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Rough night.

I feel like this picture explains itself. #sandiego #bridesquadgoals

#tbt 4th of July dance partyyyy! Yes, the person laughing like an evil witch is me. πŸ™„
@djdizz801 Vid cred: @jess_live

When no one told you you have something huge stuck in your teeth but you're feeling sassy anyway. πŸ’ƒπŸΌ

Best moment from the race yesterday: during his last leg, my brother @zach.everton did a full mile (a pretty freaking fast one) while flawlessly playing his ukulele. I mean. THE BEST. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ #h2cwa #longrunningjokes2017

Ahhhhhh! Just finished running Hood to Coast WA with a few sibs and a few friends. Blast as always, wished I were dead a little bit as always. #h2cwa #longrunningjokes2017

Me and birthday girl @whitneycall circa 1999 ish. I don't remember what she's holding in her eye like a pirate patch so don't ask. I just remember that we were---and will always remain---giant nerds.

Just me and @kella.mcallister being the two halves of Bad Karma today. She's the half that does friggin' dope stunts and I'm the half that wails like an idiot. #studioc

Our graphics team at BYUtv is freak-awesome and on top of all the amazing special effects work they do for the show, they're also always mocking up fake movie posters and flyers and signs for our art department (also extremely great) to put in the background for sketches. I walked past this one in the building the other day and I'd never even seen it before, but it made me super grateful for an incredible team and for friends that I sincerely love like family. Also Stacey and I are pouty as CRAP and I'm INTO IT.
PS - Instagram cropped out the guy on the bottom's name, but it's Jason Gray. He's on Studio C with us but people always forget because all he does is spot-on impressions and an awesome job all the freaking time. #happysunday #framily

What happens when you ask @thatmattmeese to hold your phone for one freaking second.

Guys, if only I was a female. Then I'd look like the little orphan child from the Les Mis poster. Can we talk about the fact that they jacked up my face to make me look like a woman, but then made almost zero changes to make me look like a dude? I see how it is, Face App. And old me's like whatever. I'm probably gonna look like that in like 6 days.

Just a photo from my commute today... Looks normal until you zoom in and see that THERE'S A TINY EWOK-LOOKING DOG DRIVING THE CAR IN FRONT OF ME! The photo doesn't do it justice. That little dude is king! #ewokdriver2020

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