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Remote Year  You bring the job, we provide the adventure. Travel the world while working remotely. #RemoteYear Get started here:

Marrakech, color coordinating the marketplace like nowhere else 💙 | 📸 @morpazorp | #RemoteYear #Marrakech #RYSisu

We're New York bound! With our upcoming Future of Work Summit being held in NYC this year, we're readying ourselves for two days of culture, technology & shaping what the future of work will look like. This April 23rd - 24th, we'll be joined by some of the top minds & talent that are leading the way in this movement | 📸@saunakspace |💡 @fiverr @wearestylus @vaynermedia @thrillist @halfhalftravel | #RYFOW18

I started practicing Yoga for the same reason I started travelling; the need to stay grounded & spiritually fulfilled whilst I explore and learn from this crazy world 🌍 | Meet @ashmayfair - #RYAurora Remote & Filmmaker. Ash has been practicing yoga for 2 years and since joining RY has started hosting classes for her fellow remotes throughout the working week | #RemoteYear

We’ll soon be joining #RYAurora for a Wisdom Drop & Startup Mixer at @selinathenomad coworking space in #Medellin 👩‍💻 | The event will be focussed around Building Resilient Startup Ecosystems with personal lessons shared from location independent entrepreneurs. Join the event in our story & share the lessons you’ve learned along the way 📚 | W/ @jenryucho @katherineconaway @jr.newfield @andreibeno | #RemoteYear #startup

This week we’re in Colombia with #RYAurora. Today we’re learning about Colombia’s rich coffee history at a farm just outside of Medellín| Join the track with us in our story 👣 | #RemoteYear #Colombia

#RYCitizen @justinpoore is taking you around the world, one vlog at a time. Join the journey 👉🎥😍| #RemoteYear #Cuba #Havana #Nanana

Program Leader @bonjourchocolat_ has gone from Marrakech to Cape Town. Let's get this year started 👒| 📸💬 @bonjourchocolat_ | #RemoteYear #RYAtlas #RYStaff

New workspace vibes 😍🤤| 📸💬 @sadieteper | #RYEarhart #RemoteYear #Bogotá

@austin_langlois from #RYExcelsior experienced the stunning city of #Lisbon as part of his first month on program. 👉Swipe through some of his shots from around the city 👉 | #RemoteYear #Lisboa

'Harmonious Chaos' the perfect words to describe this city ❤️ Although it may appear disorganized and cluttered, everything in Hanoi just seems to work! 🙌
So happy to be back here for a second time in 2018 🙏 | 📸💬 @stephsocial | #RYKanyini #RemoteYear #Hanoi

The most asked question... Shulie, are you coming home?
Me: Where is home? Home is where I am when the sun sets. | 📸💬@shuliegib_speechienomad | #RYEarhart #RYNation #RemoteYear

Month 12: Lima, Peru. After 12 months travelling and living together it was time to say goodbye, so we packed our bags for one last adventure. We were all savaged by Peruvian ankle biting grass fleas. The tropical strength bug repellent Laurent had been carrying since Asia finally came in handy. Beach and Pedro cooked up a storm, Zoe mastered her handstand, and Sutton cried like a baby. We danced into the night, and no one lost their phone. It’s been 2 months since the end of Remote Year, I still think about everybody all the time… | 💜 @jay_dred #RY12MonthsIn12Days #Peru

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