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✨Ricky Ticky Tan✨  ✨Handsome, Pretty, Queer, NYC native, Mayan Dutch Jew✨Professional side piece & also your favorite designer living in Playa Del Carmen✨

✨🍊This was a really cute suburb every house was painted the same exact color Orange. I also still forget I have a face tat whenever I see a picture of me and giggle when I notice it🍊✨

✨🏝I spent the last 36 hours with my new & existing favorite gays @macdonaldbryden @paulmorehouse @travesty_in_la in Tulum & I feel realy great so shouts to gays and also me!!!!🏝✨

✨🐶Lil Pup waitin in the Sun for boss man papa to come & tell me what I got to do for the rest of the work day so I took a selfie or 39🐶✨

✨🇲🇽Just a lil Mexico update. Working, selfies, sisters, sunrises and sunsets. Its been a full 2 months & I feel like I've grown a lot in my time away from home. I hope you guys in NYC don't miss me too much, I'll be back in May! Just gotta few more things to do :)🇲🇽✨

✨💎Hey its me, your local real life yaoi bad boy shedding manly tears after you tell me you sick of my shit & gotta leave me for someone who offers more than just good anime dick💎✨

✨🌅Hi I'm back after my gross haircut finally grew in a bit lol but same old tank top upper torso face combo that ya love so much!!!!🌅✨

✨🌿Surprise! Not a front facing selfie! Got me a mirror for my room finally bout to take some fire nudes for all my baes waiting for me back home in NYC🌿✨

✨1️⃣7️⃣Happy first day of the year! First selfie of the new years & I debated changing up the sparke I use on my pics but no its poifect as is love yall!1️⃣7️⃣✨

✨⚰️Yeah I know I'm sorry all my instas have been of my face + tank top but I literally have no one to take pictures of me so I'm trying to get cute backgrounds at least so y'all don't hate me!⚰️✨

✨👷🏽Me noticing my construction crew laughing at me for taking selfies. Also I'm realizing I have Wolverine's hairstyle right now. Who wanna hire me for the prequel???👷🏽✨

✨🚿 I still don't have a proper mirror in my bathroom so all the nudes I take come out like this🚿✨