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Recently Judah had his third and FINAL High Risk Assessment and the verdict was he’s completely fine! Cognitively, physically, developmentally and just about every which way he tested perfectly. Very exited, happy and grateful!

We have been meeting with a speech therapist for the last several weeks. While Judah doesn’t show any signs of a development disorder he does have what the experts call a “speech delay”. For nearly a year after his birth he was very isolated as his immune system had to take time to build and develop and this prevented him from having very much interaction and socialization (especially with kids his age). Thankfully we’re past all of that and it’s amazing hearing Judah start to talk!
Bottom line is we’re in a very good place and I’m very proud of Judah! He was pretty exhausted after all the tests and took a nice long nap!
Thank you everyone for your continued prayers and love! They continue to mean the world to me! #remscape #joshuajcordero #judahaslan #familylife #valleychildrenshospital #myson #myboy #prouddad #singleparenting #parenting #parentinglife #toddlerboy #canon #canonusa #canonuser #canon1dxmarkii

Exactly two weeks after Allison left this world, Judah was discharged from the hospital and we found ourselves without a home of our own. My parents lovingly opened their doors to their son and grandson where for twenty months the four of us shared a home. During that time my parents carried me emotionally, helped support us financially and relentlessly loved on Judah and I in every way imaginable. Their encouragement helped me decide to re-open my business and more importantly challenged me to be a better and confident single parent.
Now the time has come for the next transition in our journey. During the last few weeks Judah and I have moved out of my parents house and settled into a home of our own. This was initially quite….scary. The thought of having our own place to manage, continue operating my own business, all the financial responsibilities and most importantly ensuring I was spending time with my son seemed…daunting.
Yet, as I continually ask myself, “How am I going to do this?” I am reminded of the words my sister, Kelly, told me when shortly after Allison’s death, holding a small and fragile Judah, I wept and asked her that same question. Her response was simple, “With the same grace and excellence Allison would have.”
I would be unable to act with neither grace nor excellence if it weren’t for my loving parents who continue to shower Judah and I with love, the friends who have become pillars of support, the community who cheers me on and the God who remains the anchor in my spirit.
Thank you everyone. I love you. Judah and I are home. “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” Hebrews 6:19 #remscape #joshuajcordero #judahaslan

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