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Carla Valentine  "The Chick and the Dead" Pathology Technician & Anatomist. MA in Human Remains Display. Author of Past Mortems/The Chick and the Dead Buy my book ⤵


Dr. Albert Rhoton of the University of Florida has collected an unparalleled library of brain-anatomy images. Available in 3D online through "iTunes University" the images allow surgeons to view delicate brain structures at precise angles. Bright blue-and-red dyes make blood vessels visible, so surgeons can better plan delicate surgical approaches. Explore the geography of the human brain through this collection of Dr. Rhoton's images. I just had to post it as the colours are magnificent!
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One of my favourite images, a relatively modern Death and the Maiden: "The Surprising Lightness of a Peruvian Mummy". Photograph taken by Robert Doisneau in Paris's Natural History Museum during the Nazi occupation (1943). There's more about these incredible photos on hyperallergic.com
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The stone statue on the right is a depiction of the saint and 1st Century martyr, St Bartholomew, at the Duomo de Milano in Milan, Italy; created by Italian sculptor Marco d’Agrate, c.1562. (Very relevant to me as I work at @st_bartholomews_hospital site).
He isn't draped in a cloak, it's his own skin. For spreading the Catholic Christian faith around Persia (Iran), Armenia (Turkey) and Mesopotamia (Iraq) he was flayed alive—the skin of his body cut into strips, then pulled off, leaving his body open and bleeding, wrote Fr. Paolo O. Pirlo, in 'My First Book of Saints.' He was then beheaded & crucified.
In 2002 Gunther von Hagens used his plastination technique to create the model on the left which depicts St Bartholomew, the first time a version of him has been made from real human remains. I was raised Catholic so I've always had an interest in saints and holy relics (don't ask me if I'm a practicing Catholic! My answer is always "practice makes perfect and I'm far from perfect" 😉) That's why I used to do a Sacred Sunday feature of a holy relic on this account every week. But there's no point anymore! The @instagram algorithm is so all over the place that unless notifications are on, posts don't seem to get seen at the right time anyway. But I certainly will be exploring more holy relics as part of my MA and personal research. If you swipe ⬅ you'll see that the legend of St Bartholomew is still very much relevant. The third statue is of the Apostle; this time by Damien Hirst. It's called 'Exquisite Pain' (2006) and is on long-term loan to one of my churches, the Anglo-Catholic 'St Bartholomew's The Great' right by my place of work in West Smithfield. It's incredible to behold
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The skull of a Japanese solider, sent by an American solider to his girlfriend: from LIFE magazine, May 22, 1944. (Picture by Ralph Crane). The image is almost perfect in its composition, harking back to Memento Mori and Vanitas paintings of the Medieval era. The skull represents one's own mortality and becomes a depersonalised object for the meditation of death. More on this and the acquisition of human trophies in this article by Colin Dickey www.laphamsquarterly.org/roundtable/human-trophies
#humanremains #skulls #skull #remains2beseen #trophy #humantrophy #humantrophies #lifemagazine #wwll #deathandthemaiden

