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Carla Valentine  🇬🇧The Chick & the Dead Award-Winning Path. Technician. MA in Human Remains Display. Author of 'Past Mortems'/Broadcaster/Researcher Buy my book ⤵

From my personal @carlavalentineuk account: Some of you may have noticed I've not been posting as much over the last few months and this is why! My husband and I were very surprised to find out I'm pregnant, and I had absolutely no idea how tiring it is to build a baby!! We've waited a while to announce it, just to be on the safe side, and I'm in the 2nd trimester now so hopefully I'll perk up a bit #pregnancyannouncement 👼

The leaves in London are turning and there's a chill in the air, and now I just want it to be Halloween. BUT my birthday is Sep 28th so I have a strict "no Halloween stuff until October 1st" policy! Then we have a solid month of Halloween joy. That said, I just wanted to repost this: "Halloween on the Brain" by Suedetess on DeviantArt, which I think has been created using a brain from the Hunterian Museum, London 🎃🧠🍁
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One of my favourite images from the 'Miss Beautiful Organs' pageant haha. Not really. This image is from The Miss Perfect Posture contest of 1956 and I love the inclusion of X-Rays (I suppose so that the judges could check there was no kyphosis or scoliosis of the spine. Kyphosis is what we may have used to call "hunchback" and scoliosis is more like an "S"-shaped curve of the spine. It's also possible to have kyphoscoliosis.)
Good posture has long been associated with confidence, power and physical beauty. In the mid 20th century, most interest in posture remained on the latter. The entrants in “Miss Perfect Posture” were to stand on a pair of scales, with one foot on each, which would register weight. If both scales showed the same weight, that meant that the woman had correct standing posture. This, along with the entrants’ beauty and the X-rays were considered in choosing the Miss Perfect Posture winners
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Tattooed human skin, part of a medical oddity collection held at The Medical Pathology Museum of Tokyo University in Japan.
Dr. Masaichi Fukushi was a pathologist who was intensely interested in the art of Japanese tattooing. He catalogued over 2,000 designs and collected over 3,000 photos. He created methods to preserve the dermal layer of the skin and kept them stretched in a glass frame, essentially like a leather. He would offer to pay people who didn’t have sufficient income to finish their full body tattooing to help them get the work completed. (See for extra info). The Medical Pathology Museum at Tokyo University has 105 examples in its collection and many are full body suits.
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One of my favourite artists, Hedi Xandt (@hxandt) recently posted this piece for a project inspired by the painted skulls of Hallstatt Ossuary, Austria. I've mentioned those skulls a lot on this account and I'm really excited to see what these new pieces by Hedi are. I'm also excited to be going to see the skulls myself next year, as part of the research for my new book ☠️ From my previous posts: The beautiful painted skulls at Hallstatt ossuary (or bone house: "beinhaus") in Austria are removed from the grave after 15 years, with the owners' consent, and bleached on a shelf by the sun and the moon in the nearby gravedigger's cottage. Then the choice of decoration is usually an option out of four: Ivy for faithfulness, Laurel for victory, Oak for glory and Rose for love
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I absolutely LOVE these floral anatomical pins by @codexanatomicus - they do many varieties, and necklaces. Check them out if you ❤️ anatomy ➡️ @codexanatomicus

Beautiful image from the Fontanelle Cemetery in Naples, by Carlo Vannini for the @bizzarrobazar book "De Profundis". I'm so lucky to have been given all these books by Ivan Cenzi and you'll see a LOT more of these gorgeous images over the next couple of months as I'm heading back to Naples in September. I highly recommend these books - the photography and text are phenomenal. Also head to Ivan's blog
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Exciting news from my personal @carlavalentineuk account: It's difficult to show the cover properly but I'm excited my book is coming out in Taiwan. The Complex Chinese title translates to: "An Anatomy of My Life: How I Experienced Life by Keeping Company with Death" and I love the fact they kept the scalpel design, and added the guys in scrubs 🔪 (I know they should be women but it's a cultural thing I assume, and I'm not going to complain. This is a lovely piece of news at a difficult time)
#pastmortems #chinesebook #china #deathprofessional

Beautiful image of a young girl's skull wearing a wreath of ceramic Myrtle flowers and bronze wire. According to carbon dating she was buried in 300-400 BC and can be seen at the Archaeological Museum of Patras, Greece. (Website is I saw this posted on Old Pics Archive with the caption "Did she die at Coachella 300 BC?" which did make me chortle a bit. But the fact her adult teeth hadn't finished coming through has caused some experts to approximate her age as 5-6 years old and it doesn't seem quite so funny when you know that. It's interesting how we humans disassociate death when we see a skull rather than soft tissue, and forgot that there is still someone somewhere who suffered an extreme loss, even if it was thousands of years ago. That's how we as a species cope with death though; using depersonalisation tactics. It's why human remains display is such an interesting area of study
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You have to look so closely...Can you spot all 4 labels? 👀 I absolutely LOVE getting the time to really look at the specimens in this museum when I’m conserving them. I had never noticed the tiny labels on this one which say ‘bladder’, ‘rectum’, ‘cyst’ and ‘anus’. They are so minute (they remind me of BOB’s letters in Twin Peaks) and I honestly don’t know how they are stuck on there and how they have survived over 100 years! The specimen is from 1895. It’s a sagittal section through the pelvis of a 2 week old infant showing a large congenital coccygeal cyst below the rectum. It’s situated between the sacrum and bladder causing a bulging at the anus (through which it protruded during life as a bluish-red fluctuating tumour). The cyst caused narrowing of the rectum and was filled with a clear fluid. The large intestine was distended and there was a small perforation in the caecum (the lowest part of the large intestine) which meant faecal matter had passed into the baby’s peritoneal cavity. The baby died of intestinal obstruction. It’s a sad story but in our modern, Western world at least surgery may save the life of a child with this condition. However, the specimen is important for those doctors who may see this condition overseas working for organisations like Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders. They may encounter a coccygeal cyst and how will they be able to help if they’re not familiar with it? These potted specimens are incredibly useful in that way, especially with the resurgence of other 'historical' conditions like Tuberculosis and Rickets in the UK.
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Human skeleton (abdomen and thorax) with the heart and great vessels modelled/preserved in red and blue wax, from the Vrolik Museum in Amsterdam. The Vrolik Museum is named after 19th Dutch anatomists Gerard (1775–1859) and Willem Vrolik (1801–1863). Their collection includes many zoological and comparative anatomical specimens, as well as many pathological specimens such as skeletons with rickets and other diseases of the bone, just like the one I work in. I can't believe I've never been there but I'm working my way around the world of medical museums so I'll get there 😉
#anatomy #pathology #specimen #heart #chest #skeleton #vrolikmuseum #vrolik

It's been a tough couple of weeks as my family deals with news of a completely unexpected, idiopathic cancer (which was happily found quite by accident!) Does anyone else feel like they need a holiday? 💀📸 Image is from 2016's Daily Mail, taken at Rome's Fiumicino airport. This is the luggage of a German professor who was flying to Dusseldorf with a skull he had purchased at a market stall for €50 (about £40). "The professor, who was allegedly unaware of the implications of the purchase, was said to have been shocked when police informed him that he was being arrested for the illegal possession of human remains."
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