavor with his latest longer-form surf adventure film based in Iceland! link to the kickstarter going on now in profile.

Among other 'firsts' on this projects, today we experienced the most deafening thunder of our lives. ⚡️⚡️⚡️ ~ @j.j.kelley @elaishastokes @taylorfreesolo @natgeochannel @camp4collective @taniarashid @aldo_astoria @sonyalpha #camp4pix

A UN convoy on the jungle road in North Kivu, Democratic Republic Of Congo. It's been quite the bumpy road the last few days covering a story for @natgeochannel #explorer on the path of gold. An epi-pen injection after a scary hornet sting reaction and 4 hour full-body screaming itch, a drone finger strike emergency room visit, malaria meds, constant Benadryl, 100% deet spray downs, and the start to two different types of antibiotics have created quite the cocktail in my system to kick things off in this foreign land. @taylorfreesolo keeps reminding me, "just think on the bright side, no leeches!" ~

Why is one of the poorest countries on the planet the richest in resources? Gold, tin, copper, coltan, elements that make a lot of our modern electronics function are abundant here but the methods of extraction to bring them to market are devious and complex. It's a privilege to be here first hand and try to bring back a little slice of the story with a very talented crew - @j.j.kelly @elaishastokes @taylorfreesolo @natgeochannel @camp4collective @taniarashid @aldo_astoria @sonyalpha #camp4pix

Female pronghorn moving through Bears Ears National Monument. #standwithbearsears @jasoninthehouse @sonyalpha @thenorthface

@taylorfreesolo ❤🐒 ~

Photo by @treefighter in Bears Ears National Monument #indiancreek #standwithbearsears #especiallyonloveday

A little slice of Utah public lands that is part of Bears Ears National Monument. This area hold a special place in my heart and is my biggest source of pride as a Utah resident. ~

The fact that some of biggest brands in the outdoor industry have pulled out of the OR show this summer and the gathering of the tribes is bound to move to another state is quite grim. Get it together Utah, let's keep Bears Ears and the OR show! #standwithbearsears @jasoninthehouse @thenorthface

Earth's highest point shot with the talented @sherpascinema director @davemossop...see @instagram stories for some behind the scenes madness of this shot. @thenorthface #fomas #timelapseaddict #everest #chomolungma #intothemind @camp4collective

Yosemite dreaming... ~

Turtle Rock timelapse shot for @natgeo Yosemite climbing story a few years back. #timelapseaddict #fomas #granite @yosemitenps @mike.gauthier @thenorthface #publiclands

Kathmandu community hour. Looking forward to a Spring filled with more adventures in Nepal! #nepaliloveyou @camp4collective @jetbutterflies @dzifoundation @thenorthface @yeti @sonyalpha