"Laceration of the Perineum" (1879). This potted specimen or 'pot' resides at my workplace, the Pathology Museum at West Smithfield (part of QMUL), image by me. The laceration is due to childbirth 😣 You can see a stitch has been placed to close up the vagina but there's no information in my archives as to whether this was peri-mortem (just around the time of death, during dissection) or post-mortem and long after dissection, before mounting. She is dead, which means that this is an extreme case, and she may have suffered with other complications. What I do know is that I made a decision that children were not on the cards for me, and anyone who has read my book will know why. But I have a lot of respect for all the mothers out there! It's not something I could do, especially after looking at specimens like this...
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Flashback Friday to the time I met Apocalyptica because they did a super-special acoustic set at my museum. Why am I posting this? Because it's that time again...please help me declutter! I'm selling lots of new and used items on eBay - like this purple floral dress - as we're buying a house. On eBay.co.uk my name is "formaldeheidi2015" 💀
With everything I sell I'm including a limited edition signed and stamped card with a picture of my book 'Past Mortems' on it - it could be a useful bookmark! (You can purchase the book on amzn.to/2kWsNFT) Also, everyone who purchases and pays for an item will be added to a draw to win my book, signed, YOUR choice of edition: either US hardback 'The Chick and the Dead' or the UK trade paperback 'Past Mortems' ❤🔪
Please check out my other items! More to be added. I have lots of vintage/retro clothing as well as shoes, jewellery, unused toiletries and more that just need to go as we won't have space. Expect rockabilly, vintage, goth, kitsch, designer etc xx
🔗Direct link is http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/formaldeheidi2015🔗
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Absolutely gorgeous weather yesterday @arnosvalecemeterytrust for my sold out talk about autopsy procedure and my book 'Past Mortems'! Thanks everyone who came out. I'm still here in sunny Bristol because this is also my wedding venue! Got a few last minute organisational meetings today then business will resume as usual. I'm so glad the weather is perfect to wander around this gorgeous cemetery: churches and graveyards are - to me - the most peaceful places on Earth
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From my personal account @chickandthedead: I received an unexpected parcel of the US version of my book: hardback copies of 'The Chick and the Dead' (It's 'Past Mortems' in the UK, link to purchase in bio ⤴😉) Anyway I'll probably get these signed and put them on my website www.thechickandthedead.com, and I also have some large paperbacks of 'Past Mortems' which I'll do the same with when I get them. It's so incredible to see something you've worked hard on in physical form! Thanks to everyone who's bought, read, enjoyed and posted my book on here: it means the world to me
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Tache Noire de la sclerotique: Anyone who follows me on my personal account @chickandthedead knows how how much I LOVE Korn. In their video for 'Insane' - which is about Victorian post mortem photography - there's a short clip in which the girl playing the deceased seems to be displaying a little bit of Tache Noire. (Also, frontman Jonathan Davis is famously known to have studied mortuary science and worked in a morgue, not that I think it's connected but you never know.) Anyway, Tache Noire is a post-mortem artefact which occurs in some deceased patients when their eyes have been slightly open; after 7-8 hours the sclera - the white part of the eye - oxidises as it comes into contact with the air. It's obviously important to know what these PM artefacts are because an unqualified person may think they're an injury. (Swipe for real examples ⬅)
With that in mind, can anyone tell me why its use in the Korn video, if that's what it is, isn't quite right? Check out the video on YouTube!!! (Answer now in comments ⤵) And does tache noire affect corneal donation? I'm certified in eye removal, aka enucleation, and I spoke to the donation specialist who said "This also affects the cornea, causing exposure keratitis. It causes permanent scarring to the cornea and can render it unsuitable for transplantation. If it is limited to the sclera only, then it may be suitable for transplantation." Just in case anyone was wondering 👀
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Several different hearts from our collection, used to illustrate "Mary Shelley and the Heart of her Beloved Percy": Today is the birthday of Mary Shelley (30th Aug 1787) author of 'Frankenstein'. She passed away when she was 53 years old in Feb 1851. I’m featuring her here because on the first anniversary of her death her family opened her desk and in it they found a peculiar parcel: a page of a poem by her husband, the famous Percy Bysse Shelley, wrapped round a silk package containing some of Percy’s ashes and the remains of his heart. Percy had died in a boating accident around 1822 and was cremated on the beach by 3 male friends for quarantine reasons, so it was theorised that one of the men, Trelawney, must have removed Percy’s heart which was eventually given to Mary who kept it all those years. The rest of his ashes were interred and the stone above them reads Cor Cordium which is Latin for "Heart of Hearts" 💕
#remains2beseen #humanremains #anatomy #pathology #heart #shelley #maryshelley #percyshelley #cremains #preservedheart

From our collection: pic by Scott Grummett/@grummettscott. Gout (1909). This hand specimen has been dehydrated and rendered more transparent to show uratic deposits at the joints. Gout was once considered "The Disease of Kings" as it was historically highly prevalent in social classes which could afford rich food. Nowadays *most* people in the West eat rich food so gout is on the increase. It's a type of arthritis caused by high levels of uric acid in the blood from many types of meat (particularly offal, i.e. brain, kidney, pancreas etc), alcohol, and fructose-based drinks. (Arthritis means swelling of the joints). It's more prevalent in males than females. Medication is available for it and anecdotally cherry extract is supposed to ease symptoms.
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Incredible image of Gunther von Hagens surrounded by skeletons and plastinates he created. It's from a photography project by Marco Sanges, exhibited at Olympia Park in Munich in 2014. Edwin Becker, Chief Curator of Exhibitions at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, said "The project 'Von Hagens' by Sanges is a very sophisticated series of photographs, inspired by Rembrandt’s well-known Anatomy Lesson. It consists of mystical and yet almost hilarious photographic images, starring Gunther von Hagens, famous for his plastinated bodies. The photographs reflect not only the omnipresent reference to death but are at the same time also celebrating life and the moment.” See more at this short link: goo.gl/1Jh1F2
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