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Ollie 🍩  UX Engineer | Artist | (Aspiring) Photographer | DM me if you'd like to collab!

"I found you.
My life has changed noticeably because of you.
I want to help you achieve your visions.
I want to support you in living a fuller life.
I love you,
And I want you to love yourself."
- delu β™‘
I'm so excited for my photo shoot with Kripa on Sunday! Things haven't been the easiest but friends who pick you up when you're down are the best.

"Maybe you expected different of yourself, maybe media taught you a narrative that featured a different outcome, maybe other people signaled that they expected a different reaction but that isn't actually what happened. You don't so much choose to react that way as cultivate a personhood that does since emotional reactions are outside your control and thus aloof of judgment."
Quote by my dear friend Nick Kumamoto, on the topic of projection and self-acceptance.

The houses on our side have been abandoned. / They laugh and stop to watch us. / We cannot understand. / Habit is the explanation of why /
We seem to forget things so quickly. / But we do not forget. / We forget nothing really.
An excerpt from found poetry I wrote in eighth grade. I'd like to be able to connect more with people on here. How do you define home in your life?

Between two points, I finally stopped tracing the ghost of your outline.

Today is really meaningful to me because I shot the first photo of mine that I'm actually happy with. You could argue that her knee coming up in this photo is distracting or there's a lot of other things not working. Or you don't even feel a personal connection with her.
This is a photo of my best friend from high school, whom I shared lunch with every day of senior year after my dad passed away from brain cancer. She's not good with emotions and honestly sometimes wouldn't know what to do when I started crying randomly. Someone I care about immensely introduced me to the album I See You by The xx earlier this year. I mention this album because not only is it a great album, but when I see her eyes in this photo, that's my perception of how she saw me: "I see you, stronger than you were four years ago. I see you, eyes filled with love for your craft."
P.S.: She was probably thinking of chicken katsu, to be fully honest. But also, please actually follow @ray_c_rebirth. I've still got so much improvement to make photography wise but he's been the most amazing mentor and deserves the love.

Counting down the days πŸ˜‡
Shot about a year ago when I didn't even know the difference between aperture and shutter speed but was still shooting manual. Thanks to everyone following my journey of self improvement and cheering me on recently. You mean the world to me.

Last night I honestly felt like I hit a wall. I wasn't sure if I was on the right path career wise or if things were going to work out at all. I'm grateful I got to see my pardner @giveherthederek today cuhs I was reminded that it's when things don't go as planned that we learn so much more, that it's in the struggle we grow as people and recognize our strength. :)


Nights like this remind me that I never stopped seeing the stars in your eyes, never stopped wanting to fall asleep next to you while listening to Redbone.
Special thanks to @ray_c_rebirth for making this shot possible. #astrophotography #lickobservatory #nikond3300

Thanks for capturing me in my zone. Every day I'm working to become a beast at programming, design, photography, and krav maga. I'm so happy to be back on my feet fighting for everything I'm passionate about. #forestphotography

Can you tell we're related? Thanks to everyone who came out to see me walk with my stole basically falling off. #gradumucated

Blessed to have this baddie for my roommate (aka the sweetest person in the world whose poor soul has been traumatized by my dance moves).
πŸ“·: @spencer_raines

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