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Serena Abweh  ✧ 47kg Powerlifter || Artist || Chef / Baker ✧ 18 years old ✧ Ed survivor ♡ Art page @rena_doodles YouTube ⬇️

🐆 #cleanroomswag 😎

Some workout clips from yesterday :) 5x5 high (145 lbs) and low bar squats (165lbs), bench 115 4x1 and 105 5x5. And some body building stuff
Feeling a lot more confident with my squats and bench. 115 use to be such a grinder for me and now it feels like a warm up 👅 yay progress

Don’t let anyone take away your happiness OK... ok 😊😊

Whenever I’m having bad days, especially when it comes to body image struggles, Something that always helps me out a bit is to look at old picture of myself in the past a remind myself how far I’ve come. Not so much the physical part, but the mental part. Reminding myself how miserable I felt in all my old pictures really motivates me to keep pushing and keep doing what I’m doing. I can go on and on about body image struggles because it’s something I still deal with a lot but I’ll just say this... if you’re struggling today, put on some comfy clothes, don’t stand in front of the mirror and knit pick yourself apart it will just make you more miserable, go out and do something that makes you happy! Like I went to the gym and killed my workout, focused on all that my body does for me and how grateful I am to have the ability to even lift, get stronger and progress. Once you focus on that more than how you look, you’ll view yourself in a more positive perspective. Just like how we all should because we are all awesome and unique. Nothing is wrong with our bodies, we just need to start being nicer to them and love em :)

I have no idea what to do with my arms in this pic but that’s ok because you can’t see them anyway HAHA

Portland changed me already. Hippie vibez ✌️☮️ #kombucha #yoga #quirky
Shorts: @feedmefightme 💙

Not to flex on y’all but look at my new headphones 🤭💯#airpods😍🎧 block outs all the grunts in the gym, highly recommend.
Anyway here’s some boring n random vids of my workout today 😤

Cold wind blows

deadlifts and leg stuff from today. My deadlift form has been struggling lately because I absolutely suck at pulling the slack out of the bar. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me lol 😭so going to take down the weight and focus on form for this training cycle. I really just want deadlifts to love me😔❤️ What lift do you guys struggle with the most?

Queen 👑😩 at awkward poses

64 lbs ➡️ 106 lbs 😇 Never give up on yourself, no matter how badly you want to. Something good always comes out of your struggle. You just have to be strong enough to fight through it to get to the good part ❤️ #welcometomytedtalk

Stepping out tonight
Jk I wish
I’m bored

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