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Such an honor to be a part of @hypebeastmag’s 20th issue, The X. Big thank you to @kvn.wong, @jofujo, @kevinma, and the entire @hypebeast team for this one.

A Conversation with Advisory Board Crystals: Exploring the Irony in "Failed Fantasies" via. @hbx ⛓in biography.

For those interested, Advisory Board Crystals presents, “Failed Fantasies” in partnership with @hbx.
Inspired by the intersection of Brutalism,
Hollywoodland, and Hong Kong Island as
aspects of Utopian worlds that never were.

In depth research on a major proponent of Brutalism, Le Corbusier, is shown throughout this collection as his ideals are ever-present. “THE PLAN MUST RULE” was a motto of the forefather of Brutalism and has been one of the Abc. Studio.
An illustration of “useful” and “useless” consumer goods, directly referenced from an original 1930’s Le Corbusier book, is seen in the collection on a proprietary multiple dye processes crystal infused and painted shirt.
Le Corbusier was adamant on creating and sustaining the idea of the “Radiant City.” Anything not necessary to the success of that was seen as a frivolity. The irony of this message in a commerce-centric environment is the epitome of a Failed Fantasy.
Failed Fantasies is also shown through the Abc. Institute of Arts and Sciences. As outsiders to a foreign land, the research division approached this project with the feeling of being lost in translation. Information labels applied to the institute travel shirts echo this ideal as almost a reference to one being lost themselves in a foreign land.
Uncovering the origin of the “Failed Fantasies” Popup location, The Landmark, the research team found this was once the site of the Hong Kong Hotel. At one point in time a thing of beauty and a grand beacon of luxury and hope. The site is now a shopping mall. A vintage luggage tag was found with the hotels original logo, leading to the creation of an almost ironic memento in the form of a sweatshirt and sweatpant you can purchase at the burial ground of the former hotel.
Throughout the collection are
elements of puff print, holographics, ripstop nylon pockets, crystal infused dye processes, clear glitter print, paracord, and Abc. information labels.


Advisory Board Crystals temporary Hong Kong Hotline: +852 6111 4064.

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