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rena lawrence  there are far, far better things ahead than what i leave behind. πŸ‘»: renajellybeena

I've been praying for you - you're my Sunday candy 🍭#4daysold #icansleepwhenimdead #navylawrence

Soon-to-be best friends. We've had a great first day! Happy 24 hours to member four⚑️#navylawrence

This fresh baby is our Navy Claire Charlotte and I am so in love! We had a beautiful labor and delivery and she was born today, May 19, at 4:25pm weighing 8lbs, 9oz - same as her brother 😍 #thisisheavenonearth #happybirthdaybeautiful

After a fun and full day of errands, chores (including cleaning smeared poo), cooking, and baking, before sitting down for dinner, I realized I forgot to get a due-date picture. So here we are: super grubby, stain on my tank top, hair in a top knot, pantless and hangry Casper kissing me (to earn a date) for a picture to commemorate and celebrate reaching 280 days of gestating baby #2. Appropriate that it fell on Mother's Day but I'm pretty sure she's staying put for at least another week 😏 (Thanks Lucas for making me pose for a picture. You're right - it doesn't matter)

Happy Mother's Day to the most gorgeous, kind, giving, helpful human I know! #mymom

Real Moment: We've been meeting with a (incredible) financial advisor who is helping us with our goals and giving wise advice about our budget, spending, and investment for security and the future. It's been a total blessing but also a terrifying reality - things are TIGHT. I've truly always had fear when it comes to money. But I've never had something in place which would demand as much diligence as this will. So I'm equal parts excited and ready to take on the challenge but also dreading the thought of sacrifice or failing. One thing he said was if there's something you want to attain and it's outside of the current budget, you have to work your side hustle to earn it. For some, this means finding extra hours or a side gig or working extra hard to climb the corporate ladder at their day job. Maybe it means selling their handmade artisan art pieces on Etsy or at markets. Maybe it means that a stay at home mom takes care of other people's kids. There are limitless options to increasing your income so you can earn that trip, or put your kids in dance, or whatever. I'm seriously SO GLAD I found one that works for me and one that WORKS. One that I don't have to slave away at day in and day out, which I can easily fit into my life without sacrificing the other things I love. One that I don't lose sleep over -- wondering if it's going to sink or swim or if I'll break even. The future is still unknown but I do not have fear about whether or not I'll be doing this or "if" it will be giving me what I need. I have so much confidence in this side business of mine and how much it's going to help me and my family with our lifestyle and freedom goals. I don't want to CONVINCE anyone to do what I'm doing... I just want to express how much it's been blessing me because it could be that same blessing for others. It's not mine to hoard 😏Even if you don't join me, if you've ever thought about jumping into something that totally scares you so that you can make a dream a reality, just do yourself a big one and dig deeper. Don't rule anything out! You seriously never know what could come out of one small, scared moment of "ok I'll try." #inspiration #randf #lifechangingskincare

Absolutely dying that I couldn't be there today to celebrate the beautiful amazing couple that you are Emily and Oliver. I hope you had slash are having the most gorgeous day filled with memories that will comfort and warm your heart for decades to come! Happy wedding day to my stunning friend πŸ’›πŸ‘°πŸΌπŸ€΅πŸ»#thebanyards


Really blessed to have these amazing ladies (+ @adjlindemulder!!) come and gather and feast in honour of pending baby girl! Special thanks @avereecr for serving such a delicious meal (and @bujegrl_kc for grinding those coffee beans!)
Now cmon baby! πŸŽ€ #yay #squad #babysprinkle

I loved celebrating this boys birthday yesterday - and even more so celebrating the person he is in these last few weeks before his sister arrives. My heart is so delighted by watching you grow and learn, Casper. You are curious, cautious, social, and love to make everyone around you laugh! You have an uncanny memory that blows me away every day and I have so much fun interacting with you and your fascinating brain and getting to know you more and more. May your days be filled with dogs, helicopters, sausage, and watermelon! #casperlawrence πŸΆπŸšπŸŒ­πŸ‰

You know the 2nd child syndrome is real when this unacceptable mirror selfie taken in the restroom of a bratwurst joint is the best bump pic you got 🚽🌭 #37weekspregnant #curatedlife

Our newest family member was welcomed today 🐐@dailygoat

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