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Made my first 10 swiping I was hooked quick 💃🏾went from Ramon noodles ever night to Ruth & Chris ❗️

This Is not the season 😏


Let me tell you about them two friends fine like jada & naiomi or Gina & Pam ‼️never met nobody like them on Maxine sams game so cold they made a pig eat honey backed ham... 🙌🏽🚨💯✅

All my bitches bad #tressesgalore #simplylashes shot with @ariel.meii not her pics I’ll post edits later

Taught you the look 👀 Now Catch it 🏁
#tressesgalore #simplylashes

What’s the 411❓they know I be, I be bout whatever ‼️🖕🏾

Do you believe in my dreams❓ like dr King nigga ‼️

🙌🏾💁🏾‍♀️ @tressesgaloreextensions

Work my way to the top cause the bottom ain’t the place to be 💯 out here chasing currency cause broke ain’t meant for me 💰💰

Off the wall like some vans 💖💕

Be careful of me it’s not a threat it’s a warning 🚫...

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