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Not real human remains (😂) so it's from my personal @chickandthedead account. Head there to find out where to get this sanitary towel jelly/jello dessert and why I give it 2 out of 10 for effort haha
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Human tooth necklace: This human tooth necklace or "Vuasagale" is probably from the mid 19th century and comes from Fiji, Western Polynesia. It contains 138 teeth constructed in a cross-woven pattern; primarily incisors and canines with some molars. Based on the distribution of the teeth, it's assumed it contains no fewer than the teeth from 20 separate victims. Several of them have significant cavities, and each one was carefully extracted so that its root, perforated to allow the cord to pass through, has stayed intact. Few human tooth necklaces, especially those with such an accumulation of teeth, have been documented. Known examples originate from Fiji, Kiribati and New Zealand. Its likely these necklaces were the coveted property of those who held chief or high status and who had permission to own objects of great "Mana". Whether the teeth came from one’s ancestors or from the mouths of enemies, each one would have been viewed as a representation or an embodiment of the deceased, a power that was transferred to the wearer.
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"Human Skin Fashion" In 2016’s Central St Martins degree show, London, fashion student Tina Gorjanc showcased handbags and other designer accessories from the *skin* of the amazing designer Alexander McQueen, (who died in 2010). Gorjanc filed a patent for the method that would grow cell cultures from his DNA, extract skin cells, and tan the resulting remake of McQueen’s skin into leather for luxury goods. An article in The Guardian stated that it's not the first attempt to grow celebrity flesh in the name of art. Italian artist Diemut Strebe has already regrown a living “clone” of Van Gogh’s ear with DNA obtained from a member of the Van Gogh family (and I posted that a while ago but I'll post again, don't worry)
It's an interesting concept. This isn't the first time skin has been used to make clothing or accessories: check right down my feed for such delights as the Icelandic 'necropants', shoes made from a criminal and the pocketbook made from the skin of murderer William Burke (of Burke and Hare fame). There are also books bound in human skin - known as Anthropodermic bibliopegy - which I've also discussed before and will again. There was even a rumour of a Marquis de Sade edition of 'Justine et Juliette' bound in tanned skin from female breasts.
The reporter doesnt like this idea and compares it to the work of killer Ed gein. He says "Art is drawn to the flesh but does not possess it. That’s why Damien Hirst never did pickle his granny. A shark in a tank is an image, but a human body in a tank is a crime, or should be, even if it has been grown in a lab."
I think ultimately it all comes down to consent nowadays - that's the main issue we face when we do anything with human remains. I'm interested to see how this story unfolds.
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Skull and crossbones from the famous 'Skull and Bones' society at Yale. It was for sale a while ago at Christie's and these are the lot notes: "Founded in 1832 at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, Skull and Bones is thought by many to be one of the oldest and most prestigious secret societies in the United States. The symbolism of the skull and cross bones is synonymous with this group as its name is derived from the symbol itself. The present lot, with hinged flap on top of the skull was said to have been used as a ballot box during society meetings or displayed in the Society’s headquarters at 64 High Street in New Haven. The inscription on the right cross bone Thor could be a name which would have been assigned to a member upon induction. Accompanied by approximately 50 photographs of society members and a small black book inscribed with names (which were published until 1971), the present lot provides a rare glimpse into the society which has been linked to many influential figures and leaders at Yale University and in this country." The fraternity even call their headquarters The Tomb. Makes our Masons and the US Odfellows look a bit meek doesn't it? 😉 Very disrespectful to human remains though - I do not condone this in any way. There are other remains associated with the society which have been scavenged and have had to be returned so this likely wasn't donated.
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"X Ray Phantom": if you check just a few posts down my feed you'll see a picture of foot bones encased in lucite, something known as an X Ray Phantom used to train technicians in X Ray techniques. Well this incredible example of a pelvis, femurs and spine was sent to me by @meggythree3 - a longtime friend of mine on Instagram (we 'met' through my personal @chickandthedead IG years ago. Hooray for Instagram!) Anyway, despite it being cracked this is a wonderful piece which was originally given to her by @geminiquestion who says it's from 1954-58, possibly encased in resin and worth around $3,500 (without the crack). I wonder if she can be repaired @ryanmatthewcohn?
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Tooth amulet from the collection of Edward Lovett (1852-1933), chief cashier of a bank in London ‘by day’ and folklorist and avid collector ‘by night’. Image Amulet from the Lovett Collection (c) Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford. Lovett was a paragon of middle-class respectability yet wrote the book Magic In Modern London (1925) and spent many hours exploring the markets, herbalists and costermongers of working-class London. His travels enabled him to collect objects deemed by their owners to bring luck and good fortune; some trinkets were even thought to have the power to ward off or even cure illness. Lovett lectured widely on folklore and published numerous pamphlets, but today his name is mostly forgotten; his collection dispersed across a number of museums, including the Pitt Rivers and Science museums and the Wellcome Collection, all in the UK
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I totally have to post this because I've seen it in action as one of my family members has one - it's like a little Fitbit for the kids as well as a tracker and a phone! It's like something James Bond/Inspector Gadget would have because your kid can talk into it and it works independently of any other phone (although as a parent you connect it to *your* phone to keep track of your child. I don't understand the technology but the site says:
"The Aspis8 Touch Screen watch can locate your child using a unique blend of Location Positioning Systems; GPS, LBS, and A-GPS. The Free, specially developed UK downloadable, ‘Aspis8’ App allows you to check your child’s location on your smart phone map - at any time. This advanced App also incorporates a “Talk” function to let your child send an instant voice message to your smart phone. Even better you can phone your child, or he or she can ring you at any time. The phone works entirely independently of any other device and incorporates a phone book feature for up to 10 different contacts." I'll put the link to the site in the comments below and if you're in the UK and want to keep your child safe this may be worth looking into 🇬🇧
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Skeletons in the closet? I absolutely love this image: 28th August 1933 - A shop assistant removing one of the many skeletons from the cupboard at England's only skeleton shop, London. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images).
