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Reina  Old-fashioned with a twist #easilypleasedbylittlejoys


Happy birthday to my grandma. My lovely loving Nini. My funny clumsy Nini. My smart strong fearless Nini.. 👵🏻💛 They say I look like your younger self, and I don't mind. Not at all. #grandmama

Can't stop gushing over ✨PENNY✨ - what this shade does to me (it brightens my dull skin (also lightens my dull soul)), how unfairly goodlooking @thelipstickmafiaaa is, and how the packaging is well-thought-out thanks to @pola_artistry. No wonder the first batch sold out in a flash.

But @rollover.reaction made sure that it is coming back next week. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend & be prepared for a wild virtual scramble with hundreds others in anticipation for the restock. 🍸 #PENNY #RolloverReaction #GetBeamed

Clique 🖤

Me, my second parents (who did not adopt me but whatever), my biological mother, my soul sister and my newfound brother. Hi Bli @angga_priambada! 👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾
That ~cringe~ tho.

p.s Just had to repost this due to the fact that my previous post was asymmetrical & I can't sleep thinking about it.


How I walk towards a fridge full of snacks. #easilypleasedbylittlejoys #alasnapchatdiansastro

I just lost a game of "Who Gets The Most Attention on A Saturday Night" to this dress 👗
Put my make up on to sync with this beaut. Danced, smiled, and sat like a lady - basically tried to do everything for the sake of looking attractive all night long. But, no. 100% attention went straight to this dress. A stranger in a bar (yes, I went all princess-y) even asked me if I had been to a wedding and if I am the bride. It is THAT pretty.

Now all credits go to @ceraofficial. Though you might have to wait a couple of months for this piece, they have lots and lots of other pretty well-sewn fabrics waiting for you to wear. #ChicwithCéra

A pretty arrangement on a seafront 🌤 #easilypleasedbylittlejoys

I smiled to the camera, but it didn't smile back. So I decided not to do it again.