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Wanted to post a little throwback with one of the best things to happen in my life. You're always there for me on those long nights, whenever I'm stressed or just need a moment to relax. So thank you, beer. Also, this is my girlfriend Stacey, she's really great and I love her a lot.

It's time to show some more insta-love to one of my best friends back home, @aaronbrockovich !! This dude has been making some of the dopest music over the past few years. We've been doing this music thing since we met in high school as we churned out killer, soulful R&B videos on youtube 😅 . Since he picked up Ableton, he has demonstrated that his ear for music can't be put in a box, and that his range is bound to please the ears of many. Do yourself a favor and hit his SoundCloud channel @aaronbrockovich where you can hear his creations; the video above is his latest, 'break.'

good music and good family :)

HBD TO MY FAVORITE DUDE!! he's a stud now but hell always be a lil chubbiboi in my eyes <3 give my boy some love!!

tbt with my main man!

Social media can be a tricky subject; it has its ugly side, being sometimes selective and disingenuous. It also has its bright side, highlighting and spreading beauty and talents quicker than we ever could have imagined. So, I wanted to start to use mine not just as an opportunity to show you my own life, but also as a platform to promote people and ideas that I think are worth spreading.
I'm dedicating this first post to my brother, Noah, who has been working his ass off with @richardkikuo to create Orange Radio, an independent radio station hosted in San Francisco. They broadcast daily, bringing in numerous artists from all ends of the creative spectrum in order to create a unique listening experience that, in my opinion, gives you the rare opportunity to leave your comfort zone comfortably. There's always something new and intriguing to listen to; the discussion interweaved between the setlist sets a pleasant pace for their endeavors.
I've always looked up to my brother for his drive in what he does, and his creative direction. I hope you'll give them a listen; you can find their daily updates at @orange_radio on Instagram, and listen to them on

P.S. Keep an eye out as I'll be hosting my own hour soon to debut my upcoming EP :)

Finally got to see RHCP, the greatest band in the world, with my bro the other night!!! This night has been years in the making. We've been playing their songs on the guitar and bass since the 5th grade. No doubt one of my biggest musical inspirations. Shoutout to my parents for buying us those music books as kids and to my aunt @poupsiedaisy for showing us these geniuses. Flea's ridiculous rants between songs was worth the price of admission alone. #rhcp

Love for my grandma, her own momma and the women that came after her for everything that they've done for me

made a lil remix of the babe Latrelle. Give it a listen :) links in the bio

KorovaBoyz™ 📸@aaronbrockovich

some cold ducks in Bend, Oregon

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