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Doing research for season 2 of Ducktales. @ducksinthewindow

We are writing a TV show off of our book "Things You Should Already Know About Dating, You Fucking Idiot" for Gary Sanchez and @CBS!!!

This house looked into the solar eclipse without the appropriate glasses.

If you see a photo of @joshgroban in a playbill and click your heels three times he will magically appear. Also @hamiltonmusical remains the most inspiring thing of all time and it blew me the hell away yet again in a time when I so badly needed to cry/laugh/make a stank face and yell UH! for 3 hours. Congrats to the incredible LA touring company.

The great @bauzilla is so talented, he can draw me hanging with the cast of Ren and Stimpy WHILE recording VO.

Acting Tip 231- if you need to act "surprised" in a scene, simply pretend someone stuck a popsicle up your ass.

Last night's cast for Ben Schwartz. Friends. Improv. at @largolosangeles. Ozeri! Sanz! Gemberling! Dippold! THIS SHOW MADE ME VERY HAPPY!

It's here! The hourlong series premiere of @ducktalestv is on TV every minute of the day on @disneyxd today! Or stream it for free on the DisneyXD site! Congrats to Frank, Matt and the entire crew!

NYC press for Ducktales done. We will be on Nightline and GMA with David Tennant sometime this week. Thanks to all who let us goof around the past couple of days. A bunch of insane interviews are already up on the internet. Ducktales premieres this Saturday 8/12 with an hour long movie every hour on the hour. Love and miss you NY.

Naked Cowboy got the whole "not wearing pants" thing in Times Square from Ducktales.

Amazing illustration by @joviellety! Graphic novel only available in Tajikistan.

To the few places that don't take electronic payments and the even fewer people I snail mail things to- get ready for Disney villains.

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