It reminds me of the cabinet we have at the back of our museum containing 3 skeletons at the moment - but they're all in need of cleaning and re-articulating. We'll hopefully have them done by autumn so watch this space. I'm on a train heading back into London right now, then back in work tomorrow, so I'll take a picture of the skeletons in MY closet then 💀
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A little snapshot into part of my working day. This potted specimen of a Septic Embolism is from 1900 but was in really great condition. The preservation fluid wasn’t cloudy and the tiny label inside hadn’t disintegrated (I have no idea how they used to do that but I love specimens which have them.) The only thing I needed to do was re-paint the top of the ‘pot’ with some black enamel as that had all chipped away. Once painted, then given a new exterior label, it looks good as new….but still as though it’s from 1900. This is a portion of small intestine with some haemorrhagic areas in the wall, caused by an infective embolism in a 14 year old boy. An embolism is the sudden obstruction or occlusion of a blood vessel by debris which can be blood, amniotic fluid, fat – even air. Who’s seen Mallrats? It always irritates me when Brandy says “An embolism popped in her head…” I think Kevin Smith confused an embolism with an aneurysm. Anyway, if it’s infective or ‘septic’ it means it broke off from a site of infection – in this case endocarditis, which is an infection of the heart.
It’s made up of purulent matter (pus) that arises from the site of an infection caused by a pyogenic or 'pus forming' organism. It can result in the 
spread of infection to a distant 
site, in this case the small intestine.
As I often do, I have Korn on in the background. I don’t care: I love Korn.
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Mummified Erect Penis (stories like this are gold dust for me & my MA!) In Bethnal Green in London, just a short journey away from my workplace, is what is known as the ‘Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art & Natural History’. I’ve mentioned the ostentatious owner, Viktor, on this page before as he was recently crowdfunding for the head of a mummy, apparently costing £666. Well this head trumps THAT head. According to local newspapers this 7-inch mummified penis of a ‘crook’ has gone on display at Wynd’s museum. The erect member has been valued at £100,000 and is said to have come from an English thief who became aroused as he swung from the gibbet during an 18th century hanging. Wynd is able to display it for just one year amongst his unusual collection of exhibits at a cost of £2,500. (It hasn’t been verified by an independent historian though).
So let’s get to the questions I’m constantly asked about erections, dead men, hanging etc. First, rigor mortis doesn’t cause a penis to become erect. Rigor affects muscles and there are no muscles in the penis: erections happen due to two spongy cylindrical chambers called the corpora cavernosa which fill with blood, via the arteries, when aroused. The veins close, keeping the blood in the penis until ejaculation. That said, hanging specifically can cause a different reaction. First, it can be a simple case of blood pooling in the lower half of the body due to gravity and the vertical position of the deceased. Second, hanging itself can cause what is known as a death erection, terminal erection or Angel Lust (but not in all cases. One of our most famous specimens is the Skull of John Bellingham who was hanged and his archival notes state he had only a partial erection. I carried out autopsies on many hanging deaths and only occasionally witnessed these erections). This type is said to be due to pressure on the cerebellum – which explains why some people try to obtain the effect with auto-erotic asphyxiation - but can also occur due to injuries to the spinal cord. Crucifixion victims were also said to display this type of erection too.
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From my personal @chickandthedead account: I finally got to watch The Autopsy of Jane Doe! I'm so grateful for all the comments about me being one of the procedural consultants on the film and how well it came out. Those of you who figured it out know I mention it in my book Past Mortems (which you can purchase from the UK, link in bio ⤴In the US the book is called The Chick and the Dead and has a different cover.) I'm SO GLAD I was there the day they showed me how they'd "open the head" and I said NO WAY! In the end they got it 👌 Swipe for a couple of pics from the set 🎬
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X-Ray Phantom: Gorgeous medical specimen of a fully articulated human foot set in lucite. Lucite is a plastic (poly methyl methacrylate) and when it was first created it the 40s/50s it became very popular in jewellery, accessories and furniture. It does go by the names acrylic, Plexiglass or Perspex and sheets of it make up our plastic 'pots' in the museum. This piece, however, utilises lucite as a resin and is often used for animal preservation rather than humans. This however is an X-ray phantom used for training and you can buy all sorts of these on the internet: hands, knee joints, pelvises etc. BEFORE - once X Rays were in use around 1896 - the techs used their own hands etc to train on. This led to serious physical complications and if I've not posted the sad story of our Ernest Harnack yet I will soon.
In my opinion, if I could take every teaching specimen from my collection at the museum (by which I mean those which are more recent, and kept on the upper floors) and entomb them in lucite resin it would be wonderful! No crappy acrylic/Perspex 'visijars' which leak fluid (Kaiserling III) from the joints. No evaporations of fluid through micropores in the plastic, no cloudiness or globules of flat which need to be removed/cleaned and no spontaneous explosions (due to high internal pressure). I LOVE LUCITE!!!
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