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Famed editor and bon vivant Ben Bradlee probably wouldn't recognize his former Georgetown residence—it's been remodeled in a style that's far more European than preppy—but it's nevertheless his kind of place: an elegant home designed for entertaining and filled with family mementos. Tap the link in our bio for a tour. | Design by @laurenwegel | 📸 by Richard Barnes

How would you describe this bedroom in one word? Let us know in the comments below. | Design by @heincozzi | 📸 by @justine.hand

What’s your favorite design element of this farmhouse kitchen? Let us know in the comments below. | Design by @anthonyeesteves | 📸 by @gretarybus

There’s a quiet revolution going on inside a remodeled church in Rockland, Maine: artist and curator Donna McNeil has turned it into a haven for working artists (including herself). Check out our story for a look inside. | 📸 by @gretarybus

Populated with finds from more than 40 years of antiquing together, Sharon and Paul Mrozinski's new digs on the island of Vinalhaven is both their home and the new site of their antique store, @marstonhouse. Tap the link in our bio for a tour. | 📸 by @justine.hand

Beach house palette inspiration: traditional shingle and clapboard updated with a modern noir hue for dramatic contrast. | Design by @heincozzi | 📸 by @justine.hand

Of-the-moment viticulturist Cédric Bouchard, his wife Émilie, and their two small daughters live in a painstakingly renovated manor house in the Champagne region of France. The historic details have been preserved, but they've filled the interiors with of-the-moment furniture and a streamlined @vipp kitchen. Tap the link in our bio for a look inside. | 📸 c/o @vipp

We're calling this style "sculptural minimalism," and this might just be the best example we've seen. Tap the link in our bio for a look at the rest of the house. | Design by @pierre.yovanovitch

If you need us, we’ll be here 👆(all weekend long). | Design by @heincozzi | 📸 by @justine.hand

Dark + moody dream space 🖤 | Design by @mad_about_the_house | 📸 by @arorygardiner

To be filed under hauntingly beautiful: An artist couple's English townhouse, complete with cabinets salvaged from the science department of a girls' school in London. Step inside via the link in our bio. | 📸by @janbaldwin

We’d love to host Sunday dinner in this dining room, as chosen by you in this week’s #rmreaderschoice poll. | Design by @_nunenune_ | 📸 by @nicole_franzen

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