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Rey Cabato  #cosplayphotography #cosplay #portraitphotography Fashion work: @calico_kiki Next con: @anime_los_angeles

Kill death assist.

Akali: @fiona_nova
Ahri: @loulouliuuu
Kaisa: @nikimuffin
Evelyn: hiding in the shadows still not ganking my lane.

Kidding aside, Shoutout to this make shift k/da crew! I’ve been away from my computer for too damn long so I’m stoked to get to cracking on these edits #foreverbacklogged2018

#kda #kdaakali #kdaahri #kdakaisa #animenyc2018 #cosplay #cosplayers #cosplays #cosplaygirl #leagueoflegends #leagueoflegendscosplay #animenyc #javitscenter #kpop

Let’s hustle and get this bread

MC: @tonytakedown

I had a lot of fun messing with the LED reading lights in this room 🤣

Shoutout to @phin.amin and her shiro from voltron!
A huge thank you to @novicesnapshots @dgnphotography @ravennightcosplay @advtr_bydaylight for some great vibes and fun!
Shot during @actualhentaicon
#cosplay #cosplayfun #shiro #voltron #takashishirogane #paladins #voltronlegendarydefender #cosplayer #cosplays

“Go buy stuff from @splitframellc
Shoutout to ig influencer @sunsquid and making room from her influencer schedule to take this shot.

Kidding aside it was awesome to merge my high school friends with my cosplay photographer friends together
So this is a hotel reading light as a main and a color light on left Shoutout to @live.lei for the assist!

“Those who do not stand with the Forsaken stand against them. And those who stand against the Forsaken will not stand long.” I’m still pretty damn hyped from @ashlynnedae ‘s Sylvanas Windrunner

I’m pretty sure I’m just going to go home and edit today, as much as I want to hit complex today, I just had an amazing blast from attending @blizzard con and @actualhentaicon I’m just gonna close up shop today 🤣

“Jaina... you were... are... the pride of Kul Tiras. Her power, and her fury... but even the strongest of us can't save everyone.” Shoutout to @narga_lifestream and her absolutely amazing Jaina Proudmoore from Warcraft! She’s from Russia and won the artisan crafts award in the cosplay contest and for good reason: that costume is top tier crafting and it helps that she looks like she just stepped right out of the game. 👌

“Life is pain, hope fails. Now, you understand.
Ah, don’t grieve. You’ll join your loved ones.” Shoutout to @ashlynnedae and her amazing work on her Sylvanas windrunner!

One event down and on to @actualhentaicon tomorrow! Let’s get through this gauntlet of events!

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