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R E L I A and F R A N C E  High-end Couture Cakes Abuja Based Pick Up or Delivery Only Mon-Sat: 9am - 5pm ❌NO DMs❌

In light of the upcoming Easter Celebration...🙏🙏🙏 Once again we are immensely grateful to you and for you. Thank you so much for your continuous support and patronage. Thank you always 😘🙏🙏 Kindly note that we don’t work on Sundays
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A fruity line up of Caramel Apple Spice, Banana Chocolate Chip, Toasted Coconut Pineapple and Carrot cake... in that order

Order a fruity platter of 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 today...
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Some of my newest obsessions are these super healthy “oven dried mango slices” as seen in this #cakeplatter featuring the new Tango Mango #Signature design and the #RF Classic Belgian Milk chocolate Cake

The other my new #nokia3310... cutest little phone ever 😍. It is such a classic too.

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Here is to every woman🌷🌹💐🍾💃🏽😍...we celebrate you! especially to the ones going through a lot we can’t even begin to imagine... God will see you through. 🙏

A punch to the right
A slap at every slight
Follows sorry for the fight
And roses very white
Truly sorry?! Perhaps not quite
So now I am thinking bright
Alas, I see the Light

This Light is crystal clear
Makes up for every tear
Rouses that constant fear
These children, who will cheer?
From this moment, it’s courage I wear
Spotting patches of nervous here and there
Fellow woman, come and hear
I plead,my words, do not smear
Let me speak of what I wasn’t told

What I wasn’t told
Is this love that we hold
Might not last till we are old
Yes! It might get cold
Won’t stand the heat like gold
And if I don’t get bold
To fight to get old
With joy and life not sold...
O my Children! Who will hold... And so I wasn’t told
To throw out dancing shoes
And flee from lovers blues
The gradual brightening of violence hues
No! I wasn’t told that happiness you must infuse
To guide these kids to use
Upholding godly views
You see?! There’s no excuse...
As we go on shouting sprees
That roughen the roots of trees
Temperatures rising in high degrees
Something in me begs to be free
It’s freedom I decree
Take me back to 23
To a time when I was whole
And woman,
A time when I was...
Ada of Old

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I will be Kind to you, I mean truly Kind to you, not because of who you are,
Not your last name or cause we are the same,
No, not because of where you have been, or from my view point the color of your skin,
Though all shades

I will be kind to you not because it is cool to do so, perhaps because you are a celebrity or so
Or for my own benefit as I am seen to do so,
perhaps because you are ahead and my kindness could yield a million or so

I’d be kind to you because being Kind is just what truly Kind people do,
And most importantly, before you are anything at all, you are first human. And every human deserves to be treated kindly.
True Kindness if you ask me is not really a measure of how you act to people you see as being like you or are in a position to lift you up or make you appear cooler or people you look up to. True Kindness is measured in the things you do behind closed doors, not calculated, when no one is looking, to people around you, or encounter by chance, quite frankly people who you know you definitely have nothing to gain from. So be kind today... be kind everyday.
This is my goal always...Join me please.
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Happy Valentines Day to all amazing 8000 of you! Today was pure magic at the bakery, churning out more cakes than we ever have in one day since we started, putting a lot of roses on them too and writing amazing love messages for each cake. The picture only depicts a handful. Thank God almIghty for everything and Thank you you all so much for your patronage and support.

Picture no 2 is what the girls, Papa and I are having tonight, proudly decorated by yours truly! What?! Atleast it has the wrinkly heart thingy, so it fits the theme 😃
To my fellow Catholics, happy Ash Wednesday... and wishing us all a great Lenten season! We pray for God’s grace and strength through out this period and after. #godspeed #lent #agapelove

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I love you in the morning, I love you in the evening.
I love you when I am happy,
I love you when I am sad,
I love you both in plenty and times that’s close to empty
I love you with imperfections,
No cause for retributions,
I love you, I’m so hopeless
And I will love you so, regardless...
Ada of Old
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