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Rachel Saunders Artwork  I'm a Nottingham based creative director. I specialise in digital art and photography.

@perfidiousjewellery tagged me to offer 20 facts about myself, so here are things you may know or not:

1. I broke my wrist aged 8, and have a hell of a scar on my right arm.
2. I played hockey at uni, in goal
3. Due to my wrist I cannot give a Vulcan greeting or use chopsticks with my right hand
4. I ran the clubbing society at uni, and my favourite music is trance/progressive
5. I am a sucker for Paris, 7 trips and counting
6. I have been developing a sci-fi universe for over 20 years
7. I spent a month alone in Bangkok when I had my surgery
8. I flunked out of a history degree in 2003, though I am still passionate about history
9. I grew up in Kent, and have lived in Preston, York, Leicester, and Nottingham
10. I call myself femme, but am a home in jeans and t-shirt
11. I won a big radio contest on Radio 5 when I was 10.
12 Which led me to being invited to Radio 5's first birthday party at the BT tower
13. I have over 1200 hours on Paradox games
14. My soft toy collection started when I broke my wrist, and I still have very fond memories of how I got each of them
15. I love jasmine tea, and have over 40 types of tea at home
16. I am a freelance artist, and am studying for a games technology degree
17. I adore singing, though will never inflict it on others
18. I have dj'd at Planet Angel
19. My photography has been used by major media outlets
20. I appeared on Kilroy aged 19.

I wonder what @purpleobscure, @ord.lisa, @robvoodoo, @firefairynome, @saraperryvisuals, @darrenjsage, @aylaholdom, and @webbo_webbo_webbo would share?

#helloworld #life #Nottingham

Piece of #art I finished today.

At the Malt Cross in #Nottingham watching the #rainyday

@northernballet premier tonight was amazing, #stunning #ballet

My #look for tonight's @NorthernBallet premier. #ballet

#iw17 @HarleyBlue on stage during jobs for girls.

Another #beautiful #evening in Nottingham

#iwd2017 #femme and proud

#lunchtime piece of #art

Awesome #Graffiti in #Hockley.

My look for this evening, really shows off the #purple in my #hair.

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