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#TBT...they always ask why I don’t post many pictures of family and kids on my IG page and my answer is I come from an era where they really kidnapped family and kids ..... and somethings just stick with you FOREVER .... you can’t get rid of some of your old ways of thinking..NO MATTER WHAT....I went to school on 135th in Convent ave and everyday afterschool I would walk by Manhattanville to the McDonald’s on 125th n broadway that was my routine ...... I will never forget the day I was turned away from the McDonalds by the Police .. the dogs were out sniffing .. the important white men had their suits on walking around taking notes .. ...cop car after cop car pulled up ....siren after siren .... we kept asking the adults ....what happened ... no one would answer much ..i was young maybe about 14 years old.... finally a woman Said they found the little boys finger in a bag ... we had all heard the story and even though I didn’t know the little boy or his family the community was all praying he would get home safe ..Me and my friends began to cry ..the little boy so young at the time So full of LIFE .. I remember calling my mother from the pay phone in Tears and telling her what happened “mommy they found the little boys finger in a bag .... is he gonna be alright mother was horrified “his-finger “she asked I said “yes ..” her only answer “come on home rema “... that night my mother had a talk with me about people and how cruel a world we live in . “Why would they do this to him “ is all I could think..We said a prayer for the little boy and his family and I went to sleep dreaming about him ..This memory has stayed with me to this day .... as I got older I would cross paths with the sister of the little boy .We have celebrated many birthdays together ...and I never told her my story.... how her little brothers death changed the way I thought at 14 years old .....and every-time I go to post My Daughter .... I pause and I think of the Mcdonalds on 125th and broadway the panicked look in the faces of the adults ....the sirens roaring and the dogs sniffing ..... #thisaintamovie RR #RIPDP #❤️PP #growingupNYC #streetlife

Keep ya Chin up Killa and the vibe Be Chinchilla....RR #doubleR #doubleB

🗣🗣 40+☝️☝️☝️. CHEATING is wack B... getting caught is even wacker this day and age If you don’t want to be with someone JUST LEAVE....but to stay and cheat .......Like for what ..........LIFE is to short to be wasting TIME and being UNHAPPY ...RR

If they not motivating YOU then they shouldn’t have access to YOU ... if they not uplifting YOU .......then they crippling YOU ...... If they not VIBING with YOU..... then they not on the same VIBE as YOU .....BOTTOM LINE..... if they not a POSITIVE FORCE in your LIFE......they got to go ....... YOU can’t allow that NEGATIVE ENERGY to interfere with your GREATNESS RR. #ALL2019 ❤️❤️#protectyourenergy #protectyourspace #protectyourvibe

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I’m around . just not around. Cartier glasses I cant even peek at chuuuuu🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽RR #NYC✈️CHITOWN

“Looking good has its sacrifices... Chilly weather bring four figure jacket prices......RR #💜💜

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The R Kelly documentaries have caused quite a uproar..but the truth of the matter is we have a lot of R-Kelly’s alive and well right here in our own communities and when I say ”R Kelly’s” I mean damaged broken MEN (and WOMEN for that matter )..that have been abused and never gotten the proper HELP .. and as a result of keeping childhood trauma pain and hurt bottled up inside for years ..and not receiving counseling and help for Major issues like sexual abuse physical abuse any abuse ...R Kelly was Hurt as a kid and his self esteem is so low that the only way he knows is to HURT and DEGRADE others around him and make them hurt and feel low just like someone did to him..his behavior disgusting but COMMON many times has a man called you a bitch.. asked you to call him Daddy..asked you to have a threesome or told you you can’t go outside , or told you what to wear?? tried to control you...slapped you for saying something wrong??..Sound familiar .... truth be told we have all dealt with MEN with these similar R KELLY symptoms maybe NOT to the extent where the men prey on little girls but when you try and hurt manipulate women or any one vulnerable you still cause pain and hurt main problem I have is the YES MEN the people that are around the R KELLYs and they see the way they move and no It ain’t right and don’t check they niggas they bros on their behavior .. like when you no your man moving weird and treating women poorly or you see him dating a 15 year old girl... y’all niggas need to raise the eye ..STOP giving ya nigga a pass brushing that shit off like it’s Normal and co signing shit....when you know damn well ya 40 year old nigga don’t need to be dating a teenager..Many people in our communities have been abused and are broken and need therapy and help and until we start to educate and help them will continue to see R KELLYS surface all over America ..HURT PEOPLE..HURT PEOPLE..(and no I do not agree with R Kelly and don’t excuse his behavior he is a very SICK man I just know he needed HELP along time ago and never got it ) it’s SAD.... 💔💔 and he has in the interim caused a lot of pain and hurt a lot of people .RR

Y’all know how much I LOVE my bags and shoes 😩😩... but for 2019 my goal is to purchase a home or a condo .... when I was 30 I was fortunate enough to own my first home ....I was engaged and living with my fiancé at the time .... then we broke up and I let the home go ..... and I have been renting ever since paying MORTGAGE PRICES and not owning SHIT ..... Honestly I was waiting to buy a home together with my PRINCE CHARMING We all want that fantasy life ....... home .....buutttttttttt ladies we ain’t got time to keep waiting on HIM get his money up ... to get his credit up .... to get out the street..... to get a better job ..... to promise to come home every night. ..... I AINT GOT TIME 😳😳😳. I feel like this year Im finally mentally READY to buy a house .... and I’m not afraid to do it ALONE .... ( i think I have been afraid to be alone all along 😪) if that special someone comes along I guess we can always sell my property and buy another house together .... MORAL... of the story is I’m tired of paying rent every month and throwing money away and not having a title or a deed ....... shit is gettin WACK......stacking bread ALL 2019 RR. #35andoldertalk #ilovewhereilivebutitsnotmine #grownmantalk #ilovethewater #ALL2019

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